David Crockett State Park

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David Crockett State Park is the first Tennessee park to be fully funded by the citizens of Tennessee. This park, which commemorates the life of Davy Crockett, is located on the ridge-line between the Crowson and Shoal Creeks in southern Tennessee and provides stunning views. David Crockett established a powder mill, a gristmill and a distillery along the shores of Shoal creek. Although all three operations were washed away in a flood in September 1821, the 1,319-acre David Crockett State Park remains to remind us of the power of the pioneering spirit.

David Crockett State Park offers guests many recreational opportunities. With a paved bike trail and more than eight miles of hiking trails the park is a popular place to hike, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors. The trails winding through the David Crockett State Park offer guests stunning views of Shoal Creek and Crockett Falls, limestone bluffs, and abundant native wildlife against the backdrop of a mature old wood forest.

During the summer months, guests enjoy water activities in the park. David Crockett State Park maintains an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a modern bathhouse and vending machines. Lake Lindsey also provides an idyllic space for relaxation. The park offers paddle-boards, canoes, kayaks and fishing boats for rent.

The park affords guests the opportunity to revel in the beauty of the Tennessee woodland. The middle fork of Shoal Creek borders and dissects the park through its length. Beautiful woodlands with freshwater springs and streams flow into the creek. Crockett Falls is a natural waterfall near the back of the park. This space is most likely the site of Crockett’s mill establishment. On the southeastern edge of the park is Pine Bluff. Here a bare rock face plummets into the convergence of the Middle and Eastern Forks of Shoal Creek. The western border of David Crockett State Park follows along a ridge-line and shows a diversity of natural habitats. Guests may expect to see native animals including deer in this area

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Transportation in David Crockett State Park


Located at:

1400 West Gaines
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

David Crockett State Park is easily located from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The town of Lawrenceburg is not far from I 43. Once in Lawrenceburg, guests will take W. Gaines Street west past the Lawrence Co. Courthouse and turn right onto David Crockett Park Rd. This road will take guests past the Trail of Tears and bring them into the park to David Crockett Lake and the restaurant at Crockett's Mill before looping back around and leading them out of the park again. The roads are wide and mostly well-maintained, so even RVs on the larger side should have no trouble maneuvering through the park.


There are parking options throughout the park. There is parking provided at the Trail of Tears trail head, at Crockett's Mill, and at David Crockett Pond.

Public Transport

There is no public transportation available within the park.

Campgrounds and parking in David Crockett State Park

Campsites in David Crockett State Park

Reservations camping

David Crockett State Park Campground

Nestled along the ridge-line between Crowson and Shoal Creeks in southern Tennessee, David Crockett State Park offers two campgrounds. Simply signified as Campground #1 and Campground #2. Campground 1 is near the park entrance with Shoal Creek passing along its boundaries. It has 51 sites with water and electric hookups and eight primitive sites. Campground 2 is a mile into the park and has water and electricity hookups. Each campground has bathhouses and a dump station.

Centralized bathhouses provide hot showers and restrooms. A dump station is available for self-contained rigs.

Stay limit is two weeks during peak season (March through November) and 28 days during the off-season (December through February). Campground #1 (along Shoal Creek) is open from March 15 through November 31. Campground #2 is open year-round. The lower bathhouse (beside site # 80) in Campground # 2 will be closed December through February.

There is a group camp with primitive camping that can accommodate up to 30 tents. The camp is open from April 1 through October 31 and is ideal for scouts and church groups.

First-come first-served

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in David Crockett State Park


Mountain Biking

David Crockett State Park offers guests a simple, unpretentious two and a half-mile paved bike path. The bike trail curves through the heart of an equally straightforward, well maintained park under a canopy of mature oaks and pines.

Although David Crockett State Park doesn’t offer a strenuous bike ride, it does provide the ideal place for a laid-back excursion through the woods, beginning and ending at the Olympic-sized park pool. The space is a warm and welcoming environment amid friendly native wildlife and quiet natural beauty. The bike path is well-maintained and reasonably flat, with no obstacles or sharp turns.

David Crockett State Park is straightforward and uncomplicated family-friendly park steeped in national history. Casual cyclists looking for a relaxed road bike experience through a serene—but not particularly strenuous—loop will enjoy a quick ride through this park. The space is ideal for families with young children. Pets are welcome but must be maintained on a leash.

David Crockett State Park Museum

The David Crockett State Park museum contains a replica of David Crockett's gristmill and is open to the public free of charge from Memorial Day until early August. The museum is small but is packed with information about David Crockett's life. There is also an aviary next to the museum that houses several raptors.

The museum offers an exceptional Cherokee art exhibit; a dinosaur egg found in Lawrence County, history on David Crockett and Lawrence County history, and exhibits of local art. There is also a visual arts center that shows the renowned play, Unto These Hills. Other information on Cherokee History is also provided in this venue..


David Crockett State Park offers guests both swimming and wading opportunities. The lovely wooded park touts both a lake and an Olympic sized pool. Guests will also find a tranquil spot near Crockett Falls appropriate for wading in the warm summer months.

Guests will find a snack bar, modern bathhouse, and ample sunbathing space with lounge chairs in the pool area. The pool offers two diving boards and a wading pool for children. Lifeguards are on duty during swimming hours Food and drinks are allowed inside the shelter and in an assigned picnic area. Only drinks with screw top lids are allowed around the pool deck.

The pool is open from Memorial Day through the second weekend in August. The pool is closed on Monday and Tuesday, unless a holiday falls on one of those days.


Bird watching

The stunning 1,319-acre David Crockett State Park is primarily covered in pine-oak-hickory forest. The park provides over six miles of trails which allows for viewing of woodland birds including both native birds and migratory birds in the spring and fall. Over 100 species of birds have been identified in the park.

Non-forested areas around the park office are ideal for observing eastern bluebirds, eastern phoebe, great-crested flycatchers, and sparrows. The boat dock and dam area offer views of the lovely 40-acre Lake Lindsey. Here guests can expect to see Canada geese, mallard, great blue and green herons, belted kingfisher, and swallows. Bald eagles are also occasionally seen within David Crockett State Park. In winter, guest should find waterfowl on the lake and be able to find red-breasted nuthatches in the pines.


David Crockett State Park offers hikers of all ages an opportunity to bask in the natural beauty of southern Tennessee. Trails wind their way through a mature old wood forest of Lawrenceburg County There are options here for all skill levels and ages.

Shoal Creek trail — 1.7 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Overlook Trail — 1.6 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Trail of Tears — 2.5 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
Waterfall Trail — 0.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Crockett Cabins Trail — 0.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
Outdoor classroom Trail — 0.6 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Fitness Trail — 0.4 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
Connector Trail A — 0.3 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Connector Trail B — 0.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Connector Trail C — 0.3 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Scout Camp Connector Trail — 0.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Campground #1 Connector Trail — 0.1 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Shelter #1 Connector Trail — 0.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate

Fishing and Boating

David Crockett State Park’s 40-acre lovely Lake Lindsey is an exceptional space to relax and catch fish. The lake is home to bass, crappie, Bluegill and catfish. Fisherman will find length and creel limits posted. Row boats are available for rent year-round in the park. Bait and a Tennessee fishing license can be purchased from vendors near the park.

There is a boat dock on the south west bank of the lake where boats can be rented. Row boats may be rented at the park office when the dock isn’t in operation. Boats may be rented by the hour or week as needed.

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