Agua Fria National Monument


Ready to head off in search of your next outdoor adventure? Consider a visit to Agua Fria National Monument. It's an amazing place to visit on an RV holiday. Agua Fria National Monument is a Bureau of Land Management property that rests near to several burgeoning residential areas in the state of Arizona. The region consists of 71,000 acres in total, giving families ample opportunity for exploration in an area that is rich in both history and culture. The monument rests 40 miles outside the booming metropolis of Phoenix, making it easily accessible from the big city. This beloved recreational area is made up of two mesas and a rich canyon formed by the river running through the grounds. A property that experiences elevations between 2,150 feet to 4,600 feet above sea level, the terrain is challenging to traverse, making it an excellent spot to get in a good workout. The natural landscape of this popular BLM land bears many unique topographical features including semi-desert conditions, the remains of an inactive volcano, and an unusual expanse of riparian forest. A day spent hiking through the grounds unearths a vast array of ancient Pueblan ruins which are believed to date back to 1250-1450 A.D. For those who enjoy viewing wildlife in its natural habitat, the BLM land in Arizona houses many different species fo wildlife including coyotes, bobcats, antelope, javelina, and mule deer. Songbirds also frequent the area, and on occasion, both eagles and raptors are also spotted in the region. Fishing the Agua Fria River is a popular attraction for many visitors. This body of water is well-stocked with such fish as the longfin dace, the Gila mountain sucker, and the speckled dace. Opportunities for camping on-site as well as dispersed camping abound in nearby regions to Agua Fria National Monument. The camping found on the monument grounds is primitive style, offering the occasion to enjoy breathtaking views under the stars. The nearby towns of Prescott and Camp Verde offer the amenities of city life as well as several campgrounds that offer both RV and tent camping. For an RV adventure you'll not soon forget, plan a trip to visit the Bureau of Land Management's Agua Fria National Monument. You'll have an amazing time!

RV Rentals in Agua Fria National Monument



The route to Agua Fria National Monument travels approximately 40 miles from Phoenix along Interstate 17, a highway which consists of two and four lanes throughout this stretch of road. There are three exits from which the monument can be accessed, and each is very well-marked.

The roads are in good condition with traffic moving along very well. Road construction is infrequent but can occur on occasion.


Parking is found in several on-site lots interspersed throughout this BLM property.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Agua Fria National Monument.

Campgrounds and parking in Agua Fria National Monument

Campsites in Agua Fria National Monument

Reservations camping

Sheeps Bridge Campground

Sheeps Bridge Campground is found in Deschutes National Forest. Reservations are required for RV and tent stays at this popular campign facility.

The sites are Sheeps Bridge Campground are well-beloved because of their spaciousness. The size of each lot is easily able to accommodate even the largest RV's.

The property sits on the Deschutes River and attracts RV and tent campers who enjoy such outdoor activities as fishing, bird watching, and the hunting of water birds.

Sheeps Bridge Campground is open for camping from May 13th through October 27th each year. The on-site amenities include drinking water and vault toilets.

The maximum RV length permitted at this campground is 30 feet.

First-come first-served

Hazlett Hollow Campground

Found within Prescott National Forest is Hazlett Hollow Campground, an area which permits RV and tent camping from May 1st through October 31st each year. The camping facilities found here are largely primitive. There are 15 campsites in total, and each is furnished with a picnic table and grill. All sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All RV's making use of the campsites must not exceed 22'-40' in total length.

The on-site amenities including three camping shelters, two vault toilets, and drinking water, in season. There are no RV hookups at Hazlett Hollow Campground.

A camping permit is required for stays at this property.

This camping facility observes quiet hours between 10 PM and 6 AM. Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

There is a maximum stay of 14 days.

