ARCA Kansas 150

An action-packed weekend of racing at ARCA Kansas 150 is about to begin, so what are you waiting for? It’s time for an RV adventure to Kansas City.

Event information

Every year in October, automotive enthusiasts start pacing their homes with excitement and nervous energy. They can smell the racing engine fuel in the air and hear the distance revving of an engine. That can only mean one thing: ARCA Kansas 150 is in town.

ARCA Kansas 150 is a highly-anticipated race at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City. It’s the final one on the ARCA racing calendar and involves some of the nation’s best racers.

Over a full weekend at 400 Speedway Boulevard, professional racers complete 150 miles, or 100 laps, of the 1.5-mile circuit while tens of thousands of fans, including tenters and RV goers, look on with anticipation.

As per tradition, racing won’t get underway until the crowds are on their feet and dancing at the infield party. The infield party is then followed by pre-race ceremonies, driver introductions, and meet and greets before the drivers finally line up on the grid.

Spectators then get to enjoy wheel to wheel racing action, off-track entertainment, and an intense atmosphere as everyone waits for the cars to cross the finish line. It doesn’t get much better than that.

However, while RV-goers are enjoying some of the area’s finest entertainment, they can also be exploring Kansas City and everything it has to offer for vacationers. Animal lovers will revel in a visit to the Kansas City Zoo, or you can go walking at Swope Park.

Prepare your rod for fishing at Lake Jacomo, or why not go hiking at Parkville Nature Sanctuary just across the state line into Missouri? ARCA Kansas 150 might bring you to Kansas City, but let the myriad of fun things to see, do, and experience keep you there a little longer.


Ticket packages are available for every fan and every budget, which is what makes the ARCA Kansas 150 such a standout event. Whether you want to attend for a single race, the full weekend, a camping experience, or in a group, there are ticketing options to suit. The best way to purchase passes for the ARCA Kansas 150 is online, so be the early bird that gets the worm.

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Driving to Kansas City for ARCA Kansas can be an enlightening and refreshing experience. From the bedrock cliffs and glacier-carved limestone that surround the city to the wide-cut valleys that form the Kansas and Missouri rivers, you may have a hard time keeping your eyes on the road. However, you must, for navigation into the city center can be challenging as you battle congestion, junctions, and potential delays.

Allow local sites such as KCTV5 to help guide the way. Upon arriving in Kansas City, follow the sound of roaring engines and cheering crowds from I-70 or I-435 to get to Kansas Speedway.

Parking areas

The grass lots encompassing Kansas Speedway are open and free for RV-goers and pilot vehicles to park for the day. In fact, even tailgating is allowed in these areas before the racing gets underway. While you can purchase and reserve day parking in advance, you are not likely to have problems finding somewhere on the day you attend. It is then a short walk from the parking lots to the grandstands.

Public Transportation

If you’re not camping on site, and you want to avoid the hassle of traffic and parking, then why not consider public transportation? Both rideshare and taxi services are welcome at Kansas Speedway, with dedicated pick-up and drop-off points at the Transportation Plaza near Gate C. It’s important to inform your driver of their space number and specified area for temporary parking. You can then enjoy a stress-free entry and exit into ARCA Kansas 150 over the race weekend.

Where to stay


There’s nothing more exciting than attending a race weekend, except if you can camp at the race track too. Kansas Speedway boasts infield, terrace, outside campgrounds, and tent camping options. Depending on your preferred location, you may need to reserve these in advance. There are limited electricity hookups in some of the camping areas and water pumping stations, as well. You are also more than welcome to use your generators, bicycles, fire pits and grills, and the provided showers on site.


If you want a little bit more space to spread out and be closer to tourist attractions such as the Kansas City Zoo and Worlds of Fun theme park, then why not camp away from the race track? Enjoy a degree of separation from the ARCA Kansas 150 and the rest of your vacation fun.

Travelers will find a myriad of different places in Kansas City that are accessible with a large RV, including primitive RV camping, resorts, campgrounds, and more. While you will need to expand your search to within 40 miles, you won’t have too much trouble finding somewhere to stay with an RV.

