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Featuring incredible badlands and plenty of great amenities, Angel Peak Scenic Area is well worth the visit for RV adventurers traveling through New Mexico. Located around 30 miles from Farmington, Angel Peak Scenic Area consists of over 10,000 acres of land managed by the BLM that you are free to explore. Within the Angel Peak Scenic Area, there is also a great campground that you are free to use for dry-camping during your stay.

The history of the area is on display thanks to the fossilized mammals that are found in some of the fascinating mudstone, sandstone, and siltstone. Along with being a great place to spend a few nights, visitors to the park are attracted to many great hiking trails and incredible views. Standing around 7,000 foot high, Angel Peak is viewable from all over the wilderness area. It's perfect for photographers of any skill level who are interested in landscapes, and it also makes for the perfect backdrop for sunsets. Angel Peak Scenic Area is also well-regarded for its three separate developed picnic areas that are perfect for relaxing at. While you are in the area you should also consider visiting Navajo Lake State Park, which is around 37 miles away.

The campground at Angel Peak Scenic Area features nine sites that were originally set up for tent camping, but RVs are also welcome to use the campground as their home base. Don't expect any hookups at this primitive campground, but there are toilets, picnic tables, and fire grates. Angel Peak Scenic Area is well worth the visit and is open all year round.

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One of the main reasons why Angel Peak Scenic Area is such a tranquil part of the state is that it can be a little difficult to find if you don't know where you are going. There are no major signs that will lead you to the park; instead, you will need to know which roads to take. The most popular way to reach the park is to take Highway 550 and then turn onto County Road 7175. County Road 7171 is an unsealed gravel road, so be cautious when driving and don't go too fast.

Since this is the wilderness you will have to travel if you want to get any supplies. The main town to visit for supplies is Farmington, which is around 33 miles away. Other places that you can also visit include Aztec (around 30 miles away), and Shiprock (around 60 miles away). The closest major city to Angel Peak Scenic Area is Albuquerque, which is 162 miles to the south.

You won't need to worry about any traffic out here, but if you do decide to travel during the winter you may be faced with some difficult conditions depending on the snowfall in the area. If you are worried about potential snowfall we recommend that you contact the park office before your journey.


There are plenty of places to park within Angel Peak Scenic Area, but remember to steer clear of any areas that have not yet been disturbed.

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Navajo Lake State Park Campgrounds

If you are looking for a campground that features more amenities, consider staying at Navajo Lake State Park. There are seven different campgrounds available inside the park that total 90 sites suitable for reservations.

Most of the campsites that are suitable for RVs come with some luxurious amenities, including varying types of electric, water, and electric, or full hookup variations. Each of the seven campgrounds also comes with water collection points and some also have dump stations. Other site amenities also include a picnic table, fire ring, and sometimes a shade shelter.

If you don't want all the luxurious amenities, you can also pitch a tent or stay in one of the primitive sites. Pets are allowed and so is generator use. Some of the more popular sites are the ones located closest to the lake, but be aware that these are often the ones that are reserved the quickest when they are available. The campgrounds at Navajo Lake State Park are open all year round.

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Angel Peak Scenic Area Campground

One of the best BLM managed campgrounds in the state is the one found at Angel Peak Scenic Area. Despite the campground being completely free, it contains some great amenities that will make your dry-camping adventure just a little easier.

There are a total of nine sites at the Angel Peak Scenic Area Campground, most of which can also accommodate RVs. If your RV is too big for any of the sites you can also stay just outside of the campground where there is a large flat area that can hold numerous rigs. While there are no water, power, or sewer hookups available, there are picnic tables, fire grates, and a shade shelter for your convenience. It truly is a beautiful campground and the stunning views only make it more admirable.

There are no reservations available at Angel Peak Scenic Area Campground, so all sites can only be used on a first-come, first-served basis. The campground is open all year round.

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By far one of the most incredible experiences you can have when visiting Angel Peak Scenic Area is to conquer the nature trail. Beginning from the campground area, the nature trail is under a mile long, but it will take you on top of many badland hills until you reach the end where you will have some incredible views. The trail is quite narrow and it can be uneven, so it is recommended that only experienced hikers walk out onto it.


Once you have finished exploring this prehistoric area, you should consider spending the afternoon at one of the three picnic sites within the Angel Peak Scenic Area. The picnic areas are very well resourced in comparison to most that are managed by the BLM and you can expect to find picnic tables under a shade shelter, trash cans, and a fire grate. All of the picnic areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.


The stunning views that await you once you arrive at Angel Peak Scenic Area are perfect for taking photos. Whether you are a professional or just love snapping quick pictures on your phone, there are some amazing scenes to capture, especially during the sunrise and sunset periods.

If you are lucky you may also get to see some of the dinosaur bones that are fossilized in the area or some of the animals that call the park home.



If you explore Angel Peak Scenic Area you may also get to see some fossils that have slowly appeared over time. There are many different types of fossils within the area, including prints left by leaves, trees, and animal bones.

Many paleontologists have been permitted to take fossils from Angel Peak Scenic Area, but don't be tempted to do the same since fossil collection is not allowed unless you have permission from the BLM.

Navajo Lake State Park

Another great place to check out during your travels in the great state of New Mexico is Navajo Lake State Park. This park is known for featuring around 150 miles of shoreline on the Navajo Dam, so there will be plenty of chances for you to enjoy some water-based recreational activities.

There are also multiple hiking trails and two visitor centers if you want to learn more about the area or ask park staff any questions.


If you are interested in stargazing you will be very happy that you chose to visit Angel Peak Scenic Area. The wide-open skies with little to no light pollution are perfect for seeing everything imaginable that could be lurking out there in the dark sky.

There are no telescopes within the area, so if you would like to get a better view of what's going on you should bring your own equipment such as binoculars.