Crush AZ

Dance away the winter blues with a trip to Chandler, Arizona. Crush AZ music festival is on – and it’s time for an RV adventure with your friends.

Event information

Crush AZ, or Crush Arizona, is a Valentine’s Day-themed weekend festival at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona. Every year, this high-energy festival attracts thousands of people who are looking for an opportunity to shake, dance, and jive away the winter blues.

The festival has been a highly anticipated event on Chandler’s calendar since 2009 and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it has outgrown previous venues and is the talk of the town for months before the many famous EDM artists and DJs start rolling into town.

Spag Heddy, Joyride, Seven Lions, and Wooli are just a few of the many well-known musicians to grace the stages in past years. These acts, and more, ensure that the thousands of attendees get to dance the night away in style. Weird, wonderful, and quirky costumes are encouraged, and RV-goers are urged to source accommodation in Chandler fast for easy travel.

The indoor and outdoor event begins early evening on a Friday and then runs through until the early hours of the following morning. Attendees can then head back to their accommodation, check out the other things to do in Chandler, Arizona, then return for one more night of music and entertainment.

While you wait for all the action to begin, you can also discover the many tourist attractions in the area. Release the train enthusiast within at the Arizona Railway Museum, or how about exploring at the Veterans Oasis Park? Crush AZ is one of many things to lure you to this Arizona city, so don’t delay in preparing your RV for an adventure today.


Once the lineup of acts has been announced for Crush AZ, tickets will be flying out the door. Make sure you don’t miss out! Keep an eye on the organizer’s social feed to know when tickets are available online to buy.

You can print these out at home, bring them to the event along with your ID, then exchange them for a two-day wristband. You must wear this wristband all weekend as it will be scanned on both days for entry. Tickets are available for single-day and weekend general admission, and you can also buy VIP passes with exclusive access.

In the past, pricing has varied from between $70 and $180. You must be at least 18 to buy tickets to the event, and at least 21 to purchase alcohol.

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Chandler, Arizona, is a Maricopa County city bordered by Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Phoenix. It’s served by three limited-access highways of I-10, Loop 202, and Loop 101, and borders on the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

Driving to Chandler from any direction will require a lot of attention and care, due to how many neighboring townships and cities it has and the limited access highways.

To get to Rawhide Event Center at 5700 West North Loop Road, take I-10 and follow the signs and directions to the event parking lot. Be ready with 511 Arizona so you can allow for any congestion or delays on your travels.

Parking areas

For those who will be using their RV or a tow vehicle to get around, it’s helpful to know where you can park for Crush AZ. Rawhide Event Center boasts a reasonably sized parking area, and there may be plenty of space for your RV if you arrive early enough. The earlier you get to Crush AZ, the closer to the main entrance you can be. Be aware that parking spaces for Crush AZ have come with a fee in the past, and you may not park there overnight.

Public Transportation

If you’re quite comfortably set up at your RV campground near Crush AZ, then why not jump aboard the shuttle service instead of using your RV or pilot vehicle? Shuttles will take festival-goers from a pre-organized area of Chandler for a fee and will then return them to the same area once it’s over on each day. You can buy a shuttle ticket for one day or both. Alternatively, beat the rush by booking a rideshare service provider or taxi and make your way to Crush AZ promptly.

Where to stay


Even though Crush AZ treats festival-goers to entertainment until the wee hours of the morning, you will not be able to camp on site. However, given the flexibility of shuttle services, you should be able to catch a lift back into Chandler so that you can head back to your RV. You can also make use of taxis and rideshare service providers to bring you to and from your nearby accommodation.


Whether you have a small or large budget, a need for service hookups, or primitive RV camping, Chandler will deliver. This expansive city is home to several standout RV campgrounds that are accessible with large RVs, some under five miles from the venue.

You can take advantage of water, sewer, and electricity hookups, as well as proximity to Rawhide Event Center for convenient access to Crush Arizona. Given the popularity of this festival, you will need to book months in advance to avoid missing out on your preferred RV campsite.

Getting around

There are tents set up all around the Crush Arizona festival site, plenty of seating areas, and proximate car parking. Therefore, there will be no need to haul your bike out of your RV. The best way to get around the entire Rawhide Event Center is on foot, and wheeled transport is prohibited.

What to pack


Crush AZ organizers encourage festival-goers to go crazy with their attire. Wear the fluffiest, brightest, most vibrant costumes you can find or create, and pair them with LED hula hoops, glow sticks, fuzzy boots, animal hats, and more. Remember, temperatures will be cold, so factor this into your garment choices. It will also be a good idea to pack comfortable and warm clothing for before and after the festival.


Crush AZ organizers have a strict policy on what you can and can’t bring into the Rawhide Event Center, so when in doubt, leave it out. You will need your government-issued ID, a fully charged mobile phone, earplugs, and your wallet with cash and payment cards.

To get into the festival spirit, you are also more than welcome to bring glow sticks, rave costumes, and lightweight or inflatable totems. Small handbags are also okay, but leave your large bags and camping equipment in your RV.

When it comes to those smaller items such as cigarettes and toiletries, you may bring them – but only if they are sealed in new packaging. Leave behind any weapons, drugs, or toys that look like weapons.

Health & Safety

Even though it’s going to be quite cold during Crush AZ, all the dancing and crowds can quickly dehydrate and overheat you. You will be allowed to bring in refillable aluminum bottles and empty water bladders for the refilling station, or you can buy bottled water from the vendors. If you need to bring in any toiletries or prescription medication, make sure these are sealed and clearly labeled.

Where to eat


Rules for each RV campground can differ, so make sure you’ve got plenty of ideas up your sleeve for how to cook. Enjoy the convenience of your RV kitchen appliances, or ask for permission to start a campfire or use an above-ground fire pit.

Whether you’re preparing loaded hot dogs or traditional camp-style damper, you can pick up all those necessary supplies within a short four-mile drive of Rawhide Event Center.


If you’re taking a little break from all the festival action and checking out all the things to do in Chandler, then why not stop for a bite to eat? No matter where your motorhome takes you in Chandler, you’ll never be too far from a standout eatery. Wander down East Chandler Boulevard for your fill of barbeque, burgers, waffles, Mexican, Italian, and more.


With so much dancing and excitement over two full days, it won’t be long until you’ve worked up a hunger and thirst. There are plenty of food trucks and vendors on site to satisfy those hunger pangs, as well as multiple bars for alcohol purchases.

Anyone drinking and buying alcohol must be over 21 with a valid ID. Carry cash to ensure you have the correct payment type, as not all vendors will accept debit cards and credit cards.



With thousands of people descending on the Rawhide Event Center, there will be a substantial security presence. Make sure you’re ready at the entry gates with your ID and tickets to exchange for a wristband. Everyone will also be required to undergo a pat-down and bag check before they can enter.

Once inside the venue, security will be positioned throughout to make sure everyone is safe and happy. Feel free to approach security officials or nearby police at any time.


Crush AZ is a winter event, which means it’s likely to be quite chilly on both days of the festival. Temperature can fluctuate from between 65 degrees-Fahrenheit down to 40, so dance to keep warm and keep piling on those layers. It also helps to keep an eye on a weather app and ensure your RV heaters work before you set off for Chandler, Arizona.


Dehydration is a common problem at music events, so organizers take all precautions. They offer a watering station as well as onsite medical staff to help with any medical queries or concerns. In an emergency, alert the closest festival official and dial 911. The nearest health center is seven miles away from Rawhide Event Center. You can also pick up addition first aid supplies at a pharmacy under ten miles from Crush AZ.