Aaron & Hayden
by Aaron & Hayden
Posted August 16, 2018

Nothing sounds better than walking out your RV door straight onto the beach. Smelling the ocean air and feeling the cool breeze is what RVing is all about!

Here are some of the top tips to follow to make sure you have the best experience while camping at the beach.


Make sure you know what kind of hookups the campground offers. If you’re dry camping, make sure you have enough water and a solar setup. Does the campground offer water and electric, but no sewer connection? See if there’s a honey wagon service nearby (Editor’s Note: A honey wagon is a vehicle that empties out the holding tanks of RV’s at their campsite) or bring a portable tank.

Book off season

For a more peaceful experience, go on your trip in the off season. We camped on the beach in Texas in the winter and there was no one else in sight.

Tips for Camping at the Beach | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com

Sand sand everywhere

No matter how hard you try, sand will get all over your rig.

Help curb the sand

  1. Put an outdoor rug in front of the door will help stop sand from being tracked inside.
  2. Have a foot wash station—just a tub with water will do—and towel near the front door so people can wash off their feet before entering the rig.
  3. Rinse off sand outside before getting in your shower. The grey tank has a hard time with sand in there, so do your best to get it all off before you shower. You can also use baby powder to help get sticky sand off as well.
  4. Hang wet swimsuits and towels outside to dry.
Tips for Camping at the Beach | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com

Hot days and cold nights

The weather changes drastically on the beach: days can be miserably hot and the nights can be crisp and cold, so make sure you bring the appropriate clothing to match.

Bring shade

Bring a beach umbrella, pop-up tent, or wear a rash guard to help protect from the sun. (We’re talking lots of sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.) Pro tip: Make sure to bring all your gear from home so you don’t get stuck paying extra at a tourist shop.

Protect your furniture

If you’re traveling with kids, put towels over your furniture that can be shaken out and washed, to avoid getting sofas and chairs wet and dirty.

Tips for Camping at the Beach | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com

Don’t get stuck in high tide

Keep an eye on the tides. You can reference a tide chart for the area you’re staying in or you can check out this handy app called Tides Near Me. The last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning and find yourself—not to mention, your RV—submerged in water.

Secure your belongings overnight

Make sure to pack up anything you don’t want getting wet or blowing away overnight. The climate near the beach can change drastically at any moment and morning dew or a huge gust of wind can ruin your belongings.

Let’s talk trash

Leave no trace means packing out what you bring in. Make sure you’re disposing of your trash appropriately and don’t leave anything behind on the beach when you leave.

And most importantly, don’t get stuck in the sand!

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