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With a blissful setting on picturesque Mullett Lake, Aloha State Park is an idyllic waterside escape, surrounded by 107 acres of ash trees, sandy beaches, and scenic pathways for hiking, biking, and horse riding. Located in Cheboygan County, Michigan, the park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation; whether you choose to spend your days fishing, boating, or simply relaxing beside the lake with a picnic – all in all, you couldn’t choose a more idyllic location for your next RV holiday.

Once you’ve set up camp, you can set out and explore or sit back and admire the lake views. The park has more than 280 campsites suitable for RV, trailer, tent camping, some of which are equipped with electrical hookups. Several campsites sit right on the water’s edge, and you’ll have to book early to grab one of these coveted spots. A fisherman’s paradise, the lake brims in lake trout and sturgeon and is excellent for year-round fishing. If you’re feeling energetic, the North Eastern State Trail runs through Aloha State Park and can be used year-round too. During the summer, this gravel path is used by hikers, bikers, and horse riders, while in the winter, it’s groomed for snowmobiling.

You’ll find everything you need at Aloha State Park – two swimmable sandy beaches, a boat launching pad, and a boat basin for docking your boat overnight, as well as a store providing firewood, ice cream, and fresh doughnuts in the mornings. Let the kids loose to enjoy the three play areas that offer a swing set, baseball field, horseshoe pits, and volleyball and basketball courts. The campsites are RV-friendly, and while not all of them provide electrical hookups, you can make use of the sanitation station and modern communal bathrooms. Besides, the lake views are reason enough to disconnect.

While you are in the area, make sure to check out Cheboygan State Park, which is just a short drive from Cheboygan. This state park has over 1, 200 acres, and offers exciting outdoor activities like hunting, boating, and snowshoeing. If you would like to stay a day or two to enjoy the park, you can also rent one of their campsites, cabins, or other accommodation options.

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Aloha State Park is easy to access by RV or car since it is located just off the M-33 Highway, the shortest highway in Michigan. RVers traveling along the M-33 won't have to worry about encountering any height restrictions obstacles. The roads are well marked and spacious enough for you to easily navigate your rig along. The closest city of Cheboygan is just under 10 miles from the park, and if you require any supplies or odds and ends during your stay, you'll most probably find it there.

Cheboygan Local roads within the park are paved, leading to the contact station, park headquarters, sanitation station and the campground. There are no driving restrictions for RVs or trailers within the park, so you’ll be able to navigate the park easily, whether you’re in your rig or another vehicle. Once there go ahead and check in to your site and park your rig, or if you are just visiting for the day, park your vehicle in the nearby parking lot. The park is small enough for you to walk or cycle to any of the surrounding activities or facilities.


There are two main spots for parking RVs and boat trailers in the park. You’ll be able to find spots at the contact station as you drive in, as well as spots for parking your boat trailer at the boat basin. If you’re staying overnight, you can also park your RV or other large vehicle overnight.

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Aloha State Park Campground

The Aloha State Park Campground has a total of 287 campsites, some of which are paved and offer electrical hookups for 20, 30, and 50 amps. These sites are divided between the north, south, and middle loops, which are all situated close to one another.

There are plenty of waterfront campsites right on the edge of the lake, but you’ll have to book early to grab one of these coveted spots. Some of the sites are shaded with the few trees scattered through the different loops, but the majority of sites are not shaded, and you should come prepared. Sites can accommodate RVs and trailers of varying lengths, some up to 45 feet. Unfortunately, there are no ADA-accessible sites available at Aloha State Park.

Amenities at the campground include communal water spigots, a convenience store, modern bathrooms with hot showers, central water, picnic shelters, a boat launch pad, and a sanitation station. Each site can accommodate up to six people per night and has a picnic table and a fire pit. RVers can bring along their furry friends on their RV getaway, thanks to the park's pet-friendly campsites. Kids will love the swing set, baseball field and volleyball, and basketball courts. You can stay up to 15 days at a time.

Seasonal activities in Aloha State Park


Mountain Biking

Aloha State Park is prime real estate for mountain bikers. During the summer months, the 71-mile North Eastern State Trail is great for trail rides with so much to see along the way – just be sure to pack a puncture kit and wear your helmet. The gravel trail is dotted with small lakes, villages, woodland, and patchworks of farmland – just don’t be surprised if you cross paths with small woodland and farmland creatures like squirrels, goats, and chickens along the way.


When coldness descends on Aloha State Park in the wintertime, the surrounding trails once used for hiking and biking are groomed for exciting activities in the snow. Most noteworthy is the North Eastern State Trail, once operated as a railroad by the Detroit and Mackinac Railway, today it serves a different purpose. Its 71 miles are groomed for snowmobiling and sledding and riders can enjoy incredible views of Mullett Lake along the last seven or so miles across the M-27 towards the city of Cheboygan. Prepare to enjoy flying across the snow rosy-cheeked from the crisp air. If you’re feeling up to it, the trail continues further along the North Central State Trail.

Ice Fishing

Aloha State Park’s Mullett Lake is a favorite spot for fishermen who enjoy angling these waters all year round. But in the wintertime, ice fishing is something truly spectacular where you can enjoy this peaceful recreation combined with the enchanting views of the snowy landscape. While walleye, perch and bass fishing is the main drawcard for anglers at Mullett Lake in Michigan, you’ll also find a variety of other species, such as white crappie, rainbow trout, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, northern pike and more. As the park has its own boating pad, you can bring along your own fishing boat. Ice fishing is a cold endeavor, so wear the appropriate clothing when you head out.



A boat launching pad on-site makes boating at Aloha State Park a breeze. There’s also a large basin in between the middle and south camping loops where you can park your boat securely at night alongside your campsite for easy access. While Mullett Lake is very popular among fishermen who enjoy fishing the waters for lake trout and sturgeon, you can also bring your speedboat along and enjoy tubing and waterskiing. If you don’t own your own boat, you can easily rent anything from kayaks and paddleboards to pontoons nearby.

The water near the shore is ideal for swimmers and kayakers thanks to its exceptional clearness. Mullet Lake is part of a 38-mile inland waterway boating trail. Boaters who decide to continue on this boating trail can boat along the Indian River to Burt Lake and even carry on using other inland waterways to reach as far as Crooked Lake.


For hiking enthusiasts, the Aloha State Park is skirted by the scenic North Eastern State Trail. The gravel trail is 71 miles long and leads along the former Detroit and Mackinac Railway through wetlands, woodland, small towns and farmlands dotted with small lakes. Take your time to admire the views as you stroll on foot but keep an eye on where you’re walking as there are many roots and stones that can trip you up. Make sure to wear the appropriate footwear and bring along a hat to protect your face from the sun. There are several picnic tables located along the track so pack a picnic and have a good rest.


Aloha State Park is home to two beautiful swimming beaches. Both of them have soft, sandy bottoms and a shallow incline from the shore, making them very easy to access for swimmers of all ages. These two beaches can be found a short distance away from the south and middle camping loops and campers staying at these loops will have easy access to the swimming areas. Bring along your inflatable devices and suntan as you bob on the water of the lake, or pack a waterside picnic to enjoy on the beach while playing in the sand. Sunset swims are also an exciting activity you can enjoy. Please note that while the park is pet-friendly, pets are not allowed at any of the swimming beaches in the park, but there is a specially designated swimming area for dogs.