Chicago Cubs RV Camping Guide

Pack the family into the RV and head to Chicago’s Wrigley Field for a fun Chicago Cubs game. Hotdogs, peanuts, and crackerjacks are calling for you.

Event information

Since 1876, the Chicago Cubs baseball team has been a part of Major League Baseball and is well-known for its fun competition with the St. Louis Cardinals. At home in Wrigley Field in Downtown Chicago, Illinois, this team was first known as the White Stockings but was renamed the Cubs in 1903. Clark the Cub is the official mascot at Wrigley and can be seen at all the games wearing his jersey and backward cap. You and the kids can even get your pics taken with him.

This National League club has been playing in Wrigley Field since 1916 although it was built in 1914 for the Chicago Whales. When the Whales quit playing in 1915, the park was offered to the Cubs and then bought by William Wrigley, who made his money with chewing gum. He changed the name in 1927.

Wrigley is mostly known for its awesome outfield wall that is brick but covered in miles of ivy. With a background of Lake Michigan and the surrounding Chicago skyline, the beauty of the park is second to none. Seating capacity is close to 42,000 and the fans who visit typically brag about the food, comfortable seats, and fun family atmosphere.

The stadium has also been home to other sports such as football, soccer, and hockey. There have also been a number of fantastic concerts at the park with stars like Jimmy Buffett, Paul McCartney, Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, Green Day, and Luke Bryan. Kids will love the park as well with a special kid’s club and a section called Wrigleyville Neighborhood. No matter what you come to the stadium for, you are sure to have fun. Wrigley may forever be the home of the Chicago Cubs.


You will notice that Chicago Cubs ticket prices vary quite a bit depending on who the Cubs are playing, what time of year it is, and where you are sitting. The park also has several club and VIP seating sections, as well as the Budweiser Patio, LG Porch, and other special areas. The typical cost for a general admission ticket in recent years has been about $10 to $50, which you can purchase online, by phone, or at the stadium.

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In the heart of Downtown Chicago, you will find Wrigley Field just off IL-19 and North Clark Street. You can reach there from US-41 to the east, I-90 or I-290 to the south and west, and I-94 to the north. Chicago is one of the largest and most populated cities in the country, with a population of over 2,700,000 people. The home of the southwestern corner of Lake Michigan, the Lincoln Park Zoo, museums, art galleries, and tons of restaurants and clubs, you may appreciate spending at least a day or two in town checking out the attractions in Chicago.

Parking areas

When heading for a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field, understand that RV parking is going to be limited. Even though the park has six parking lots, you cannot count on parking your rig there. You will do best to park in a place outside the park that offers RV parking specifically.

McCormick Place Convention Center may be the best place in the city that is close to the park. Motorhome parking is available in Lot B. This lot is located on 31st Street by Moe and Lakeshore Drive. The price is actually less than most of the lots in Wrigley, and you can even sleep there, so you don’t have to worry about camping. You can look to catch CTA Bus 21 to get to and from the lot.

Public Transportation

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Redline is the best public transportation in and around Chicago. CTA will get you anywhere in the city or county as well as all surrounding counties and cities for miles. Sometimes you may also use the Yellow Line or Purple Line Express, depending on where you begin your journey. Pace Wrigley Field Express will get you to and from the park with stops in Hillside and Rolling Meadows.

Where to stay


Even though it would be fun and fantastic, Wrigley Field does not allow any camping or sleeping in any kind of vehicle on site. However, you can find RV campgrounds nearby to park the rig.


There are a few campgrounds around Wrigley Field in the Chicago area. However, you are probably going to have to drive at least an hour to get to one of them. There just is not much camping within the city limits of Chicago. You can park overnight at the McCormick Place Convention Center on Lakeshore. It is dry camping in a parking lot, but it is safe and close to the park. About 52 miles to the northwest you can find Chicago Northwest KOA. They have over 100 RV sites with utilities, showers, restrooms, and even a pool and playground for the kids.

Getting around

With such a big park, it is good to know that there are shuttle services available to ADA guests. In addition, there is a free remote shuttle service for the parking lots further out such as the Rockwell lot. These shuttles run from three hours before the game. Returning shuttles board after the game at the drop-off location for about an hour.

What to pack


It is important to pack a wide variety of clothing because the weather in Illinois can change quickly. What you pack also depends on what time of year you are going to the Cubs game. You will not be packing the same tank tops and shorts in April as you might for games in August. The best idea is to pack for several seasons, so you have what you need.


Cubs fans can bring bags up to 16 inches but no hard coolers, drugs, or alcohol. Soft coolers up to 16 inches are permitted, but no glass containers are allowed. The less gear you bring in, the easier and faster you can get into the game. Fans without bags are routed to express lanes, so if you are bringing bags, make sure to plan accordingly so you can get to your seat on time.

Health & Safety

If you bring a backpack or cooler, go ahead and pack in your important items like phones, cameras, and tickets. Bring water or a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated. Sunblock and insect repellent are also essential items to bring. To keep the sun at bay, wear a hat and sunglasses, and try to get in the shade when possible.

Where to eat


Your cooking options depend on where you will be camping or parking the rig. If staying at the McCormick Place Convention Center, you will need to be prepared to utilize your RV kitchen to prepare meals inside your camper. Ensure that your tanks are ready for use as there are no utilities in the convention center lot. You may be able to use a generator but that is unclear. At the KOA and some of the other nearby campgrounds, travelers will have access to utilities and be allowed to use a campfire grill or BBQ pit.


The park has a ton of food venues, but if you want to take a trip into town for a meal, you will have plenty of choices from fast food to fine dining. American food, Mexican and Asian cuisine, and even an Armenian restaurant are just a few of the places in Chicago. There are also several pizza places, sandwich shops, and cafés to enjoy.


When you go to Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs game, get there with an empty stomach so you can try some of the finest food in the Midwest. In fact, you would probably have to stay a few months to try it all because there are over 180 concession stands, food carts, and eateries inside the park. Several dozen bars are also found in the park. You can pick up some t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs throughout the park as well as in the Cubs Stores in Sections 103 and 119.



Security is there to protect guests and to make sure everyone has a good time. You’ll be screened as you come through the gates as well as other pertinent areas of the park. You will have to go through a metal detector and have your ticket scanned as well. Remember, the less you bring, the easier and faster you can get to your seat.


The weather in Chicago varies a great deal during baseball season since activities start in spring and end in the fall. Most of the season is summer weather though, and it will be hot and steamy. Summer temps average in the upper 80s and low 90s with lows in the 60s. Popup storms can happen at the drop of a hat, so it is best to download a weather app and keep an eye on the forecast.


First aid stations are in a variety of places around the park as well as a medical station with a registered nurse, doctor, and medical technicians behind home plate. The park also has first responders on call for emergencies and an ambulance service onsite. If you need a hospital or other medical facility, there are two within 10 miles of Wrigley Field.