Sigfried Trent
by Sigfried Trent
Posted October 30, 2017

“Yes” is a powerful word that can completely change your life. It was the word that took my wife and myself from a “normal” life to one of full-time RV living and traveling. “Yes” was the force that brought us together in the first place. “Yes” can open doors to whole new worlds.

A Typical Conversation

Sue: Would you like to go see the one-legged dog circus tomorrow?

Bob: I don’t know, is it any good?

Sue: I’m not sure, it looks kind of interesting but I’m feeling a bit tired…

And on it goes. This is not the stuff grand adventures are made from. Save the hemming and hawing for financial decisions, choosing a school, or accepting a job. Travel and adventure are about taking chances and doing things you might not normally do. The power of “Yes” is the path to adventure and experience! Let’s see what happens when we use the power of “Yes.”

Sue: Would you like to go see the one-legged dog circus tomorrow?

Bob: Yes. Shall we pick up some spangled lobster cakes from the local market on the way there?

Sue: Yes, that would be awesome!

Boom, something interesting is going to be happening, new experiences will be had and adventure is afoot!

Do you want to take the Hoodoo challenge and find the all gnew medals? Yes, I do!

Slaying Uncertainty

You might think that the opposite of Yes is No. Well, OK, it is. But forget logic for a moment and FEEL what I’m about to tell you. Uncertainty and indecision are your travel enemies. They will waste your time, sap your energy, and leave you feeling both bored and stressed. Scientists — who seem to have a fondness of delivering electric shocks to test subjects — have proven that you suffer significantly more stress if you are uncertain whether or not you will be shocked, than if you are tnew you will definitely be shocked. Yes and No destroy uncertainty and indecision. Yes and No are allies in the war on analysis paralysis.

Do you want to see if you can go on the wild cave tour by crawling into a tiny concrete box? Yes, please!

The Powers of Yes

Yes opens doors to new experiences of all shapes and sizes. In travel, positive impulses are to be encouraged. While in Florida, my wife and I kept passing by a sign about feeding Tarpons (a large game fish). Anne asked, “Do you want to try feeding the Tarpons?” and of course I answered, “Yes, let’s do it!” I slowed down, turned the truck around and headed for the Tarpan feeding station. And it was awesome! For a couple of bucks, we had gigantic fish leaping out of the water to snap frozen fish from our fingers. In no time, we were squealing with delight like a couple of school kids.

When my friend Heath Padgett asked me if I was interested in writing for Outdoorsy, I said: “Yes, sounds great!” As a result, not only am I writing what you are reading now, but I’ve met lots of cool new travelers, gained another source of income for travel, and found a new audience to share our adventures with. And like so many wonderful things in our journey, saying “Yes” was the first and most critical step in making it happen.

The Rule of No

There are going to be situations where yes is not the best answer for you. Perhaps you are feeling sick and someone wants to go on a long hike. Maybe you are deathly afraid of heights and you are invited on a helicopter ride. Dracula might have asked you over to his castle for a “little midnight snack.” In all these situations “No” is probably the right answer to give. Go ahead and say no when that’s the correct answer, and be confident about it.

But, if you are saying no, and you are talking to a travel partner, you should follow up no with an alternative plan. So, if you are feeling sick, say “No, but let’s get some ice cream and binge watch Game of Thrones until I fall asleep.” If you are afraid of heights, say “No, that’s too scary for me. Let’s go to the air and space museum instead.” The purpose of this is to preserve the spirit of adventure, which is about taking action. A no, with no alternative, leaves you sitting still, not having a new experience.

By the way, this rule works wonders for conversations about what to eat for dinner. Anyone who rejects an idea is responsible for coming up with a new suggestion to consider. It can also be a winner in business and other areas of life.

Do you want to take your picture with Jesus while he’s enjoying a burrito? Yes indeed!

Let’s Get Started

Adventure is awesome. Outdoorsy is a great place to start saying “Yes” to adventure. Look through the Never Idle Journal. See a place to visit that looks like fun? Say “Yes” and start planning a trip! See a cool camp recipe that looks delicious? Say “Yes”, get the ingredients, and cook that tasty meal up! Got an RV you won’t be using soon and want to make some extra money. Say “Yes” and try renting it out.

The next time you head out on the road, looking for adventure and whatever comes your way, make a pact with your traveling companions to invoke the Power of Yes and Rule of No. You will not be disappointed by the results. In fact, you may well find that the power of “Yes” is intoxicating. You may find it’s what’s been missing from the rest of your life.

Do you want to climb up the side of the Grand Canyon? Un… No, but let’s take a picture pretending I did it anyway!



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