Getting around

Kansas Speedway is a massive and busy venue, especially for headline events such as ARCA Kansas 150. While everything is well signposted and organized, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a venue map so you can get easily find your favorite spots.

Parking and camping areas encompass the oval race track, and both grandstands and vendors are within a short walking distance of where you park your motorhome for the day or weekend. The best way to get around is on foot, but you can also jump aboard the infield and outside trams that have regular stops around the facility.

What to pack


While fall can lend itself to a beautiful kaleidoscope of browns, reds, and oranges, it can also be quite a wet time of year. Therefore, a pair of galoshes, a rain jacket, and a poncho are all must-have items in your suitcase as “just in case” measures. Even though thunderstorms and rain are frequent in fall, so too are humid conditions. You may not need to pack all too many winter woollies to make it through the weekend.


If you’re wandering from your RV to the grandstand area, for which you would have purchased a general admission ticket, it’s a good idea to travel light. You may bring soft coolers laden with food and beverages, binoculars, blankets, scanners, cameras, and stadium seat cushions, but be wary of what you can’t bring into the track.

Glass, pets, folding chairs, hard coolers, bicycles, and scooters would all be best left in your RV for use upon racing’s completion. If the smell of hot dogs wafting up from the vendors is too much to bear, then bring cash and payment cards for snacks and merchandise as well. Otherwise, don’t forget your camping and cooking equipment for preparing your meals once you’ve returned to your campsite.

Health & Safety

Kansas Speedway officials take your health and safety seriously. They provide restroom facilities dotted around the race track, a designated smoking area in the concourse, and plenty of seating areas to rest weary feet. Don’t forget to bring any prescription medication you might need, toiletries, a first aid kit, and sun safety supplies for that watery fall sun that often bursts through the gray cloud cover.

Where to eat


There’s nothing quite like spending time with your loved ones on a camping adventure, cooking up camp fare, and having a good time. ARCA Kansas 150 offers that experience. While you can’t light a campfire, you can use your generator, grill, onboard appliances, or firepit as long as they are away from anything flammable.

You can also pick up supplies for s’mores, hot dogs, and other camp treats at a grocery store under two miles from the race track. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.


If, for some reason, you need a break from all the thrills and spills, then you can venture two miles from the track in search of something to eat. A selection of different eateries lines the roads surrounding Kansas Speedway, making it the perfect area in which to grab a bite to eat. Allow extra time for service due to the popularity of ARCA Kansas 150, but get your fill of delicious Italian cuisine, barbeque, fast food outlets, and more.


While Kansas Speedway is one of the few racing venues that allow you to bring your own food and beverages, you may not feel like working in your RV kitchen for every meal. If that’s the case, you can wander over to one of the many vendors and try out the delicious fare put on for this special ARCA Kansas 150. From burgers and fries to soda and snacks, there are plenty of things to fill hungry tummies. These are also well-located between both the RV camping area and the grandstands for convenience.



Kansas Speedway officials align themselves with the motto “the best guest experience in motorsport,” which also involves a dedication to safety. They screen all spectators before they enter the grandstands to make sure everyone is safe, and ask that you don’t bring in any dangerous or disruptive items that could ruin someone else’s viewing experience.

If, at any time, you require security assistance, approach an official. You can also dial 911 in an emergency or head to the nearest police station a mere four miles from the race track.


October temperatures in Kansas City fluctuate between 40 and 70 degrees-Fahrenheit, on average. While there is usually an air of humidity, visitors can also often expect rainfall and thunderstorms. As racing has been cut short in previous years due to weather, it’s worth keeping an eye on the organizer’s website as well as weather apps. Carry wet weather gear in your camper at all times to help with the unexpected.


Even though it might be uncomfortable to feel sick or be injured in an unfamiliar place, you will be pleased to know help is nearby. There are two first aid areas, one in the infield and one on the outside, both of which have trained staff to help. In an emergency, approach an official and dial 911. You can also visit the local hospital within four miles of Kansas Speedway and get supplies from the pharmacy within a short two-mile drive.