Bluestone State Park

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Bluestone State Park is located within the southern region of West Virginia, roughly five miles south of the city of Hinton. There are lots of activities in and around the park, from boating and fishing to golf and snow sports. The park is located by Bluestone Lake, the third largest body of water in West Virginia, providing ample room for exploration and adventure. The lake was formed when part of the Bluestone National Scenic River was dammed by the Bluestone Dam.

When you take your rig to Bluestone State Park, you'll find plenty of opportunities for hiking. Some of these trails, such as the Riverview Trail, provide scenic opportunities with lake views and waterfalls during certain seasons. You can also experience a variety of wildlife when hiking, such as white-tailed deer and wild turkeys. On the Rhododendron Trail, you'll have the opportunity to see the state flower, the rhododendron.

You'll find plenty of places to camp at Bluestone State Park. There are numerous cabins for rent that are fully furnished. In addition, the park has four separate campgrounds, including the East Shore Campground, which is only reachable by boat. The sites allow for a variety of camping options, including RV and tent camping.

RV Rentals in Bluestone State Park

Transportation in Bluestone State Park


Bluestone State Park is located south of Hinton, West Virginia. It is located about 20 minutes from another popular park, Pipestem Resort State Park. When you arrive at the park, you'll want to check in and get directions to your campsite, as there are four different campgrounds in addition to the cabins. No more than two motor vehicles are allowed at each campsite. In addition, only one camping unit is allowed at each site.

You can bring a boat to the park to experience the Bluestone River and Bluestone Lake via the water. You can also rent boats from the marina. Public boat launches, as well as boat trailer parking, are available at the park.

Motorbikes are not allowed to be ridden in the park, except to go to and from the campsite. Bicycles are allowed in the park but cannot be ridden after dark unless they have lights on the front and back on for safety. State laws require that children under 15 years old must wear a helmet when riding their bike.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Bluestone State Park

Campsites in Bluestone State Park

Reservations camping

East Shore Campground

This campground is unique among the other campgrounds available at Bluestone State Park. Rather than having drive up access, as the other sites have, you can only reach this campground via boat, so you'll have to either have your own boat or rent one from the Bluestone Marina to camp here. There are 39 primitive sites available at this campground for tent camping. As with the other campgrounds, this campground accepts reservations from Memorial Day through to Labor Day. A maximum length of stay is 14 days unless you have received permission for a longer stay from the area superintendent.

Old Mill Campground

At Bluestone State Park, the Old Mill Campground allows camping with RVs, trailers, and tents. The area maintains 44 rustic campsites, without water or electrical hookups. There is a central bathhouse that can be used in this campground. As noted with the other campgrounds, a maximum of two motor vehicles are allowed at each campsite. You can also only stay for a maximum of 14 days. Reservations are accepted at this campground between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Bluestone State Park Tent Area Campground

At Bluestone State Park, there is a Tent Area Campground. This site does not allow RVs and is instead designed for tent camping only. It contains just five rustic sites and is designed to support larger group camping. As with the other campgrounds, no more than two motor vehicles are allowed at each site. In addition, you can stay for up to 14 days. This campground takes reservations between the Memorial Day weekend and the Labor Day holiday.

Meador Campground

Meador Campground is one of four campgrounds at Bluestone State Park. This area has 32 sites, which are open to RVs and tent camping. Seven of the sites offer electrical and water hookups, while electrical-only hookups are available at 15 sites. There is a bathhouse available in this area. The campsite is open for reservations only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Two motor vehicles are allowed at each campsite. You can reserve a stay for up to fourteen days. Generators are allowed but not during quiet hours.

First-come first-served

Bluestone State Park East Shore Campground

The East Shore Campground is only accessible by boating to it, rather than having the option to drive to the site. As with Bluestone State Park's other campgrounds, this campground accepts reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It is first-come, first-served from when the campground opens in April until Memorial Day in May. It goes back to first-come, first-served after Labor Day until the campgrounds close on October 31st.

Bluestone State Park Old Mill Campground

The Old Mill Campground does not take reservations all year. Instead, from mid-April until Memorial Day and then from Labor Day until the end of October, the campground is first-come, first served. The same number of campsites are available - 44, and these are rustic campsites.

Bluestone State Park Tent Area Campground

At this campsite, reservations are accepted between Memorial Day and Labor Day. After this time, the campsite becomes first-come, first-served. This occurs between mid-April and Memorial Day and lasts from after Labor Day until October 31st, when the park closes its campsites.

Meador Campground

While this campground takes reservation during the bulk of the season, it becomes first-come, first-served from mid-April until Memorial Day and after Labor Day and through October 31st.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Bluestone State Park


Recreational Programs

During the summer season, there are a variety of activities available at Bluestone State Park. Many of these are led by the park's staff focusing at nature activities and recreation. You can also rent equipment from the park's office for a fee for a variety of sporting events, from croquet to volleyball. There are areas for activities such as horseshoes as well. Prior to your trip, you can check with the park office to see what fun events might be taking place while you're visiting the park in your camper.


Bluestone State Park offers an outdoor swimming pool that guests staying at the lake can partake in. It is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, on Wednesdays through Sundays. There are seasonal closures, as well as days during the summer where the pool is closed, so you should check with the park before coming if you're interested in swimming. If you are staying in the cabins rather than the campground, you can also enjoy the indoor pool facilities at Pipestem Resort State Park.


You can enjoy a wide variety of fishing on Bluestone Lake in Bluestone State Park. Fishing is available not just in the lake but also on the Bluestone National Scenic River. You can fish from the banks or via boat. There are plenty of fish to catch, from bluegill to bass fishing. A valid West Virginia fishing license is required to fish in the lake, and you can get this prior to your trip online.



You'll find plenty of opportunities for picnicking throughout the year at Bluestone State Park. Each of the cabins has cook out amenities, including a grill and picnic tables. At the four campgrounds located around the park, you'll also find room to enjoy a family picnic. When hiking, be sure to pack a meal or snacks and enjoy scenic overlooks, such as of the waterfalls and lake. If you're lucky, you'll get to see some of the native wildlife while you're picnicking.


Bluestone State Park has over eight miles of trails that you can enjoy throughout the year. They range in difficulty, from the easy Riverview Trail to the difficult Big Pine Trail for more experienced hikers. While on these trails, you'll be able to partake in a variety of sights, from the Bluestone River and New River to wildlife such as wild turkeys. You'll also be able to enjoy native flora, such as the rhododendron.


You can enjoy the 2,040-acre lake by bringing your own boat or renting one from the Bluestone Marina. There are multiple public boat launches that access the Bluestone River and Bluestone Lake. At the marina, you can rent slip rentals and find boat trailer parking. Come experience the lake with your own kayak or rent from a variety of choices, including canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, and fishing boats. While out on the water, you can enjoy fishing from bass to crappie.

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