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by Sarah Taggart
Posted November 19, 2017

Perhaps you are a newbie to the RV world perusing Outdoorsy with the excitement of renting for your next trip. I was in a similar position back in 2016 when I was researching what type of rig to purchase. So, as a full-time van dweller, I may be biased, but I know a tiny campervan is best for me. I spent months and months researching what rig might be best for me before taking the leap to full time.

However, as someone visiting Outdoorsy for a first time RV rental, you might wonder which would be best for you. Let my research help you decide which type of RV to rent! Take into consideration the following before renting your first Outdoorsy rig!

What type of rig should you rent: for newbies
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How many people?

A couple’s adventure trip is obviously going to require a lot less space than a family trip. I am a fan of utilizing the smallest space possible for mobile dwellings. This is simply because it makes your trip a lot more simple. When you browse rentals on Outdoorsy, they make this rather easy for you. Each rental lists how many it sleeps and the length (see image below).

When choosing which type of RV to rent, you also need to think about driving. If this is your first time driving a rig, I would highly recommend seeking out the shortest length possible. Why? It’s a way to ease into driving larger rigs like the ones you see on Outdoorsy. It’s a little different than driving a daily driver. Another plus is it’s less “stuff” you have to figure out.

How much convenience?

If you are looking for similar conveniences that you might find at home or a hotel room, you may find it more worthwhile to rent a larger rig. When you click on the rental you are interested in, be sure to check out amenities. Make sure it has all the amenities that you require, such as a toilet, shower, A/C, etc (see image below).

If you are looking to rough it, I might recommend a van or camper with little amenities besides a safe and warm place to sleep.

How much power do you need?

The power supply was something I had to seriously consider when making plans for my van home.  I knew I required enough power to run a small heater/computer/and lights. If you plan on only needing items like a cell phone charged, this won’t be a huge concern. If not, I would suggest paying attention to how much power your rental can provide. If you are unsure how much power your device uses, a quick Google search with your year and type should let you know.

what type of rig should you rent on outdoorsy.
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How much do you want to spend?

The great thing about Outdoorsy is that when it comes to choosing which type of RV to rent, they have such a range of rentals for RVs/campervans/trailers etc. Your road trip can cost as little or as much as you desire. The general rule is that the larger and more amenities the rig has, the more it will cost you. Keep in mind that if the RV needs hookups, this will cost you more than one that does not. This also would require that you would need to stay at a campground in order to use anything that requires power. If the rig you choose does not require power, you can boondock (camp for free) very easily. Learn more about boondocking in this article!

What type of RV to rent: for newbies
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As a single person who lives in a van full time, I need very few amenities and little space in a rig. If you have multiple people and more needs, a trailer or RV may be a better fit for you. Just remember to consider all the above factors when searching for a type of RV to rent. I would always advise newbies to rent a small simple rig to ease your way into mobile dwellings.

Start searching rigs for your next trip today!

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