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Posted March 30, 2021

We have seen some amazing women traveling solo in the outdoor space. Many are athletes, adventure photographers, weekend warriors, mother’s and more out there exploring the world. Most have participated in the van life movement, over-landing and RV’ing full time. We are inspired by their journey and wanted to find out some of the pros and cons of solo travel for females.

We sat down and interviewed Outdoor Products Ambassador, Royce Fonseca, to get her take on life on the road as a full-time van-lifer and adventure photographer.

Welcome Royce. Tell us a little bit about why you decided to live on the road full time.

Van-life intrigued me because I wanted the freedom to be in the outdoors every day. I’m very passionate about exploring nature and really wanted the ability to fully experience as much as I could.

I went into van-life knowing it was going to be amazing; however, it’s become so much more. It’s challenged me in ways I least expected and has given me a lot of self-confidence and education.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had traveling solo?

Determining my next stay in a safe location. I take several precautions but being both a solo traveler and a female, safety is always my top priority. There are several apps out there that help with finding places which is a huge help. But there are times where you have to wing it unexpectedly so being prepared for that is very important.

What are some of the ways you ensure your safety out there?

Being a novice at traveling alone I’ve developed a process for safety…

  1. I don’t disclose my location publicly unless I’m traveling with a group.
  2. I’ve invested in a top-level security system for my van.
  3. I always scout out locations both online with reviews and physically. Location awareness is very important.
  4. My friends and family always know where I am. There are ways to allow others to track your location such as your cell phone.
  5. I am knowledgeable in self-defense tactics and feel this is very important for everyone.

What would you say are some of the pros and cons of solo travel?

Life on the road is both wonderful and a challenge. Sometimes there’s a plan and it can go completely wrong. You really have to expect that something isn’t going to go right at any moment and adapt to change.

The Pros:

  • Freedom — You have complete freedom to be where you want to be, you really can’t beat that.
  • More adventure — You are able to explore so much more and for longer periods of time.
  • Fitness — You have the ability to be active daily in some of the most amazing terrains.
  • Education — You learn constantly. You learn about yourself, about survival, about the places you are visiting, and more.
  • Networking — You meet a lot of people on the road. I didn’t expect this, but you really do.
  • Self Confidence — You become more self-aware and confident.
  • Work — You can work remotely from anywhere that has wifi access, and there’s a lot of places with free wifi.

The Cons:

  • Safety — You’re always worried about it for you and your vehicle.
  • Vehicle troubles — This is major since it’s all you have.
  • Pets — If you have a furry friend with you, you will run into challenges with trail access for pets as well as where to keep them.
  • Cancellations — If you make reservations, always have a backup plan.
  • Facilities — If you don’t have a bathroom in your RV or van, finding usable facilities is a challenge. Make sure to have a backup plan for this.
  • Time Management — If you’re not good with this, it can be a con.
Image from @vantasticparks

Finally, what are your top 10 must-have items when traveling solo?

  1. Hydration Pack for all my outdoor activities — I use Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Pack.
  2. Portable cell phone charger
  3. Knife
  4. First Aid Kit
  5. Portable battery charger for my van
  6. Dry food
  7. Sturdy hiking boots
  8. Water — I have two 5 gallon containers in my van.
  9. Emergency bracelet — I wear a RoadID.
  10. Jackets — I carry both a warm and rain jacket.

Thank you Royce for sitting down with us, we appreciate all your valuable tips and information here.

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This interview was conducted by the Outdoor Products team.

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