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Posted April 17, 2017

Are you trying to decide how to vacation this summer? Why not hit the road in an RV and explore the world around you? There are thousands of wonderful camping experiences you can have with your friends or family! If you aren’t sure where to go or what to see, you might find it helpful to retrace the steps of those who have gone before you. You might be interested to learn about the top 5 most searched RV destinations on Yahoo. These are the places people love to go, so we are certain you will enjoy them as well.

#1: Vicksburg, Mississippi

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With pretty incredible history, some interesting monuments, and several of the most perfect fishing locations you’ll ever find, Vicksburg is an amazing place to set up camp. Visit the Vicksburg Military Park for some interesting history lessons and gorgeous views of the mighty Mississippi River. After dark, head over to the historic waterfront for some gambling in the town’s fun-loving waterfront casinos.

RV Destinations
Fortunately, this nice travel trailer is available for rent in Monroe, LA, just an hour away. Park this beauty in the well-maintained Rivertown Campground or the highly rated Ameristar RV Park for a convenient and comfortable place to call home during your trip.

This is why it’s number 1 on the list! And after all that fun, you’ll want a cozy place to rest your head, which is why you head to Outdoorsy and find a great rental.

#2: Destin, Florida

Boasting beautiful white sand beaches and incredible weather all year long, it’s no wonder RVers flock to this city. However, it isn’t just the beaches and sunshine that draw people in; the amazing Camp Gulf is one of the most popular RV parks in the world.

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This park offers a number of wonderful amenities and activities, and the proximity to the gorgeous beaches is a huge bonus. Indeed, Camp Gulf is an RVers’ paradise.

Would you like to see what all the fuss is about? Of course you would! Why not rent this great motorhome in nearby Pensacola and start your adventure now?

#3: Sea Islands

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Another beautiful beachy vacation destination, the Sea Islands are a perfect landing spot for RV campers. These islands dot the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, and offer lovely, windswept beaches and quaint historic districts with restaurants serving up some truly incredible food.

There are plenty of RV parks in the area to choose from, but some tried-and-true favorites include the welcoming Gnewen Isles RV Park and the lush, tree-filled Jekyll Island Campground. Looking for the perfect home-on-wheels to get you to this year-round paradise? This compact and comfortable Class-B in the neighboring Jacksonville, FL might do the trick!

#4: The Columbia River

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The 1,243-mile Columbia River offers countless opportunities to hike and kayak, along with some absolutely breathtaking views. The river runs through parts of Oregon, Washington, and Canada, and provides plenty of perfect camping spots along the way.

Some of the most popular RV parks along the path of this long river are the Columbia River RV Park as well as the similarly named Columbia Riverfront RV Park. Both are located in the Portland, Oregon area, making them ideal for doing some sightseeing in the city between your jaunts through nature.

So what are you waiting for? Why not rent this nifty camper van to complete your outdoor adventure?

#5: Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia

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At a loss for where to stay? Try American Heritage RV Park or Williamsburg KOA Campground. Both offer a list of amenities you’re sure to love.

A history buff’s dream vacation would most certainly include a camping experience in Colonial Williamsburg. This incredible destination offers an immersive experience in which visitors are exposed to the day-to-day activities of people in the Revolutionary Era.

Fortunately, visiting Colonial Williamsburg doesn’t mean you have to spend your nights sleeping on an new-school mattress and using a chamber pot. You can have all of the amenities you are accustomed to when you rent an RV like this one and stay in one of the area RV parks.

There you have it, folks! These are the most-searched RV vacation destinations on Yahoo. You now have all of the most important information on each location right at your fingertips. All you have to do is choose a location and reserve your RV and camping spot, and you’ll be well on your way to an amazing vacation.

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