A Simple Trick to Improve Your RV Visibility in Storms

Team OutdoorsyJanuary 5, 2017

A Simple Trick to Improve Your RV Visibility in Storms

The Outdoorsy RV Owner Community is filled with great ideas to help people make more money renting out their RV on Outdoorsy.It’s also a place for experienced RVers to share what they’ve learned over the miles. One such tip came up yesterday from Paul Johnson, owner of a brand new Forest River Sunseeker in Theodore, Alabama (Theodore is about 15 miles from Mobile).

A Life Saver

Paul shared this tip with the group because the seasonal storms are starting to pick up in Alabama. He says, “Here’s a very simple cheap tip that I do for all my vehicles. My renters found it to be a life saver. Use Rainx. It really does make a world of difference, especially for renters who have to drive through all these storms in the South. Use the true wax on wax off Rainx –not just the washer fluid. Once you do that it increases visibility in the rain immensely.”

Reapply every 6 months 

Paul says, “If you use the Rainx wiper fluid, you won’t have to reapply the repellent except maybe every 6 months.” Paul’s Application Method

“Clean the windows, then use the original repellant. You put a bit on a towel. Buff it on. Let it haze up, then buff it back out with a clean towel…It’s unbelievable how much safer it is to drive in the rain with it on your windshield. Mobile is super rainy. If you use it in conjunction with Rainx washer fluid it will last even longer. ”

Vance Hays (who rents out his 2017 DRV Fifth Wheel on Outdoorsy in Spring, Texas) agrees. He says, “The coating lasts about a month, and will change your life if you live in a rainy place, I’ll testify to that. It’s unbelievable.”

“I use the stuff in the bottle on the left.”

Rent Paul’s Sunseeker (it sleeps 10!) to travel all over Alabama and Louisiana–and beyond! Why not take advantage of the National Parks 10 free days in 2017 and make a trip to see a totally new part of the country?

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