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Sarah Taggart
by Sarah Taggart
Posted December 24, 2017

After living in a van for over a year, I truly feel that driving is the best way to explore a new area. There are definitely benefits to staying in a hotel when exploring, but an RV can be even better. It’s basically a hotel room on wheels! Here are some reasons why you should ditch the hotel and rent an RV for your next vacation.

why you should ditch the hotel and rent an RV for your next vacation
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Why spend so much money on a place to sleep?

Hotel rooms, especially during tourism times, can be very expensive. Unless you’re on a business trip, a hotel room is essentially a place to just shower and sleep. Most people don’t spend a bunch of money to travel somewhere new to sit in a hotel room. Before I got heavily into the RV lifestyle, I really loathed booking hotel rooms. I just couldn’t stand paying so much money for a place to sleep. Unfortunately, finding a decent hotel room can cost $150+ during high tourist seasons. I always fancy the idea of booking a really cheap hotel room, but it’s hard to do when tons of reviews say “ dirty and gross, “ or “ moldy and broken heater.”

Drive further and explore more

When traveling and staying in a hotel room, one is limited to a distance that could allow them to get back to their hotel room by the end of the day. Unless you want to book another hotel room, which would provide more transactions and specific planning. With an RV, your bed is with you at all times. Almost all towns have one or more campgrounds, and there is always the option of boondocking. Plus, your vacation time exploring will become more adventurous if you do not need to stay within a certain radius of your hotel room. You will be able to explore way more during your vacation and have the option of being more spontaneous.

No more car rentals

An RV can be more expensive per night than a hotel room to rent, but you also would not need to rent a car which can be very expensive. Why not combine your hotel and car into one? A smaller RV could easily be your daily driver and temporary home. I could understand why driving an RV might be intimidating. However, there are various types of RVs to rent on Outdoorsy, you could pick one as small or large as you are comfortable with.

why you should ditch the hotel and rent an RV for your next vacation
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Cook whenever and wherever

Perhaps you are more of a frugal traveler like myself. Going out to eat for every meal can really add up when on vacation. A typical hotel room may have a mini-fridge and a microwave, but a large number of RV rentals have a fridge and some type of cooking stove.

Imagine grilling up some burgers watching the sunset, instead of sitting in a restaurant with 50 other people on the side of the highway. Your meals could cost as little or as much as you desire when renting an RV.


The next time you plan a trip, make sure to enjoy the benefits of RV travel!

Sarah Taggart


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