Carson-Newman University Tailgating

Put on your best orange supporters’ gear and make your way to Carson-Newman University for an RV and tailgating experience like no other. Head to Jefferson City with fellow Eagles fans and enjoy the camaraderie and community.

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There’s nothing like a bit of state rivalry to bring travelers to college sports games in their droves. Whether you’re supporting an individual at Carson-Newman University or you’re looking to experience tailgating or the excitement of a myriad of different sports, there’s every reason to set your RV in the direction of Jefferson City.

This Tennessee city comes alive with shades of orange and white as the Carson-Newman Eagles take on their competitors in dozens of different sports. The University is a South Atlantic Conference member and boasts over a dozen varsity teams in the NCAA Division II competition.

Everything from football, baseball, soccer, and swimming, through to cross country, golf, volleyball, and track and field are on the table for travelers to come and see. Talon the Carson-Newman Eagles mascot, a native of Mossy Creek is often among the sights.

The facilities for sports at Carson-Newman University on Russell Avenue will impress tourists and locals alike. Burke-Tarr Stadium, Ken Sparks Athletic Complex, and Holt Fieldhouse all come to life as thousands of fans descend upon Carson-Newman University.

Not to be forgotten are the many wonderful experiences you are going to have in your motorhome in this beautiful northern Jefferson County city. Take day trips to national parks, go hiking and walking, and explore the greater Tennessee area as well. Visit Jefferson City for sports competition at its best, but stay for a vacation that leaves lasting memories.


Ticket pricing for any Carson-Newman University game can differ, depending on which one you are attending. Some are free, but attending CN Eagles football games do sometimes have a cost. Tickets are often available online for typically between $15 and $25. Eagles fans can buy tickets in advance or at the gate on the day.

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Arriving at a chosen location is an important part of taking an RV trip, but it’s not the only part. The journey should be equally as memorable as the destination, and the one to Jefferson City can be. Jefferson City is bordered by New Market, Morristown, and Dandridge. It’s accessible via Tennessee State Route 92 and U.S. Route 11E, and it sits on the edges of the Cherokee Reservoir.

If you are traveling to any Carson-Newman University sports game, don’t forget to utilize a traffic resource like SmartWay Traffic for Tennessee. Spend more time exploring the area’s attractions along the way, such as biking and hiking at Chuck Swan State Forest, or gold panning at Cherokee National Forest.

When you get to Jefferson City, Carson-Newman University is in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from Panther Creek State Park for year-round fishing and a myriad of hiking trails.

Parking areas

There are a few parking lots at Carson-Newman University, but these may not be open for motorhomes or tow vehicles. If you are attending a game at the University, you may like to see if you can secure an on-street parking space in the area in advance. Otherwise, consider parking at a Jefferson City RV campground, such as Cherokee Dam Campground, and take a taxi, rideshare, or even a bicycle to the university.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options are limited in Jefferson City, but taxi services are in operation for those who prefer the convenience of having a driver take them places. By utilizing a taxi service or bicycling, you can secure an RV campground near Carson-Newman University then visit it at your leisure without packing up your motorhome.

Where to stay


Onsite camping for RV travelers is not available, nor does the school itself organize tailgating opportunities. Now and again, student-organized tailgating events are put together in the nearby parking lot to Carson-Newman University. In some instances, you may bring a tow vehicle to these events. There is often plenty of tailgating merchandise for the Carson-Newman Eagles for sale to make you feel at home with other supporters.


Whether you’re in Jefferson City to support the Carson-Newman Eagles football team, volleyball, baseball, or another sport, you will likely be looking for somewhere accessible with a large RV nearby. You’re not short of options, and the abundance of primitive RV camping opportunities might surprise you too.

Motorhomers can enjoy all the luxury and comfort of service hookups at the nearby Newport / I-40 / Smoky Mountains KOA within a half-hour drive of the University. If you don’t mind traveling a little further, then Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg KOA is within a 50-minute drive as well.

Vacationers who enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, and biking will love having the best state parks to visit and stay in Tennessee conveniently close. Camp at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or go picnicking and camping at Pisgah National Forest, too.

Getting around

Carson-Newman University takes up a fair portion of Jefferson City, which means there will be plenty of ground to cover if you want to get your fix of University sports games. The football and baseball fields are on the edges of Mossy Creek, while the educational facilities are closer to Centennial Park. Most motorhomes should not have trouble navigating the small streets between each of the facilities, but a tow vehicle or public transport can often be a more convenient way to get around.

What to pack


Deciding what to pack for a trip to Jefferson City, Tennessee can be a fun part of preparing, but if there’s one thing that’s not up for debate to bring, it’s orange. Any Eagles orange garment is going to make you blend in with all the other Carson-Newman University supporters.

Pay attention to the weather before you hit the road to ascertain the best garment choices. It also helps to think about whether you will be partaking in any outdoor activities. Hiking or whitewater rafting at Nantahala National Forest, for example, will require robust equipment for your comfort and safety.


The beauty of being in a motorhome as you travel is that there is space to store much of what you require on your travels. Therefore, no matter which Carson-Newman University sports game you attend, you can enter the facility without carrying all too much.

Burke-Tarr Stadium, Ken Sparks Athletic Complex, and Holt Fieldhouse all offer comfortable seating areas but not much room for possessions. Travel light with your ticket, cash, and mobile phone, but secure the rest of your belongings for camping and cooking in your motorhome.

Health & Safety

Whether you’re attending a game, a tailgating event, an after function, or you’re doing something fun in Jefferson City, always spare a thought for your health and safety. Never travel without a stocked first aid kit, bug spray, and drinking water, and lather on sunscreen in overcast or warm conditions.

Those who are venturing into the great outdoors, such as walking at Chattahoochee National Forest within a two-hour drive of Carson-Newman University, should also be aware of any adverse weather conditions and dress appropriately.

Where to eat


When you arrive in Jefferson City, one of the first things to tick off your list is shopping. Pick up all your cooking supplies and fuel within a half-mile drive of the University. You can then be well-prepared for cooking on your barbeque, in a campfire if permitted, and with your onboard appliances. Everything from S’mores, omelets, stews, soups, and chilis, can be prepared while on the road.


If you don’t fancy spending all your free time cooking, then wander into the heart of Jefferson City for a bite to eat. You can then attend any sports game at Carson-Newman University, fully satiated. There are cafes and takeout joints within walking distance of the University, as well as a few dine-in establishments within a mile’s drive.


It pays to bring cash and payment cards to any Carson-Newman University game, for you never know what you will be able to purchase. Depending on the event, you can buy a few snacks and beverages to tide you over. Often, you can pick up exclusive Carson-Newman Eagles merchandise, too.



No matter which game you attend, be it football, soccer, or track, you will be able to get assistance from security officials at each venue. They are often positioned at the main gates to the facility and around the bleachers and seating areas when you arrive. If you have any concerns or questions, they are generally the people to see.


Weather conditions in Jefferson County can vary, depending on the time of year you visit. When winter sets in, natural attractions like Big Ridge State Park toward Knoxville can become a bit more challenging. In summer, however, this park, among many others like Daniel Boone National Forest, is a pleasure to visit. Before you set off to Jefferson County, check a weather app. The more you know about weather conditions, the better prepared you can be.


On your travels around Jefferson City, you get to see, do, and experience many new things. Sometimes, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions follow. Rather than spoil your Carson-Newman University experience, carry a first-aid kit on board your Sprinter or Airstream. Many of the university facilities can also assist with basic first-aid.

In an emergency, you can dial 911 or make your way to the nearest hospital within three miles in the direction of New Market. There is also a pharmacy for supplies within half a mile of the university.