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Posted April 16, 2020

Glacier National Park is located in far northwestern Montana. It is bordered by the towns of West Glacier, on its western edge, and St. Mary on its eastern side. It was named for the many unique glaciers that can be found within its boundaries. These glaciers have been receding in recent years due to climate change. Though it is not known how long the remaining fields of ice will remain, there are still several viewable glaciers within the park. 

The park forms the southern region of an international peace park that it shares with Waterton Lakes National Park, which is in neighboring Canada, to the north, and together, the area is known as The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Glacier National Park spans more than 1 million acres and houses the Continental Divide. It is known for its rugged beauty and, due to its picturesque mountains, it has been given the nickname the Crown of the Continent

Is Glacier National Park open? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Glacier is currently closed in the interest of public safety. However, there are ways that you can enjoy its grandness from the comfort of your own home. These include virtual tours and products available for purchase, such as books and national park merchandise. There are also ways to support this incredible attraction financially, to help it continue to thrive and to help ensure future generations will be able to appreciate its beauty as well. 

How can I financially support Glacier National Park? 

Glacier National Park’s awe-inspiring beauty, exotic wildlife, and incredible recreational opportunities are hard to beat. Visitors can take their breath away from the beautiful views along Going to the Sun Road, or even spot a grizzly bear tromping through the woods while on a hike! You can also tour a Visitor Center and learn about the formation of the park’s glaciers. 

During the upcoming National Park Week, there are many ways you can support the park or a Glacier National Park charity from afar. Below are several national park charities where you can make financial contributions.  

At the Glacier National Park Conservancy, you can offer financial donations to help support the ongoing maintenance of the park and its facilities. This organization also provides an online bookstore where you can buy reading materials for yourself or the children in your life. These include such items as coloring books and Glacier National Park clothing. 

The Glacier Institute offers hands-on programs within the park. These programs help to educate children and adults in real-world situations. These courses are currently on-hold, but you can make financial contributions that will be applied to future classes. 

The Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates organization pairs volunteers with open positions within the park. The organization helps to ensure that needed services are provided while helping to keep park expenses low. Through this organization, you can learn about opportunities where you may be able to physically serve the park in the future, once it is actively open for business again.  

How can I enjoy Glacier National Park from home?

There are opportunities to experience popular visitor attractions at the park, virtually, thanks to the park’s main website. You can learn about the history of the park, the animals and plants that are found inside of the park,  as well as geology. Park webcams are still active and allow you a current view of some of its scenic sections as well. 

Additional ways you can support Glacier National Park

If the options for financially supporting the park listed above have failed to strike your fancy, there are other ways to help the site stay viable well into the future. You can also purchase park gear, such as souvenirs, books, t-shirts, and other items from the park’s online store. Your purchases will allow you to publicly show your love for the park while also offering financial support. If you are a business that is interested in offering financial assistance, there are also opportunities for partnerships with the park. 


While you may be unable to enjoy the beauty of Glacier National Park in-person, at this time, there are several ways the park can help liven the time you are currently spending at home. You can do this by viewing the park virtually or by purchasing products online through various websites affiliated with the site. These methods, and others, will allow you to help support the park financially during this trying time and will help keep your spirits up, as well. Why not make a financial contribution to Glacier National Park now, to help it remain strong so that you, and others, can enjoy it well into the future?


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