Blackwater Falls State Park

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Occupying a massive area of 2,358 acres in the Allegheny Mountains, Blackwater Falls State Park is one of the most delightful vista points in Tucker County, close to the city of Davis. The park is named after its magnificent Blackwater Fall, the most photogenic location of the park. The 57-foot cascade gets all its water from the enormous Blackwater River, which got its name from the tan, dark water that flows in it.

There is no shortage of natural wonders in the park, ranging from the falls to the somber Lake Pendleton. Lake Pendleton is also the venue of many water sports and recreation at the park including swimming, boating, and fishing. The park also boasts 20 miles of hiking trails featuring the park’s flora and fauna. The trails are characterized by Yellow Birch, American Beech, red maple, black cherry trees, and a wide variety of other flowering plants and wildlife. There is also a small restaurant which serves scrumptious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the park’s peak season.

Blackwater Falls State Park is quite a delightful RV camping destination with a total of 65 camping sites, 30 being electric, bundled with charming natural scenery. The camping season usually lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but the park is open year-round for other recreational activities and adventures. So let the adventure begin when you visit Blackwater Falls State Park in your RV.

RV Rentals in Blackwater Falls State Park

Transportation in Blackwater Falls State Park


Blackwater Falls State Park is located in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County. The nearest city to the park is Davis, located just two miles away from it. The park is built on Blackwater Lodge Road. From the city of Davis, it takes about seven minutes to reach the park in a car or RV when you take Blackwater Lodge Road or Blackwater Falls Road. Grab a park map from the park’s office and you are all set to roam around the park.

The lodgings are situated on the Southern region of Blackwater Canyon. Just a mile from the lodge, you can find the vacation cabins built in the park’s wooded area. The deluxe cabins are located on the northern side of the park, and the campground is located in the backdrop of Balsam Fir Trail and Lake Pendleton Trail. A playground and camp store can also be found in the campground, as well as laundry facilities and a bathhouse.

There are many parking options inside the park too. The maximum length for RVs in the campground is 35 feet. There are a few driving instructions to be followed inside the park. Large motorhomes are not permitted. The vehicles can only be driven across the park to enter and leave your respective campground.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Blackwater Falls State Park

Campsites in Blackwater Falls State Park

Reservations camping

The Campground at Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park features a scenic campground made up of 65 RV campsites on the north-central section of the park just near Pendleton Lake. The campground is surrounded by the gorgeous vistas of Balsam Fir Trail and Lake Pendleton Trail. 30 out of the 65 campsites boast 30-amp electric hookups for your convenience, but keep in mind that no sewer or water hookups are provided. There are, however, other conveniences like a dump station, drinking water, a laundry facility, and a centrally located restroom with hot showers and clean toilets all readily available. There is also a camp store nearby where you can buy firewood, ice, or any camping necessity that you’re missing. A playground can also be found in the campground.

The park usually welcomes campers only between the months of April to October. Reservations can be made online or calling the park, and they can be made as early as mid-February. 20 out of the 65 campsites are up for reservations. The park accepts reservations between the period of Memorial Day to Labor Day. The campers are requested to make reservations at least two days prior to camping. Only two RV vehicles and one camping unit are permitted on each campsite. The maximum length for an RV is 35 feet.

The park’s campground allows a joyful camping experience for everyone. There are secluded campsites for those wishing to camp in seclusion and privacy, in the backdrop of the mesmerizing Lake Pendleton Trail. Also, there are a few pull-through sites. Pet-friendliness and ease for the handicapped are also kept in mind.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served Options

The campground at Blackwater Falls State Park with the jaw-dropping scenery of Balsam Fir and Lake Pendleton trails in the background invites adventurers and nature enthusiasts from near and far. If you want the sweet, soothing sound of Blackwater Falls lull you to sleep, you must try camping in the Blackwater Falls campground. The park’s campground contains a total of 65 campsites, 45 of which are available for first-come, first-served throughout the camping season. Other 20 campsites, if not already reserved, can also be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis. A few sites are also electric. There are also pull-through sites, pet-friendly sites, as well as some wheelchair friendly sites. Only two RV vehicles are allowed per campsite, each having a maximum length of 35 feet. A restroom with showers, a laundry, and a dump station are centrally located in the campground.

