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3 Great Rest Stops Near Los Angeles

The best places to take a break on your way in and out of L.A.

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Every experienced traveler knows the importance of a good rest area. We searched high and low to find three of the best rest stops outside of L.A. Mark these on your map or in your travel journal to make your next RV adventure that much easier!

Tejon Pass Rest Stop

Tejon Pass

You’ll find this rest area on I-5 in Kern County if you’re headed north from Los Angeles, or southbound into the city. It’s got pretty much everything you could ask for in a rest stop, including bathrooms, water, a picnic area complete with tables, a public phone, vending machines, and RV sanitation.

If you’re headed into L.A. and already past the Grapevine, you’ll want to keep this spot in mind as there are no other rest areas coming up.



4 miles west of Boron is a rest area off Route 58 serving east and westbound travelers. There’s no RV sanitation available here, but there is an expansive green area, along with wheelchair accessible restrooms, phones, picnic tables, water, and vending machines. This is a great stop if you need to stretch your legs and run the dog.

Aliso Creek Rest Stop

Aliso Creek

Located on Interstate 5, roughly six miles north of Oceanside, in San Diego County, the Aliso Creek rest area is spacious and well-kept,  with plenty of amenities to get the job done. It has clean restrooms (including family and wheelchair accessible), a place to toss your used snack wrappers and empty drink bottles, a picnic area and an RV sanitation facility. It’s a welcome stop-off for northbound travelers headed to the Los Angeles area.

outdoorsy-logo-blackTraveler’s Tip

Each state differs, but in California, you may legally park in rest stops for up to 8 hours. That means sleeping overnight in your RV is legal as long as you don’t Rip Van Winkle the day away. Check out this  full list of California rest stop laws.

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