Kansas Speedway

Take your RV to the Kansas Speedway and enjoy the fast fun and racing atmosphere from your camper's doorstep.

Event information

Kansas Speedway is a 1.5-mile tri-oval race track that hosts two major NASCAR events. Up to 48,000 people cheer for their driver, with seating stretching over the grandstands and a plethora of RV camping spots. Many of these camping spots are located along the first turn, getting you close to the action on race day. Infield spots are right in the middle of the action, allowing you a unique and super close view as the cars zip by on the track.

Concession stands, restrooms, and seating have expanded since its opening in 2001, with many of them now state of the art. The speedway also hosts the Penn National Gaming Hollywood Hotel and Casino on its grounds. This casino has a 100,000 square foot gaming floor, which includes thousands of slot machines and over 80 poker games. There are also a host of restaurants and clubs located on the grounds making this a great year-round spot.

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series have both taken place in the past during the milder times of the year. Non-Nascar events take place throughout the year keeping fans entertained and content year-round. Take your RV to the Kansas Speedway and enjoy the fast fun and racing atmosphere from your camper's doorstep.


There are many ticket options and special offers at the Kansas Speedway, with prices often starting at $70. Premium passes and seating, which include an air-conditioned suite with food, can cost over $700. These package deals include other great fan favorites like preferred parking, garage walk-throughs, and private restroom access. Numerous discounts are available as well, and the military, first responders, and college students get reduced pricing. Children 12 and under get in free for certain events and greatly reduced pricing for others. For specific information, please refer to kansasspeedway.com.

RVers have the opportunity to take up camping spots right in the action, with the infield and surrounding areas on the first turn offered. Spots are sold on a weekend basis or seasonal, with prices ranging from $175 to $3000 depending on the length and location.

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Getting to the speedway is relatively straightforward as it is located just off two large interstates. Just southeast of the grounds is the I-70 and I-435 junction, with the Kansas Speedway grounds just off of exit 410 for both. As you approach, parking attendants will route you in the proper direction.

Parking areas

General parking, which is located over several grassy fields, is free. Parking closer to the grandstands is available for season ticket holders and those with an ADA permit. For RV motorists, campground parking is typically located in one of two spots: just outside the perimeter near turn one or in the center field inside of the track.

Public Transportation

Fans often choose to take transportation either via taxi, ride-sharing services, or bus. Kansas Speedway management accommodates these guests with a specific drop-off location in front of the Transportation Plaza. Tram services are available from when the lots open to 90 minutes after the race ends.

Where to stay


Campgrounds located on the infield do not have any hookups though sewage disposal and fresh water is available at a cost. Some onsite campgrounds require that rigs be self-driven (non-fifth wheel). Free portable showers are available and are closed for cleaning at set times. Tents, weapons, and glass are not permitted on the RV grounds for any reason. RV travelers can choose from Infield, Terrace, and Outside Camping at the Kansas Speedway.


Guests that want a little bit of space between them and the speedway crowds are in luck because there are several RV campgrounds in the surrounding area. Since the Kansas Speedway is near the state border, you may find some campgrounds with a Missouri address that are still under a 30 to 40-minute drive. While it may depend on what campground you choose, many of them come with full utility hookups along with other amenities like showers, laundry facilities, dog areas, and more.

Getting around

Scooters, skateboards, skates, and carts are not permitted on site. An exception to the wheeled devices rule is given to guests with disabilities. Located throughout the lots are numerous golf carts and trams that provide transportation to those that need it.

What to pack


The largest events take place in May and October. During the day, you can expect relatively mild temperatures that dip during the evening. Light clothes like jeans and a t-shirt are often the most comfortable with a small jacket in reserve just in case. Rain is always a possibility, so having some sort of rain gear is a good idea.


Unless you get a premium suite package, you're probably going to spend a great deal of time outside. General practice items you should bring include sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray. Entertainment items like fireworks, squirt guns, laser pointers, and anything else that can harm or disturb others should not be brought to the speedway.

Health & Safety

Races can be loud, so when you visit the Kansas Speedway make sure you have a pair of earplugs for yourself and everyone with you. Fans may also prefer noise-canceling headphones for general comfort. Aside from this, bring any integral medicine, allergy medication, or prescription drugs that you may need for the weekend.

Where to eat


Campers are allowed to cook on the property as long as safety protocol is respected. No open fires are permitted anywhere on the campgrounds. Self-contained barbecues, fire pits, and camp stoves are allowed as long as they are a minimum of 10' away from all vehicles and buildings and are attended to at all times. If you ever need to replenish any food or cooking supplies, there is a small shopping center located just north of the speedway.


Hungry travelers will find restaurant options in the shopping center north of the speedway. Some of these are quick drive-thru eats while others are sit-down places that range from simple breakfast dishes to more ornate affairs that require a reservation. Located inside the hotel and casino portion of the grounds is a steakhouse and brewery.


Vendors at the Kansas Speedway offer plenty of delicious food and raceway memorabilia. Bite into some crunchy shrimp rolls, a delectable cheddar burger infused with bacon, or grab hold of some chili cheese tater tots. Many of the premium package deals offer a broader range of food and drinks that are catered in an air-conditioned area.



All bags are subject to a check by personnel. You are allowed to bring one bag and cooler no bigger than the allowed dimensions. While the campgrounds are looked over by staffing, ultimately your stuff is up to you, so make sure you lock everything up tight when away. Security staff and supervisors dress in designated colors for easy identification.


The temperature in the spring and autumn in Kansas ranges from the mid-60s to 70s during the day while getting into the 50s at night. While rain is rare, it is possible, with many visitors opting to bring umbrellas and rain gear. Since you're probably going to be in the sun a lot, make sure you bring proper protection against UV rays.


Basic first aid and medical facilities are located throughout the grounds. Two of them are located behind the grandstands, and another is near the infield. In case of emergency, individuals will be taken to one of the medical facilities located in the area. Pharmacy options remain within a 25-minute drive of the speedway.