Denver to Pensacola Road Trip Guide


Begin your RV road trip from the city of Denver, the biggest metropolitan area in Colorado, and an advanced city that has a lot to offer you. This beautiful town has plenty of recreational activities across several facilities that are distributed in the city. In essence, you can be guaranteed that while you’re in the city, you will definitely enjoy the outdoors and create memories that are unforgettable.

You can rest assured that the energy and vibe of the city, coupled with the never-ending influx of tourists make Denver a prime attraction among many. Well, you can’t exhaust all the avenues to have fun here, so you might as well just set out on that RV road trip out of the city. There are various routes that you can take to Pensacola when you hit the road, any of which is packed with various important and adventure-seeking stops.

The city of Pensacola, famous for its beaches and cultural heritage is a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, so be prepared to get the ultimate refreshment when you arrive. Ain’t no way you’ll leave here without your batteries recharged!

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Sam’s Fun City

The drive here from Mississippi is about two and a half hours and the city of Pensacola is gradually coming to view. Just about the perfect way to draw the curtain on this fantastic adventure is a visit to an amusement park! Sam’s Fun City is so set up that you don’t have to go far to be impressed. Just go relax and let the spirit of fun take over you. You’ll love it and your kids would love it even more.

Even if you don’t want to do anything physical, there are arcade games and laser tags. It is worthy of mention that you could celebrate your kid’s birthday, have a family gathering or picnic here.

After you’ve left the park, it would be nice if you can get to see more sights in the city and from this point onwards, the state of Florida is at your feet.

DeSoto National Forest

The proximity of this park to the highway should not make you think that you cannot have a great experience with nature. The breath of nature, the smell of the leaves and the calming peace you experience when you’re walking through the greens will reassure you that you are in the right place.

The forest is a pine forest and is found in the southern region of the state. There are trails available for hiking. The view in the forest is pleasant and the different species of birds sing different tunes.

You don’t have to hike all day; there are other fun activities you can do that you can engage in such as fishing, camping, bird watching, and even canoeing! These outdoor activities will give a sense of accomplishment for the day and when you are worn out, you can retire in one of the forest’s many RV campsites.

Mississippi Children's Museum

Although named a children’s museum, it doesn’t mean that adults don’t get to have fun here. The Mississippi Children’s Museum will educate, inform, and please the whole family. The best part yet, there is something for each and everybody to do, both old and young.

You can organize a birthday party here for the kids. They also have other activities like book reading and camping. If the goal is to make your children happy, then the Mississippi Children’s Museum takes fun seriously!

You could also take some time to check out the city of Jackson with the family. Enjoy an indigenous Mississippi meal or visit the LeFleur’s Bluff State Park where you can make use of their RV campsites to park your vehicle.

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

This Refuge is one of the only three in the northern part of the state of Louisiana, all of which are built for the purpose of saving animals and protecting endangered species.

Here you get to see the animals act in their natural habitat, kind of like a real-life documentary. This is really quite educative for the whole family. You get to learn more about how some of the animals live and about wildlife conservation. The refuge also has Visitor’s Center with interactive exhibits and arboretum with trails you can follow. You may need a pair of binoculars, so keep them handy if possible. Rest assured, the whole family is set to have some fun here!

Although this refuge prohibits any kind of overnight stay, there are a few campsites outside of the refuge where you can park your RV. This might be a great way to explore the city of Monroe.

Longview Museum of Fine Arts

If you find yourself longing for some art and culture when in the city of Longview, then Longview Museum of Fine Arts is just where you need to be. This is where you get to feast your eyes on beauty. Longview Museum presents exhibits of contemporary artists. The museum founded in 1958, boasts of a time-tested gallery. The Museum holds and showcases exhibits and artworks of several talented contemporary artists.

While you’re still in the city, make it a point of duty to visit the Longview Arboretum and Nature Center to experience all things botanical and/or the Stamper Park where you can have a picnic and spend quality time with the family.

Accommodation options abound in the city should you need to spend more time. Try the Secluded Acres RV Park or the Shady Pines RV Park both of which have nice scenery with beautiful sunset views.

Lucy Park

Wichita Falls is known for its waterfall, which serves as an attraction to tourists. There is more to the waterfall, so there is more to enjoy. This park is everything you need in a day and more. The main Lake is manmade and is about 2,200 acres in size. The lake drains into the drop that accelerates the water to give it all the energy to charge you with.

Don’t miss dropping by the Lucy Park, it’s so amazing. It is perfect for hiking, cycling, and major sports activities. The water is also accessible for you to have a fun-filled day. Don’t worry about your kids, they’ll get all the fun and safety they need. The sunshine in Wichita Falls is good for a tan if you’re intending to build one but remember to come along with your sunscreen.

Rita Blanca National Grasslands

Since you’ve had a taste of heights and climbing, some gently undulating lowlands would not be a bad idea. The fields are green and stretch for miles unending, and insects and birds of many species have made this place their home, dwelling peacefully in the grasslands. You might be lucky to have a butterfly land on you.

Wild game here includes rabbits, antelopes, and coyotes. The animals mostly feed on grass so the beautiful grasslands also serve as food for the animals. With several thousand acres of grassland to spare, the sky touches the ground infinitely. It’s so wide that it spreads into the neighboring state, Oklahoma.

The Spanish Peaks

Walsenburg is a city in Colorado that is surrounded by highlands of different altitudes which give the city a beautiful view and make sunset and sunrise a sight to behold. But it’s not only the sight of elevated landscapes you are looking to see, right?

If you want the adventures and thrill of hiking or that awesome feeling of being high up in the air with a nice view of the ground and you want to take nice pictures with a beautiful background, then you want the Spanish Peaks!

The Spanish Peaks are a pair of mountains, both standing at over 12,000 feet, about ten miles of Walensburg. The west mountain is higher than the east and both have glaciers on their peaks. The pair is referred to as ‘Huajatolla’ as the mountains are breast-shaped. There are safe routes for hiking that your dog can tag along on. During your hike, don’t forget to watch the sunset.

Garden of the Gods State Park

If there is anything known about Colorado, it definitely is its spectacular rock formations that span vast areas and march on into the horizon. This park is no different as it features a stunning formation of sandstones that stretches across several acres of land.

The unique formation of the land makes this park suitable for photography as the landscapes provide an ambient background even for the amateur photographer. The red rocks blend beautifully with the color of trees and grasses. Biking and hiking are the popular activities at the park. Rock climbing is available if you are experienced and have the correct climbing gear.

If you’re not in a rush to leave the resort, there are RV sites with great amenities for small to medium-sized RVs. Nearby campgrounds accommodate larger RVs.


Pensacola is a beautiful city! Go out and enjoy dining with the locals, visit the iconic monuments in the city or just lazy around the beach, the choice is yours. Lots of attractions are presented to guests and tourists here, regardless of whether their interests are indoor activities or outdoor recreation. There’s no reason for you to not join in and explore any of the fun sites here, or enjoy the special delicacies.

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