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‘The Best Thing About Starting an RV Business? No One Can Fire Me’

This is the third post in a regular series profiling Outdoorsy’s most successful RV owners.

Meet JoVonna Kingkade, a California native, who owns Surf City RV and rents out multiple RVs.  

Nobody can fire me: “I started renting out my personal RV before Outdoorsy was born. Now, I have five RVs and I run this as a business full-time. The thing I love most is that nobody can fire me. I’m in charge of my own future, and if I lose my job, it’s because I didn’t do it right.”

I made $25,000 last year: “Since jumping on board with Outdoorsy, I have seen my business take off. I probably brought in around $25,000 last year, and I expect to make even more in 2017.”

I’ve learned a few marketing tips along the way: “I now clean my RVs right on the beach so that people can check them out. I just set up a ‘For Rent’ sign, turn it into an Open House and make a day of it. I also have stickers with QR codes on the side of every one of my RVs. This makes it easier for people to check them out online in the moment and bookmark them for when they decide to rent. These little hacks have been great for business.”

I love having a community of RV owners to turn to: “I think the Outdoorsy Community Forum is a great idea. It’s very helpful to be able to go in and ask a question or read questions from other owners and respond. It’s comforting to know that there’s a community of other people like me!”

I’m totally at ease now: “Above all, Outdoorsy has helped me feel more secure about my business. The DMV background check and insurance lets me feel totally at ease when working with new renters. I also love meeting new people and sending them off on adventures of their own.”

– JoVonna Kingkade, SurfCityRV


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