Albion College Tailgating

The football season is about to begin. Will you be there to support the home team? Prepare your RV for Albion College football and tailgating in Michigan!

Event information

With the football season underway from August until January, there’s no time like the present to start planning a trip to Albion for the start of the Albion College football season.

The Calhoun County city of Albion in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is home to the private liberal arts college of Albion College. Around 1,500 students call the campus home for the duration of their studies, and it’s here that they also participate in a range of sporting ventures.

Near the top of that list is football, with the Albion Britons showing the nation what they’re made of on their home turf, Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium. Eager footballers don their purple and gold uniforms then track down their gallant, noble, and charismatic mascot, Brit the Briton, to lead the way.

Whether you visit Albion College for tailgating or head straight to the game, you’re not going to want to miss out on the atmosphere. Albion’s football program has won dozens of championships and even made post-season appearances more than any other Division III school throughout Michigan.

When the final touchdown has been scored, and the crowds roll out, you can then wander through Albion and discover all its hidden treasures. Go walking at the Whitehouse Nature Center or even pay a visit to the neighboring city of Marshall for a walk through the Brooks Nature Area.

It’s time to haul out your best purple and gold garments, pack some snacks in your motorhome, and get ready for an epic tailgating adventure in the name of healthy Albion College football competition.


In this day and age, it’s not always easy to find affordable entertainment for friends and family. Fortunately, Albion College football and tailgating ticks that box. In the past, football admission tickets for adults have been around $5. Children between five and 17 years of age often enter for about $3 with children under five free. Make sure you have plenty of cash to pay for your tickets upon arrival.

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Albion, Michigan runs alongside the Kalamazoo River within the Battle Creek Metropolitan Statistical Area. It’s a mere 47 miles from Kalamazoo and is central to the City of Detroit, Indiana, and Ohio. This small city, nestled amid farmland and natural attractions, is a drawcard all on its own. However, it’s even more so when the football season begins in earnest.

With the help of MDOT’s information, you can be traveling down I-94 full of excitement and ready to watch the Albion Britons take on their arch-rivals. Make sure you’re in the Ferguson Parking Lot of Albion College at 611 E Porter Street for all the tailgating action before the game begins.

Parking areas

There is limited parking available at Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium for those who have come to watch the Britons play football. There are also limited spaces at the Ferguson Parking Lot on Albion College grounds for tailgating. While you will have an excellent chance of parking on site in your pilot vehicle, it’s less likely for those who are traveling in their motorhome. Consider parking off the grounds and either walking or bringing your bicycle.

Even though RV-goers are not likely to participate in tailgating directly from their rigs, that doesn’t mean they can’t join in on the fun. Instead, bring your barbeque, cooler, and wallet to purchase concession items. Music and games will keep the tailgaters entertained before the cheer teams make their way to the stadium pre-game.

Public Transportation

Albion covers less than five square miles, which means there is little to no need for public transportation in this city. If you are not able to park your motorhome on Albion College grounds, you can find on-street or off-street parking in the heart of Albion and make your way to Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium on foot without all too much hassle.

Where to stay


Albion College is a warm, welcoming environment for all its students, but it does not allow RV-goers to camp on site. Fortunately, that’s not going to be a problem. Albion and the wider area has plenty of primitive RV camping opportunities, as well as campgrounds with service hookups to suit your needs.


When the college football season begins, use it as your cue to start planning your RV accommodation. Campgrounds around Albion fill up fast, especially for home games. While there are not too many options in Albion itself, there are plenty on the outskirts. Expand your reach to within 30 miles of Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium to find the perfect place to park your RV for the night with private camping options.

Elkhart Co. / Middlebury KOA may already be along your route from near the I-80 and I-90 junction to the southwest. Consider Pokagon State Park an hour to the south for an additional set of outdoor activities in nearby Indiana.

Getting around

The lack of parking at Albion College, coupled with the lack of public transportation, means that getting around Albion requires a bit of planning. You can navigate the tailgating area and stadium on foot, but you may like to wander around the city on your bicycle or foot. Fortunately, almost everything you might require during your stay within Albion is within a few miles.

What to pack


What you wear while tailgating or attending the football at Albion College can depend on the time of year you visit. August temperatures are some of the best for the entire year, but the mercury drops as the year progresses. Before you hit the road, download a weather app like WeatherBug that can offer an accurate idea of what to expect upon arriving in Calhoun County.


Tailgating at Albion College is going to be a memorable experience for any football fan, but have you packed everything you need? Those who turn up with their pilot vehicle may like to arrive with a grill small enough to fit in the trunk. A cooler, your football ticket, government-issued ID, and cash are also essential to have with you. Don’t forget all your camping and cooking equipment for retiring in your RV later in the evening.

Health & Safety

Tailgating and football game watching are both outside events. Depending on the time of year, you’re bound to find yourself exposed to the elements. Never underestimate the convenience of carrying sunscreen and bug spray onboard your RV, as well as plenty of toiletries, drinking water, any prescription medication you might need, and a first aid kit. Only bring the bare essentials into the tailgating area and football game to leave your hands free for cheering!

Where to eat


Most RV campgrounds near Albion allow you to use your RV kitchen appliances and propane grills. However, if you are also tailgating at Albion College, you can use your grill here too! Indulge in hot dogs and other delicious grilled goods to satisfy your appetite before the game begins. Remember to pick up all the grocery supplies you need within a half-mile distance of Albion College.


Hungry college students have to get their sustenance somehow, which is why Albion boasts an excellent food center that’s bound to satisfy those hunger pangs. From quaint cafes to pizza, Italian, and Mexican, this city has it all. Much of what you may feel like eating before and after the game is within a short walking or biking distance of Albion College.


If the excitement of the Albion Britons taking on their rivals has you working up a hunger and thirst, then you’re in the right place. Vendors at Albion College’s Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium are ready and waiting to take your order! Make sure you bring cash as vendors that accept payment cards are not guaranteed.



Albion College prides itself on providing a safe but fun experience and environment for students and visitors alike. In the tailgating area by the Ferguson building, tailgaters may use single-serve, glass-free containers for their alcoholic beverages. Anyone who is drinking must also be over the legal drinking age, and all alcohol must stay within the parking lot.

Once the football game is about to begin and you’ve made your way to the Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium, remember to have your ticket at the ready to get through the gate and any personal items in clear or easily-searchable bags for the screening process. The less you bring with you, the faster you can clear security.


Weather conditions vary throughout the changing of the seasons in Albion. When you decide to venture into Calhoun County for a friendly game of football, check the weather ahead of time. The State of Michigan is surrounded on three sides by lakes; Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie draw in cool air and moisture that can mean lower temperatures and wind much of the year.


The nearest health facility is 20 miles from Albion College for your convenience. However, if you happen to suffer from a minor accident or injury during your Albion College tailgating experience, approach a college official for assistance. It can also help to have a fully-stocked first aid kit aboard your RV. In any medical emergency, dial 911.