Alternate camping

Childs Dispersed Camping Area

Childs Dispersed Camping Area is found in the nearby Coconino National Forest. Named for a former power plant that once graced the area, this camping facility sits right on the banks of the popular Verde River. The property also houses the ruins of a resort known as the Verde Hot Springs.
The camping found at Childs Dispersed Camping Area is completely undeveloped and offers no amenities. Camping is permitted year-round.
Campfires are allowed on the grounds, and generator use is permitted. There is a maximum limit of a five-day stay on the premises.
Childs Dispersed Camping Area is located 30 miles outside the town of Camp Verde. It can also be reached by traveling along backroads from Flagstaff, a city located 86 miles away.
Families enjoying RV camping at Childs Dispersed Camping Area will enjoy primitive style living at its finest. The property is home to many trails suitable for both hiking and horseback riding.

Seasonal activities in Agua Fria National Monument



Picnicking is a popular activity at Agua Fria National Monument. With 71,000 acres of BLM property that is ripe for exploring, RV campers can choose from a quiet spot nestled within a valley, a sandy crook by the river's edge, or even one of the provided picnic areas.

The land is both picturesque and diverse at this beloved national treasure. Since travel on foot to find your ideal picnic locale is necessary, you will need to be sure to wear good hiking shoes to prevent any injury. Good traction on your footwear is important, since this BLM land sees dramatic inclines in elevation throughout the grounds.

This is one outdoor activity you won't want to undertake without a camera in hand. The landscape is extremely scenic and beautiful, affording you many opportunities to capture some incredible photos to take home as a memento of a wonderful holiday in the Arizona desert.

Due to the abundance of wildlife found in this recreational area, it is best if Fido does not accompany you on your picnic adventure.


Agua Fria National Monument has many different biking paths where avid cyclists can hit the trail in search of their next great adventure. This recreational area's 71,000 acres winds through valleys, canyons, and desert ruins, making it breathtakingly beautiful to behold. The land rises steeply in elevation in spots, so it is important to map out in advance the areas you plan to visit to avoid entering bike paths that are overly strenuous during the hottest portions of the day.

Lots of drinking water is a must on any biking trip through Agua Fria National Monument as even in the off-season months, the air remains hot and humid.


Agua Fria National Monument is a property of great cultural and historical significance, making it the perfect place for amateur and professional photographers alike to work on adding to their portfolios. The property is generously sprinkled with ancient Pueblan ruins, offering photographers the rare opportunity to capture some highly unique photos.

But it is not just the landscape and ruins which provide excellent photo ops at Agua Fria National Monument. This recreational area is home to many types of unusual wildlife such as the lowland leopard frog, the Mexican garter snake, the common black hawk, and the desert tortoise.



The Agua Fria River which makes its way through the monument grounds is an excellent place for doing some fishing. You can cast your line out directly from the banks of this scenic river to try your hand at reeling in one of the abundant fish species found therein including the longfin dace, the Gila mountain sucker, and the speckled dace.

Fish cleaning stations are not provided on the grounds, so be sure to check with the monument's staff to see if filleting is permitted on the premises or if you must wait until you get home to clean your bounty.

A fishing license is required to angle in Arizona waters.


Agua Fria National Monument offers some of the best hiking trails in the state. Whether you prefer scaling mountainous terrain over intense rises in elevation or testing your stamina descending into picturesque valleys, this incredible property will deliver that and so much more.
For those who love being near the water, the hiking conditions are relatively flat along the banks of the Agua Fria River. You can picnic along your hike or simply take lots of photos of the incredible scenery that surrounds you.
The hiking conditions are quite vigorous here, so it is not recommended that you bring your dog along on this outdoor adventure.

Horseback riding

An area that is known for its semi-desert-like conditions, you can indulge your biggest Western fantasies by saddling up your horse and hitting one of the trails found at Agua Fria National Monument. There are many different paths that are suitable for horseback riding at this beloved recreational area. It is best to do your exploration early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the extreme heat of the day has passed.

Bring along lots of drinking water for you and your horse to remain well-hydrated as the terrain is extremely challenging. Don't forget your camera as the sights you will encounter are awe-inspiring and worthy photo ops.