Central College Tailgating

The Central College athletics season is heating up, and, with it, tailgating opportunities! Take an RV trip to Pella, Iowa, to soak up the atmosphere with Big Red and the Central Dutch.

Event information

Whether you’re from Pella, Iowa, or further afield, you can’t help but be on the edge of your seat as the football season approaches. August through January is when the Central Dutch football team, with mascot Big Red leading the way, pile into Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium and play unforgettable matches while thousands of fans nervously gnaw their fingernails.

The Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium boasts a beautiful entrance, spectator plaza, immaculate facilities, and a 400-meter, eight-lane track on the outskirts for the track team. It’s also well-appointed to Central College’s other standout athletic facilities, such as the Kuyper Athletic Complex, tennis courts, softball field, and soccer field.

Central College, at 812 University Street, is punching well above its weight in the realm of sports, with the football team often earning the title of undefeated in a season. The volleyball team also has a myriad of national titles, while there are over a dozen sports programs, many of which compete in the American Rivers Conference of the NCAA.

When you’re taking an RV trip to Pella, Iowa, for a Central College sports game, it’s also worth preparing for the tailgating experience. You’ll need your red and white supporters’ gear, a tow vehicle instead of your motorhome, and your best sound system to join in singing the fight song of “Hoorah, hoorah! Central! Central! Rah-rah!

You can then make your way to the parking lot by the Kuyper Athletics Complex and partake in Central Dutch football mania before finally watching the game.

Whether you have an Airstream, Sprinter, or pop-up camper, there’s no better time to pull it out of storage and prepare for a vacation. Pella, Iowa, can’t wait to host you for Central College sports.


If you’re looking for an affordable, family-friendly event, then Central College sports is it. Traditionally, reserved seating for Central Dutch tickets for a football game at Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium has been around $7, or $6 for general admission. All other sports events have either been $6 for general admission or even free.

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Pella in Iowa is a Marion County city that lies 40 miles southeast of Des Moines. It’s home to the Molengracht Canal, the Pella Opera House, and the annual Tulip Time Festival to celebrate the city’s Dutch heritage.

One of the most direct and preferred routes to Pella is IA-163, which brings RV-goers from the direction of Oskaloosa and Des Moines. A traffic and travel resource like Iowa 511 will also be of assistance with offering the most direct route from your starting point.

While Pella is a little off the beaten track, it’s going to make an ideal vacation destination for many reasons. Enjoy Central College sports, explore the many natural attractions, and find the best place for Iowa RV camping to make new family memories.

Parking areas

Upon arriving at Central College in Pella, you will find various parking lots dotted between the college facilities. However, most, if not all, of these are designated for students and staff only. If you arrive in your motorhome, consider finding an on-street parking space.

There is also a parking lot adjacent to the College’s soccer field, but sizing limits may apply. Central Dutch fans who wish to tailgate before a game may like to bring a tow vehicle to the Kuyper Athletics Complex or arrive on foot.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options in this small city may not be all that convenient for attending a football game at Central College. Before you arrive in Pella, check out local rideshare options if your travel plans will require a ride. Then, select an RV campground near Central College, park your motorhome, and receive a ride to and from the football game.

Where to stay


Central College is an expansive city that forms an integral part of Pella. However, it does not offer onsite camping for those wishing to attend a football or other sports game. You may tailgate with a tow vehicle in the approved lot before a Central Dutch game, but cars must move on once the game is over.

Fortunately, campground options are abundant nearby, including some near Lake Red Rock, an idyllic spot for fishing, hiking, and biking and known as Iowa’s largest reservoir.


Even though you can’t park your campervan at Central College, you will find that there are plenty of campgrounds nearby in and around Pella to tick all the boxes for your needs. Take Newton / Des Moines East KOA, for example. It’s within 30 miles of Central College and offers all the service hookups and luxuries you might want for camping.

If you prefer primitive RV camping, then Elk Rock State Park might be more to your liking. Here, you can go hiking, fishing, and boating on the edges of Lake Red Rock. No matter where you go in Pella, you will never be too far from the best place for RV camping.

Getting around

Central College forms several blocks of Pella, with various facilities to cater to all manner of students. While there is a parking lot close to Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium, you may still find that the best way to get around Pella and Central College is on foot.

If you have a bicycle onboard your RV, such as for biking at Big Rock, then you can also find it as a most useful form of transport for navigating the small side streets of Central College.

What to pack


Pella’s climate is typically mild year-round, with colder temperatures mostly between January and March. Pay attention to the weather patterns at the time of year you are attending a Central College sports game. Then, choose the best red and white supporters’ gear to match the season and your tastes.


You will only need the bare essentials to visit a Central College sports game. Bring your mobile phone, payment cards and cash, and, of course, your ticket or money for one.

If you are staying in an RV campground nearby, it also pays to pack cooking and camping supplies you’ll require during your stay. Visitors to the area who are utilizing the great outdoors as a playground will want to pack suitable equipment for comfort and safety.

Health & Safety

Attending an outdoors sports game can expose you to the elements and affect your comfort levels. Therefore, before you head to a game or tailgating event, pay attention to the weather. You may require sun safety supplies like sunscreen and a hat and even bug spray.

The addition of a first aid kit, toiletries, and extra drinking water can also offer peace of mind while traveling to natural and outdoor events like the Pella State Game Management Area for hunting, or Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville for car racing.

Where to eat


Cooking while on an RV trip to Central College can be quite a memorable experience with local food. Why not get creative and support Central College with their famous Dynamite Dutch Drummies? Chicken drumsticks with a sticky red sauce will prove to be a crowd favorite. You also can’t beat sitting around a campfire with S’mores and camp-style hot dogs.

Before or after the big game, you can find a convenient grocery store within two miles of the Central College campus to pick up cooking supplies for propane cookers, barbeques, and campfires.


There are plenty of delicious food offerings awaiting your inspection in Pella, Iowa. From pizza and pasta to grilled meat and bakery sweets, what more could you need? Whether you’re traveling as a group or a couple, head into the center of Pella to access the area’s finest eateries.


Traditional college fare is available at Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium and Central College. Make sure you bring plenty of cash as not all vendors will accept credit cards or debit cards. Vendors are also well-situated to the seating area so that you don’t have to miss much of any game while you satisfy your hunger and thirst.



Any game at Central College is a family-friendly event, which means College personnel takes safety and security seriously. Bring only the bare essentials, and avoid taking bulky or large items that could be distracting during a game. No weapons, drugs, or alcohol will also be allowed into the stadium. Security officials will be on-hand throughout any football game to help with any concerns you may have.


Throughout the football season from winter to fall, temperatures can fluctuate from 15 degrees-Fahrenheit to nearly 90 degrees. The time of year you visit can make all the difference to the precautions you take on your travels.

Some attractions, like Cordova Park in the direction of Pleasantville, will be open for the majority of the year, but some may close in winter. Don’t forget to prepare your RV for all weather conditions by topping up coolants and fluids and checking heating and cooling units.


Too much cheering, hollering, and excitement can take its toll, but you will be pleased to know that help is on hand in Pella. In an emergency, you can approach an official from Central College or dial 911. There is also a health center within two miles of Central College in the general direction of Galesburg. You may also like to stock up on first aid supplies at the nearest pharmacy, which is under two miles away toward Big Rock City Park.