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Colton Point State Park


Located on the western rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Colton Point State Park has a rustic charm that draws in RV lovers from all over the country. Colton Point State Park is renowned for its views of the canyon, and offers opportunities for some great recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, hunting,
and whitewater boating. The park is surrounded by Tioga State Forest and its sister park, Leonard Harrison State Park, is located on the east rim.

Before it was a state park, Native Americans once used the path along the creek, which is known as Pine Creek Path. The path was also later used by lumbermen, and then became part of a railroad from 1883 to 1988. The park was named after Williamsport lumberman Henry Colton who cut timber in and around the park dating back to 1879. The Civilian Conservation Corps started work on the park in June 1935 and it was first officially opened as "Colton Point State Forest Park" in 1936.

For those seeking recreation, the park has some challenging hiking trails, 100 acres open to hunting, fish opportunities and some of the best whitewater streams in the state. While the campsites are small, you should be comfortable camping at Colton Point State Park if you have a small RV or you are car camping. Camping in the park is available from early May until mid-October, which is also the peak season for the park.

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Colton Point State Park is located on the west rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The park can be accessed by US-6 and is around five miles south of it at Ansonia on Colton Road. There is also another way to reach the park through Galeton, but that road will many more twists and turns which isn't idea for those traveling with RV's Because of this, we recommend that you enter the park form the US-6 exit. While there are no major cities located near the park there are numerous small towns close by, including Ansonia, Galeton and West Pike. If you need to get more supplies these towns will be the best place to stop at before you head into the park.

During the wintertime the park is known for being quite snowy and you may have trouble reaching the park if there is bad weather. Before you begin your journey to Colton Point State Park in the winter make sure you check the weather conditions. If you are unsure whether conditions will be suitable you can call the park office and they will assist you.


There is plenty of parking available at Colton Point State Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will take you to Colton Point State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Colton Point State Park

Campsites in Colton Point State Park

Alternate camping

Colton Point State Park Campgrounds

The campground at Colton Point State Park is a throw back and a little old school. There are no powered sites available at the campground and the campgrounds is a mixture of walk-in, tent only and RV accessible sites. There are seven sites that permit RV camping, however due to their small size we recommend either site 19, 21, 24 or 25 if you are camping in a small RV or car camping. Despite the small size of the park it does have some great facilities, including vault toilets in the campground, picnic tables, fire rings, water collection stations and a dump station.

Pets are allowed at all of the sites which is a huge plus. Cell phone reception may be difficult to find due to the terrain. The park offers first come, first serve camping along with online reservations. Camping at is only available from the second Friday in March until the third Sunday in October.

Seasonal activities in Colton Point State Park



For those out there who love to fish you will be pleased to know that there are fishing opportunities for you at Colton Point State Park. If you do plan on fishing within the park please note that the terrain to reach Pine Creek is difficult. You will have to make a long and steep hike down and then going back up will be even more challenging. Hopefully the effort will be worth it! Common species caught in Pine creek include smallmouth bass, trout and panfish.


Hikers looking for a challenge will be very pleased by the trails on offer at Colton Point State Park. There are two trails within the park that are a combined four miles in length that offers one easy and one very difficult trail. The most difficult trail, known as the Turkey Path, descends around one and a half miles to the floor of the canyon. The hike is very difficult but it will be worth it when you see the 70-foot cascading waterfall and many different smaller waterfalls near the bottom of the trail.


One of the best ways to relax when visiting Colton Point State Park is to make the most of the parks amenities and go for a picnic. The park is well equipped to handle your picnicking needs, whether they be big or small. There are numerous picnic tables available for you to use all year round that are scattered throughout the park. If you are with a large group and wanting to host a picnic Colton Point State Park also has you covered. There are reservable pavilions throughout the park and three of them come with fireplaces! These pavilions can be reserved up to 11 months in advance with a fee, or if they aren't in use they are free on a first-come, first-served basis.



If you love to hunt then you will be happy to know that hunting is permitted in Colton Point State Park during specific hunting seasons. The park has around 100 acres that are available for hunting use, but make sure you check at the park office where this area is to make sure you are following the rules and regulations. Common species found in the park include deer, rabbit, squirrel, turkey and pheasant. You are also allowed to trap and train dogs in the park.

Whitewater Activities

Pine Creek river has some of the best whitewater opportunities for the thrill seekers looking for a challenge. The most popular area is known as Owasee Rapid. It is a Class II section that is located around three miles from the town of Ansonia. When the whitewater is flowing at normal levels a 17' canoe can be taken down them if you have whitewater experience. Please note that there are no rentals available from the park so you will have to bring your own equipment if you want to take a trip down the whitewater rapids.


For the birding fans you will be impressed by the diversity in Colton Point State Park and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The canyon is listed by the Pennsylvania Audubon Society as being an important birding area. The area offer views some fantastic opportunities to view birds that include bald eagles, ravens, hawks, and many types of warblers. Make sure you check out the park website to see if there are any birding events going on during your stay at the park.