Buck Creek State Park

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Neighbouring plentiful agricultural land and rooted in rich Ohio history, Buck Creek State Park is a great choice for RV lovers traveling through the midwest. The 1,625 acre park was established in 1975 and is located in an area of moraines, which were low hills that were built as the glaciers melted over 12,000 years ago.

The area was home to Indians and pioneers and during the time of early settlement it was mostly forested by large trees with minimal undergrowth. Settlers cleared the land for farming and used the fallen trees to build the first houses in the area. The Crabill Homestead, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places can be found in the park. The homestead was settled in 1813 and is a must to check out if you are an American history fan.

Nowadays, the park is leased by the state of Ohio from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers . The park includes the C. J. Brown Reservoir and dam, with the reservoir being the parks highlight. The reservoir is huge at 2,120-acres and offers endless water-related opportunities, wetland discoveries, and wildlife. Other recreational activities such as hunting, picnicking and hiking can all be enjoyed throughout the park.

There are 86 camping sites in Buck Creek State Park that are equipped with 30 amp electric sites and 22 non-electric sites. Camping is available all year round and the sites are pet friendly. Peak season in Buck Creek State Park runs from April until October.

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Transportation in Buck Creek State Park


Buck Creek State Park is an easy place to get to in your RV. You are able to access the park via two roads located at the southern end of the park. Park Road B is the road that will take you to the campground and park office, while the other road will take you to CJ Brown Dam and Reservoir. The closest town to Buck Creek State Park is Springfield that lies south west, followed by Urbana in the north and London in the east. If you need gas you can fill up in Springfield before you begin to drive to the park. During the winter the park may close if it is hit by a blizzard, so make sure you check ahead to see if there are any weather warnings.


Parking is available at both of the park entrances, but there is more room over on the eastern side where the campgrounds and park office are. If you want to park to access the marina there are some spots available near Buck Creek Marina.

Public Transport

There is no public transportation available to Buck Creek State Park. If you need to leave the park without packing up your RV you could call a Cab from either Northridge or Springfield.

Campgrounds and parking in Buck Creek State Park

Campsites in Buck Creek State Park

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Buck Creek State Park Campgrounds

Buck Creek State Park has one campground that is open year round for RV lovers to enjoy. The campgrounds feature a mixture of powered and non-powered sites that have enough room to fit 35 foot RVs. The site is fairly big and offers 108 sites in total. Out of those, there are 86 30 amp electric sites and 22 non-electric sites. No full hookup or sites with water connections are available, but there are eight water collection points. One dump station can be found on the way into the campgrounds along with additional parking.

Other amenities in the campground include picnic tables, a shower block, toilets, playground and bike rentals. You should be able to pick up mobile phone reception in the campgrounds and there is a camp store for some last minute supplies.

Reservations can be made up to six months in advance and the campgrounds are open all year round.

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Seasonal activities in Buck Creek State Park



During the summer Buck Creek State Park offers a swimming beach to cool off at. The beach is 2,400 feet in length and is nice and sandy. Pets are not allowed at the swimming beach. Although the beach is calm due to it being on a lake, exercise caution when you are swimming. There are no guarantees lifeguards will be at the beach, so keep that in mind before you decide to take a dip.


The lake also provides some great fishing options that are available during your stay in Buck Creek State Park. If you don't have a boat to go out and fish on, you are able to fish around the marina and on the wheelchair-accessible fishing pier. If the fish are biting you could catch species ranging from walleye, catfish, crappie, white bass, and bluegill. A valid Ohio fishing license is required if you want to cast a line.


The 2,120 acre lake is an absolutely ideal spot to do some boating. When you are on the lake there is an unlimited horsepower restriction so you can use motorized boats at all times. The marina features a four-lane launch ramp that will provide you access to the lake but there are no boat rentals available. The marina also has a snack bar, boat fuel and bait shop on offer if you need any supplies while you are out on the water.



Birding at Buck Creek State Park is awesome as the area is a hotspot with over 250 bird types being reported. If you want to check out some waterfowl then head to the northernmost region of the park. The shallow waters in the lake provide a stopover for thousands of migrating ducks during the year and you can find rare songbirds in the open meadows. Some of the other common species to see include bobolinks, dickcissels and henslow sparrows.

Disc Golf

A great all-year-round activity for people of all ages is to have a game of disc golf. Buck Creek State Park has a 18 hole course that was first established in 2007. The terrain throughout the course varies from being heavily wooded to areas that have wide open spaces and rolling hills. No discs are available for rent in the park so you need to bring your own discs if you want to have a game.


The hiking trails in Buck Creek State Park are a great way to get out and see the nature located throughout the park. There are four trails available for hiking, one bridle trail for hiking and snowmobiling and a multi-purpose trail that connects the park to outside trails, the Springfield Museum of Art, and local parks. The Lakeview Trail is the longest at around three miles and it takes you on a nice moderate trip around the picturesque lake. If you want to do something smaller there is a half-mile Dam Walk Trail that could be a better option.

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