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Winter RV Travel: Skiing in Banff!

A strong US dollar makes this a smart escape.

Recreational vehicles aren’t limited to the summer season, and neither are the parks that will welcome your camper, trailer, or motorhome. Perks of winter RV travel include activities like snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, and ice fishing. In Canada, you can let go of concerns about extra costs associated with heating, extra gas, or winter gear, because the American dollar is strong, and will go farther north of the border.

Banff National Park and the Big Three

Strong US Dollar

You’ve probably already heard of this world-renowned park. It’s a favorite of tourists, sportspeople, and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the planet. During the winter months, Banff National Park is just as active with winter activities. The conditions are ideal for sports like downhill and cross-country skiing, ice and rock climbing, and even just discovering the flora and fauna of a cool Canadian wilderness. Take a winter RV trip to this location any time of year to be within minutes of several ski hills in the park itself, and within hours of several others near Calgary, in the Rocky Mountains, and across the provincial border with British Columbia.

strong US dollar

When you ski the Big Three, you’re taking on some the most notorious winter sport triumvirates in all of North America. This trio includes Mount Norquay, Banff Sunshine Village, and Lake Louise. These resorts have plenty to keep even the most dedicated and tireless skier busy for weeks. And if that skier also happens to have an RV, then they can stay only steps away from this winter wonderland at Tunnel Mountain Campground. One section of the campground, Village II, is open all year round, and is only a five minute drive from the city of Banff. The campground is more on the rustic side, with only electrical utility hookups available at each winter RV site. This location’s natural beauty and proximity to so many winter activities are well worth it. There is a comfort station with hot showers and flush toilets, and some campsites have fire pits.

rv skiing

Traveling with a recreational vehicle is a great way to explore in the wintertime, despite the feeling many people have that mobile homes = long summer days. Discover the vision of a snowy valley crowned with a blanket of starlight, complete with a glowing ski lodge and a steaming cup of hot cocoa, only minutes away from your very own home on wheels.

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