Belmont Stakes

Combining a legendary horse racing event like the Belmont Stakes with your next RV road trip will help to form enough memories to last a lifetime.

Event information

The United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, more commonly known as the Triple Crown, is a horse-racing extravaganza that takes place in late spring through early summer. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes make up the Triple Crown, with the last race, the Belmont Stakes, often becoming the most anticipatory race of the year.

In June, Belmont Stakes, held in Elmont, New York, becomes the focus of the horse-racing world. During the event, Thoroughbred horse racing fans become enamored with the idea of watching a horse earn the distinctive title of a Triple Crown champion. The title, which only a small number of horses can claim, is a challenging feat because it requires the horse to win three races.

Belmont Stakes is an event that celebrates tradition. When people imagine the Triple Crown, they often picture women wearing colorful dresses and large, floppy hats or men wearing linen suits with starched-collared shirts. While those images support the ambiance of Belmont Stakes, the race isn't as formal as the Kentucky Derby. Like the Derby, the Belmont Stakes toasts time and tradition, and they toast the tradition with a signature cocktail. The Belmont Jewel, made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, is a colorful fruit-juice infused cocktail that is almost as beautiful to look at, as it is to taste.

While the Belmont Stakes does not permit overnight camping or RV parking, why not combine one the sporting events of the summer with America's favorite recreational pastimes? Whether you own or rent your motorhome, campervan, or Airstream, by taking your next road trip to the Belmont Stakes, you will have an unforgettable vacation worth repeating.


Tickets for Belmont Stakes, the last event in the Triple Crown, are highly-coveted, especially when a horse is in the running to win the Triple Crown title. Ticketing packages vary depending on what kind of experience you'd like to have. You may choose from single tickets in the general admission area, or upgrade your experience with a VIP package. Whatever ticket type you want, it's best to get your tickets early so you won't miss out on the legendary sporting event.

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The direction you are traveling from will determine the best route to take to get to Belmont Stakes, but all travelers will need to consider that the event takes place on Long Island in the New York City. Motorists will need to cross Staten Island or another NYC region to arrive at the venue. Drivers should expect heavy traffic and possible delays the weekend of Belmont Stakes. Race organizers encourage drivers to arrive early and stay late to help ease traffic congestion.

When planning your RV-driving route, pay close attention to the height-limitations for bridges, overpasses, and tunnels, as these roads will significantly impact your drive. Drivers will have to take alternate routes to get to their destination if their rigs don't meet the roadways' requirements. In addition to the height restrictions, several of the roads leading to Belmont Stakes require drivers to pay a toll.

Parking areas

Belmont Park has several parking lots on site that sell first-come, first-served parking passes during the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival. People must purchase a parking pass to utilize the parking lots at Belmont Stakes, and because of high demand, all drivers are encouraged to purchase their parking passes before the festival begins. While same-day parking passes may be available, they are not guaranteed.

Public Transportation

Guests are urged to take public transportation to and from Belmont Stakes. Rideshare services drop off and pick up spectators from the Green Lot, and then a Belmont Stakes shuttle will transport people between the parking lot and the West End of the Grandstand.

Belmont Stakes also has a Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) station on site. During the race weekend, LIRR operates special routes and extended train services to help move people to and from the event efficiently.

Where to stay


There aren't any overnight parking or RV parking areas at Belmont Stakes, but because of traffic congestion surrounding the event, it's a better idea to stay outside of the immediate area so you won't become frustrated trying to navigate your rig through heavy traffic or low clearance areas. Thankfully, RVers have plenty of scenic RV camping areas close to the event, making it easy to take public transportation to the races.


Long Island isn't known for its extensive RV parks, but don't worry, because Long Island has numerous public transportation options, so RVers can still stay close to Belmont Stakes without worrying about finding a place to park their rig.

If you like camping in the big city without the big-city feel, set up your rig at the Gateway National Recreation Area located across Jamaica Bay in New Jersey. The campground has RV-friendly sites with a primitive-camping vibe. If you don't mind a bit of a commute to camp along Long Island Sound, consider staying at Wildwood State Park. If recreational areas and state parks aren't for you, try reserving a campsite at one of the county parks nearby.

Getting around

Getting from one end of the Belmont Stakes property to another isn't difficult unless you've chosen the wrong shoes for the occasion. While you might be tempted to wear your new stilettos or dress shoes, you might consider breaking them in before the day of the races since you will have to walk from one place to another.

