Clear Creek State Park​

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Clear Creek State Park is located in the beautiful Allegheny National Forest right Between Clear Creek and the Clarion River. The park covers 1,901 acres of land in the towns of Barnett and Heath, which now provides year-round recreation for visitors from all over the United States. The areas where the park covers were once home to a booming lumber business. When the resources became depleted and the land became too hard to farm, it was sold to the state in 1919.

In 1922, Clear Creek State Park opened its gates for the first time to campers. In the 1930s the Civilian Conservation Corps stayed at the park for seven years building trails, cabins, bridges, the swimming area, food concession building, and restrooms. In 1987 the park added shelters, cabins, and several other facilities. The latest update to the park was made in 2008 when they renovated the campgrounds.

The park is open year-round, but the campgrounds close in late-December and open in mid-April. There are 53 campsites available for RV/trailer camping, and 41 campsites that have modern electric and water hookups, while the rest do not have any hookups. There are a few water spigots and a dumping station to accommodate for a lack of hookups. There are two campgrounds divided by Clear Creek, but only one of them is pet-friendly.

You and your family can enjoy the large playgrounds, beautiful swimming areas, and clean trails in the summer when you bring your RV. In the winter, there are several activities like skiing, sledding, or building a snowman with your loved ones. The park enjoys cool summers and snowy winters, making it a perfect place to plan your next family getaway in an RV.

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Transportation in Clear Creek State Park​


With the town of Brookville only 12 miles away and a short trip on I-80, the park is easy to locate. Whether you are coming from the east or the west, PA 949 North will lead you directly to the park’s entrance. You can swing by Brookville, Brockway, Marienville, or Ridgway to pick up supplies or groceries. These cities also offer fantastic museums and small restaurants for you to experience.

The park’s roads are well maintained so you won’t have to worry about low hanging branches attacking your rig on your drive into the campgrounds. When driving into the park, remember to drive slow due to the narrow roads. The park’s office is where you can check in and pick up any permits or licenses you may need. You can also get firewood and other knick-knacks. It is recommended that you walk or ride your bike while in the park to fully experience the joy of the great outdoors.

If you plan on arriving much later than anticipated, then go ahead and call the park in advance. If you arrive and no one is there to greet you, then use the envelope check-in honor system to pay and find a spot for your rig. In the rainy season, the park my close sections off due to flooding. In winter, be sure to check the forecast in case you feel like heading on the slopes. The busiest time of year for the park is May through August, after this time period the available campsites increase until the campground closes in December.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Clear Creek State Park​

Campsites in Clear Creek State Park​

Reservations camping

Non-Pet Campground

There are 30 camping sites with water and electric hookups available. While there is no sewer hookup, there is a dumping station nearby for you to dispose of your waste. The sites are well shaded and have plenty of room in between each lot. The trees and shrubs provide a lot of privacy from your neighbor. This campground, just like the other, is located between the river and the creek. Amenities included are hot showers, restrooms, recycling bins, and picnic tables. Only eight sites in this campground have 30-amp hookups while the rest have 50-amp hookup. You are prohibited from gathering firewood and may only burn locally approved firewood. Please remember to burn all firewood before you leave rather than taking it with you. You may stay a maximum of 14 days during the camping season. Pets are not allowed to stay at this campground.

Pet Campground

There are 23 campsites that offer electric and non-electric hookups. There is no sewer hookup but a dump station is located nearby. Some of the sites are close together and does not allow much privacy from your neighbor while others have trees and shrubs between them. This campground is located between Clear Creek and Clarion River. Pets are allowed in this campground. Sites 31-39 and 43-53 are the only sites that allow pets. You are only allowed to have one car at each campsite and will be charged for any additional vehicles. Amenities included are hot showers, restrooms, picnic tables, and fire rings. You are prohibited from gathering and bringing your own firewood, as it must be locally approved. This campground leads to the swimming pool and the boat rental store. You may register up to 11 months in advance and may only stay a limit of 14 days during camping season.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served Options

First-come, first-serve options are available at both campgrounds, but reservations are recommended in order for you to secure your spot. If you wish to not have to make reservations, you should consider coming during the off-season, when they are more likely to have open campsites available for you.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Clear Creek State Park​



There is a total of 20 trails in the park ranging from easy to difficult. With over 25 miles of trails, you will never get bored of walking in Clear Creek State Park. When hiking on the trails, please stay on the trails and pick up any litter you may find. You can take your pet with you, just be sure to clean up after them. Remember to bring your water bottle and a sturdy pair of hiking boots to make your journey easier.


Starting in May to mid-September, the 180-foot beach is open for the whole family to enjoy. Smoking on the beach is strictly prohibited and if you must smoke please use the smoking areas and properly dispose of your cigarette when you are finished. Inclement weather may cause the swimming area to close until the forecast improves. Unfortunately, your pets are not allowed in this area but you can take them on the trails with you as long as they stay on their leash. Remember to pack your sunscreen and bathing suit in your RV when you go.


You can take your kayak along the Clear Creek, or if you are up for a little bit of adventure, you can try the Class 1 rapids on the Clarion River. You may be able to rent a kayak from a local business in town. If you plan to launch your kayak from Clear Creek, then you must have a permit or registration before you can set off on your adventure. Remember to wear your lifejacket at all times on the water and leave your electronics on land lest they become one with the creek.


Cross-Country Skiing

Each winter, the skiing trails near Clear Creek open up for adventure. If you plan on going on the trails, be sure to check the weather before you go and bring a buddy with you. If at any time you feel winded or dizzy just stop and take a breather - the trails will be ready for you when you want to visit again. The Saw Mill Trail is one of the recommended courses to go skiing on. Remember to dress warmly and to monitor how long you spend outside.


You are required to have a fishing license to fish in the park and can pick one up from the park’s headquarters or online. You have two different options on where you can fish, and those are the Clarion River and Clear Creek. Clear Creek is stocked seasonally with trout, and the Clarion River is stocked with warm water game fish and panfish. If you decide to use a boat to fish, then you must have either a permit or a registration form for your boat. In both the summer and winter, you should wear a lifejacket when fishing to help prevent accidents.

Wildlife Watching

You can walk along the trails and take out your binoculars to see all that the park has to offer. The park’s office provides a few brochures where you can learn about the birds and plants that make up part of the park’s ecosystem. You may spot a wild turkey or even a black bear, but be mindful of your safety and do not feed the wildlife. If you see any trash laying on the floor while exploring, be sure to pick it up to keep the park beautiful.

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