Wildwood State Park

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Surrounded by Long Island Sound and covering more than 600 acres, Wildwood State Park is every nature lover's dream, featuring an undeveloped hardwood forest landscape, cool Long Island Sound waters, and rolling valleys. Located in the Town of Riverhead, NY, this state park is a must for your next RV adventure. You'll have countless moments for outdoor recreation in a unique mountain setting. From biking and hiking to fishing and hunting, Wildwood State Park offers a variety of outdoor adventures.

The Long Island Sound views are breathtaking, sweeping below Wildwood State Park in a picturesque manner. You will soak up the sun while being surrounded by two miles of spectacular beaches. Enjoy over twelve miles of marked hiking trails as you encounter wildlife and nature. Historians will love walking through the undeveloped hardwood forest as they look at the pristine beauty that has emerged over the years.

Once you park your RV at Wildwood State Park you can journey out on one of the many nature and hiking trails located throughout the park. For those that love archery, a 461-acre Cooperative Hunting Area is available for you to check your deer hunting skills. Wildwood State Park is a perfect RV destination no matter what time of the year you visit.

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Wildwood State Park is easy to access by RV or car, since it is located near Long Island Sound, in Suffolk County, on the north shore of Long Island, off of Route 25A East and Hulse Landing Road. Local roads will take you through the park to the Convenience Store, recreational areas, and water fillup stations to the campgrounds and hiking trails. There are no driving restrictions for trailers or RVs in the park, so getting around will be easy, whether you are in your rig or another vehicle. Once you park your camper you can explore the park on foot or on your bike, with numerous nature trails at your disposal.

Parking areas are located throughout the park, so options are plentiful. You will be able to locate spots at the recreational areas, convenience store, and trail heads. Of course, there is parking at the campground if you are staying overnight.


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Wildwood State Park Campground

Wildwood State Park is home to 314 campsites available for RVs and tents during the months of April through October. The campground is large and campsites are divided between Loops A, B, C, D, E and T. You'll have access to electric and water hookups. Amenities at the campground include showers, dumping stations, picnic tables, and playgrounds. You will be close to nature trails and recreational activities like basketball and baseball. You can purchase firewood to use during you stay. Generator use is permitted between the hours of 9:00am to 11:00am and 5:00pm to 9:00pm and the maximum length of trailers and RVs is 50'. The maximum you can stay at one time is 14 days. If you leave for 48 hours and return, the 14 days start over again. Reservations can be made from one day to 9 months in advance.

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First-Come, First Served

There are no first-come, first-served campgrounds at this state park.

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Wildwood State Park has two miles of shoreline along Long Island Sound for you to soak your feet into or just take in the sun. After you've departed your RV, head to the beach to enjoy the calming water, relax at the picnic tables, or watch those little ones play at the playground. Always be aware of your surroundings and do not swim if there is any type of warning sign posted.


Looking to embark on a beautiful waterway excursion? Then bring your boat along to Wildwood State Park and enjoy Long Island Sound. Relax while you cruise along the water, fish in a secluded cove, or just explore the new area. A boating safety certificate is required. If you are not a resident, then the one from your home state will do just fine. Kayaks and standup paddleboards do not require one. It is always good practice to wear a life jacket to increase your survival chance should something happen.


Bring along those favorite pair of hiking boots since there are 10 hiking trails to choose from at Wildwood State Park with varying degrees of difficulty. For an easy hike or leisurely stroll, take in the Nature Trail. The Red Trail is nearly two miles long and takes you through magnificent terrain where you are able to see natural vegetation and the untouched trees. The over three-mile Unmarked Trail takes you further into the park where you will experience different elevations and the spectacular beauty of the foliage around you.



If your rig is a toy hauler and you happen to have a snowmobile in there, get that out and go enjoy the trails. Along the way you may see various wildlife and amazing scenic landscapes. The trails are marked so there should not be any difficulty to find them so that you are able to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends. Preserving the land by staying on marked trails will ensure the sustainability for the park for years to come.


Take down your archery from the wall of your RV and venture out to the Wildwood State Park Cooperative Hunting Area to hunt for deer. Do not hunt within 50 feet of a hiking trail that is marked. No trapping is permitted. Permits are required and they are free and valid for three years. There is a maximum party size for archery hunting at Wildwood State Park and that number is two.

Cross Country Skiing

Wildwood State Park is the perfect place for you to try out those new skis as you go cross country skiing. The trails come alive when the snow falls, creating exciting terrain for the adventurous to get out and explore. Whether it's you by yourself or the whole family comes along, the snowy white scenery will appeal to all. Stay on marked trails so you don't damage any trees or vegetation.

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