On the racing weekend, shuttles help transport people to and from the parking lots, and there are services that support ADA accommodations on site. As the event nears, contact a member of the event staff for details on the shuttles and ADA seating and parking if you need assistance.

What to pack


Part of the excitement of planning a trip to a Triple-Crown Series event is planning what clothing to wear. Belmont Stakes is an elegant-attire event with a sophisticated dress code for some of the more exclusive areas outside of the grandstand. Belmont Stakes isn't as high-fashion as other events in the Triple Crown Series, but race-goers should still dress in proper attire.

Since RV camping and an elegant dress code don't usually go hand-in-hand, it's best to pack elegant clothing for the horse events and save your shorts, hiking boots, and hoodies for the days you are just hanging out at the campground.


Tailgating isn't permitted at Belmont Stakes, so when you pack your gear, keep in mind that you should only bring items allowed in the gated area. For Belmont Stakes, pack small purses, binoculars, backless seat cushions, and a small camera without a detachable lens.

When packing for the RVing portion of your trip, it's best to pack gear that complements the type of campsite you've reserved. It's always good to bring folding chairs, small coolers, and sun protection with you so you can sit outside of your rig comfortably during the day and at night. Be prepared for dry camping with a full tank of water and plenty of fuel that suits your rig's needs.

Health & Safety

Before heading to New York, remember to pack the medical items you will need to feel comfortable during your RV trip as well as for your time at Belmont Stakes. Summertime in New York is often hot and humid. Pack sunscreen, lip protection, and something to cover your head or keep the sun off of you when the sun feels intense.

It's also a good idea to pack something to help repel bugs and mosquitos at night. It's hard to relax with mosquitos, so pack at least one citronella candle or mosquito repelling device. For the times of the day when you can't use a citronella candle, pack a portable-sized bug repellent. If you want to smell good while you are ay Belmont Stakes, try making an essential-oil blend bug repellent. You will keep the bugs away and smell fresh.

Where to eat


Most likely, your trip to New York will have you stuffed from all of the delicious food choices you'll find near your campground. It's hard to ignore so many popular food and beverage haunts while visiting a place like New York. Instead of stressing about what to cook, why not make things simple? Pack ready-to-eat snacks such as deli meat and cheese or yogurt and granola parfait. Keep some single-serve juices, water, or soda on hand, so you have something fast when you need it. Otherwise, enjoy the city and eat pizza more than once if you wish.


It's challenging to travel to New York without stopping for some of the state's favorite dishes such as New York-style pizza or a handmade bagel with schmear. If you plan your RV vacation properly, there is no need to miss out on the tastes of New York or the food choices at Belmont Stakes. Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan are near Belmont Stakes, so it's going to be a difficult choice narrowing down where you want to eat. Do you pick a world-famous cuisine or stick to one of the favorite local restaurants?


Each year, the food and beverage choices at Belmont Stakes change. The level of your pass will determine where you will go for food and beverages. While the food may change from year to year, one thing that stays the same is the Belmont Stakes official cocktail, the Belmont Jewel. The Belmont Jewel is a signature cocktail made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The Belmont Jewel is so delicious that it is easy to forget the other famous Triple Crown cocktail, the Mint Julep.



Belmont Stakes takes its security policy seriously, and the security personnel does their part to keep patrons from bringing prohibited items into the event. The list of permitted items and prohibited items is continuously updated, so before hopping on the train, make sure you leave any banned items in your rig. There are no lockers to store anything on site, so understand if you try to bring your favorite selfie stick, you will be asked to throw it away.


Summers in New York are lush and green. With lush foliage comes humidity and moisture in the air, and often an increased chance for rain. In June, high temperatures average between 67 to 80 degrees, but the humidity may make the air feel hotter than 80 degrees. If rain is in the forecast during race weekend, leave your umbrella back at your RV because umbrellas aren't permitted inside of the event.


No one hopes to fall ill during a vacation or a special event. If you feel sick while you are at Belmont Stakes, a team of medical care professionals is on site to help you with minor ailments. To get medical help, visit the first aid station located on the first floor of the grandstand area.
If you need urgent medical assistance, the closest hospital is less than a mile from Belmont Stakes, and there are several pharmacies and urgent care centers located within a few miles of the venue.