Alternate camping

Tents, Cabins, and Lodges

Primitive camping is facilitated with the park’s 65 camping units, meant for both pitching a tent and parking an RV. The park’s campground presents 20 out of its 65 sites for early reservations. Others are available at a first-come, first-serve basis. Each campground has a capacity for one tent and two vehicles. Running water, restrooms, and laundry are all provided inside the campground.

Other lodging options at the park include a lodge and a few cabins. Blackwater Falls Lodge on the southern region of Blackwater Canyon provides exceptional facilities and 54 guest rooms. A few amenities provided at the lodge include a restaurant, a conference center with capacity for 200 people, an on-site lobby and game room. Every room is equipped with a phone, internet access, and a TV.

Just a mile from the lodge sits the park’s 26 vacation cabins. These standard cabins feature Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and bathrooms with hot showers. On the northern side of the park, you can find 13 four-bedroom deluxe cabins with extra amenities. The extra facilities include two full bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a laundry machine. Also, there are 10 pet-friendly cabins.

Seasonal activities in Blackwater Falls State Park


Attending Special Events

Seasonal events are regularly celebrated at Blackwater Falls State Park, which adds more joy and cheerfulness to these already festive months at the park. Scout and Explorer Weekend is one such gem. It takes place in July where the park offers you a chance to indulge in a wide array of fun activities such as Backyard Bugs, Be Bear Aware, Ferns and Fern Allies Walk, and Night Prowl. The park celebrates Halloween with great enthusiasm by hosting an Annual Halloween Party.


If you want to combine technology and outdoor adventure, there is no better way to achieve it than geocaching. The park provides immense opportunities for geocaching enthusiasts. They have a lot of hidden caches placed all over its area. Just be sure to bring a GPS device a pen, a sturdy pair of boots, a bottle of water, and a wild sense of adventure with you. If you have a knack for treasure hunting, Blackwater Falls State Park is highly recommended.

Enjoying Adventures at Lake Pendleton

Lake Pendleton at Blackwater Falls State Park is home to many exciting recreational opportunities. Besides feasting your eyes with the stunning beauty of the lake, you can also swim, boat or fish. Visitors are allowed to boat or paddle from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The park rents boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and even stand-up paddleboards at its camp store.

The lake is also abounding with fishing opportunities. You can try your luck at catching largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, or trout. A proper license is required for fishing and boating at the lake. RV visitors can also enjoy the pleasures of swimming at the lake during the peak season, and registered campers can even enjoy the perks of an indoor pool at Blackwater Falls Lodge.


Attending Off-Season Events

Blackwater Falls State Park makes sure nobody misses out on a chance for amusement when visiting the park, no matter what time of the year. The park arranges various events and celebrates festivals year-round. During the off-season, when there are fewer campers, RV visitors can join in on various winter activities like meeting the turtles at the park’s Nature Center, attending a Winter Birds and Abandoned Nests Program, or participating in the Annual Cardboard and Duct Tape Race and the Blackwater Falls Sled Run. The park’s Christmas Celebrations are marked with Christmas themed activities and a meetup with Santa.

Enjoying Snow Sports

When snow falls, the surroundings drape themselves in silence, dullness, and monotony. But there is no halt to excitement and ecstasy at Blackwater Falls State Park even in the off-season. During the winter, the park offers its visitors a chance to sled on the largest sled run on the East Coach. More than 10 miles of the park’s trails present opportunities for cross-country skiing. A warming hut inside the park rents toboggans, cross-country skis, and snowshoes. With such abundant opportunities at hand, there is no point in spending winters indoors!


Blackwater Falls State Park offers you 20 miles of scenic hiking trails to take a stroll, explore the park’s flora and fauna, and treat your eyes with the delightful natural wonders of the park. The park offers a total of 20 hiking terrains of varying lengths and difficulty range. The one-mile Cherry Lane Trail and half-mile Gee Haw Trail are among the shortest and easiest hiking trails of the park. The one-mile Yellow Birch Trail is considered fit for expert hikers and takes the walker across a delightful array of bright Yellow Birch trees. So make sure you pack your best hiking boots in your camper so you can hit the trail.

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