Storage Hacks to Make Your RV Feel Spacious

Shelley DennisDecember 17, 2022

Storage Hacks to Make Your RV Feel Spacious

Storage is always a challenge when dealing with a travel trailer or motorhome. After all, you may have your whole life packed up in an area no bigger than a small bedroom. But if other people have made it work, so can you with just a few creative and useful tips and tricks! Whether you’re traveling for a weekend or the rest of your life, we’ve got the storage hacks to make your RV feel more spacious.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite organizational tricks, broken down by RV room.

Video source: Liz Fenwick Vlogs

RV Living Room Storage Hacks

Floor plans vary greatly from motorhome to travel trailer, but one thing they all share is a lack of storage space, making it one of the best places for simple storage solutions.

Hang remotes on the wall.

When we travel, we still like to take some form of entertainment with us, like a television, DVD player or stereo. Of course, all have their own dedicated remote controls that tend to get lost in transit or fall into nooks and crannies in our RVs. To solve this problem, try putting self-adhesive Velcro tape on the backs of each remote and attach them all in one place. You can also try what Liz Fenwick did in the video above with containers that stick to the wall!Photo Tripping America - Storage Hacks - Outdoorsy

Add seating and storage at the same time.

Being able to seat guests in a living area is usually a difficult task, but you can add a seat while also adding storage. Purchase a footstool that’s an actual storage box with padding on the top. It makes a great place to prop up your feet after a long day of hiking or to use as a seat, all while storing maps, books, flashlights, etc.

Essex Storage Ottoman - Threshold™
Essex Storage Ottoman from Target

RV Kitchen Storage Hacks

There’s a ton of ways to free up space in your food prep and eating area in an RV kitchen.

Innovate with food and spice storage.

Spices enhance the flavors of our meals, but they can take up a lot of cabinet space in an RV. If you’re traveling for only a few days or eating out a great deal while on vacation, seasonings may be low on your priority list. But for those RVers who live in their rigs for months on end or who travel full time on the road, preparing food that will make your taste buds sing is important.

Many campers have found a variety of solutions for this problem, including magnetic spice canisters that stick to a metal plate on the kitchen wall or refrigerator.  There’s also a nifty “under the cabinet” spice rack that can work wonders. Even a small spice rack on the wall can alleviate some of the cabinet congestion. After all, you shouldn’t have to skimp on tasty foods, even when you’re on the road!Photo Tripping America - Storage Hacks - Outdoorsy

Find ways to increase counter space.

Counter space is always at a premium in any trailer or motorhome. Spend a little time looking at cutting boards that will cover your sink, or have one cut to your dimensions. Another versatile space is on your cooktop. I found a teak service tray that fits over the burners on my stove quite nicely when it is turned upside down. I use the area for serving after food has been prepared and it doubles my counter space.

Get that paper towel roll off your counter by installing an under-the-cabinet paper towel holder.  They come in a variety of styles, are inexpensive and, more importantly, give you more space on which to prepare meals.

Store knives on the wall.

Need some dedicated space for your kitchen knives?  Hang a strong magnetic strip on the wall—or on the inside of a cabinet door—to hold knives and other metal kitchen accessories, saving drawer space for silverware and dishes.
Photo Tripping America - Storage Hacks - Outdoorsy
Mount a metal bar on the kitchen wall under the cabinets with hooks or small baskets to hold serving utensils—just be sure they aren’t too close to stove burners.

Free up drawer space.

Aluminum foil, Saran wrap, and sandwich and freezer baggies can sometimes take up a whole drawer of space in a normal sticks-and-bricks home. But why not use a small section of the wall or the inside of a cabinet door to mount a metal holder for these items? I’ve found it to work very well in an out-of-the-way location.

Cabinet door organizer from Amazon.

Here are a few examples put to good use:Photo Tripping America - Storage Hacks - Outdoorsy

RV Bedroom Storage Hacks

What woman wants to go on vacation without her favorite sandals? Or how about those stilettos for a night out on the town? Can’t leave home without your Keens? Well, here’s a slick idea that can handle any shoe you throw at it.

If you have a walk-around bed or a corner bed, you’ve got prime real estate for shoe storage. Purchase an inexpensive plastic over-the-door shoe organizer and cut each row of shoe slots apart. Tack the rows end to end around the support for your bed and fill each slot with a shoe.  If you put a comforter or bedspread on your bed, the shoe storage won’t even show.

To stretch your clothing storage space, consider suspending hanging fabric-based accessory shelves in any existing closet space and rolling your clothing items before storing them on separate shelves. Consider purchasing fabric boxes and stacking them on their sides to organize rolled shirts and pants. Rolling will make them easier to store, and less wrinkled when you pull them out to wear.

RV Bathroom Storage Hacks

Another use for plastic over-the-door shoe organizers is as a bathroom accessory storage unit. Cut one to the length available on the outside of a shower, using the hooks provided to suspend it. Each compartment can then hold items like Band-aids, lotions, grooming items, medicines, etc. With these things in separate pockets, they won’t take up cabinet space and are readily available for daily use. Best of all, they won’t go flying around as you drive from destination to destination.

To hold shampoos, conditioners, and liquid soap in the shower, put a suction cup container inside on the wall. Or, if your RV shower head is configured for it, use a metal or plastic shower caddy to hold them.

Shower caddy from Amazon

Another problem RVers deal with is how to carry jewelry without taking up much space, but keeping necklaces from tangling. I think I found the perfect solution. I mounted a mesh metal letter file upside down on the wall of the bath. My earrings hang from the mesh and several necklaces and bracelets can be strung around the handle.

Photo Tripping America - Storage Hacks - Outdoorsy

Storage Problems Solved

As you can see, there are numerous ways to improve the storage space in your travel trailer or motorhome. I’ve listed just a few that work very well for me, but everyone has their own unique solutions! Because of this, it’s always helpful to talk to other RVers to hear their solutions.

Now I challenge you to come up with even more creative solutions for your storage needs as you hit the road or get your RV ready to rent on Outdoorsy!

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