Detroit to Evansville Road Trip Guide


You don’t just have to be a Detroiter to love Detroit, MI. The city has such a rich history and was once the motoring industry powerhouse of North America. Most people wouldn’t think of Detroit as a place of fine arts, yet all you have to do is look closely and you’ll find a wide diversity of creative energy in the works of artists here.

Famous artists like Diego Rivera painted many industry murals of Detroit that can be admired in the several art galleries and art museums dotted around the city. The music scene of Detroit isn’t lagging either. The city has churned out many great artists including music legends such as Eminem, Aaliyah, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder.

After you have had your fill of Detroit and are ready to make your way to beautiful Indiana, get your RVs, motorhomes, vans or trailers onto I-69. There are several routes to Evansville from Detroit but the I-69 by far offers the best roadside attractions that make for a thoroughly entertaining road trip adventure!

Once you reach Evansville, IN, you’ll realize what real calmness feels like. This is a city of introverts, a city where you head to rewind, rethink, reflect, and spend some quality time with yourself.

Evansville has some of the best Instagram-worthy content thanks to its picturesque surroundings. Even the coffee shops in Evansville have character, with all their gorgeous aesthetics and unique concepts. When in Evansville, make sure to pay a visit to the Mesker Park Zoo, the Burdette Park Campground, Angel Mounds State Historic Site, and Garvin Park.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: single

Point of Interest

Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark

An hour and a half before you reach your destination, there’s another exciting and action-packed stopover waiting for you. The Marengo Cave U.S National Landmark in Marengo, IN, is a cave system that was first discovered in 1883 by the couple Orris and Blanche.

It doesn’t matter if you are with kids or riding solo, you’re never too old to go gemstone mining, hiking, picnicking, pedal karting, camping, and enjoying the miner’s maze. There are so many unusual and fun-filled activities offered here, that Marengo Cave has become one of the most visited natural and national landmarks in Indiana.

Come rain or shine, the temperature of the cave stays 52 degrees throughout the year, so don’t forget to grab something warm before heading to this riveting attraction. Make sure to take the walking tours of the caverns to learn about this national landmark in detail, which will make the rest of the time you spend here, much more interesting.

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center

Who would have thought that you’d stumble upon a piece of Tibet in the USA’s mid-west region? Well, road trips can often surprise you like that. Situated in the southeast of Bloomington, Indiana, the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center is a monastery that is the epicenter of Buddhist culture in North America.

This monastery was built in 1979 by Indiana University Professor Emeritus Thubten J. Norbu and dedicated to the people of Tibet. Years later and it still preserves and fosters the Tibetan and Mongolian culture in America. The temple offers every visitor from around the world a place for meditation and reflection, as well as a chance to learn about a culture so different from their own.

The temple holds several classes, workshops, and summer retreats for those seeking solitude and a chance to revive and recuperate from the general harshness of life. This cultural center is also an idyllic place for yoga enthusiasts.

William C. Sterling State Park

William C Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI is the lone state park on Lake Erie. If you have been craving some outdoor water-based activities, we suggest heading to the sandy beaches of William C. Sterling. Here you can appreciate the gorgeous sights that surround you as you enjoy sunning, swimming, and boating.

However, this park is more focused on the marshland and in fact is even named after the businessman William C. Sterling who understood the significance of wetlands in humans’ life as well as that of the wildlife.

Being a businessman, he started buying marshlands that were of little to no importance at the time. After his death, the same marshland was made into the state park and named after him.

William C. Sterling State Park offers parking spaces for up to 250 vehicles and well-developed RV campsites. One can head to the lake for fishing or choose a trail for hiking and skiing and enjoy a day in these beautiful wetlands.

John K. King Used and Rare Books

If you are an avid reader you simply can't leave Detroit before visiting this huge sprawling bookstore that is home to millions of prized books. This bookstore spans over four floors and is so huge that you’re handed a map the moment you enter the store.

While this place is fascinating for just about anyone, it is a haven for the book-loving erudite. John King himself was a great lover of books and started his search for used and rare books when he was a student in high school.

His collecting and selling of used and rare books led him to open his first bookstore in Dearborn, Michigan. Today, his bookstores are internationally voted as one of the World’s Best Bookstores. If you also have a penchant for collecting old and rare copies of books or just enjoy a good read, you’d love this amazing bookstore with its mind-blowing collection.


Evansville will cast a charm on you with its incredible beauty. If you end up here in autumn, we doubt you’d want to leave as the entire city is adorned with vibrant and colorful autumn leaves. The best places in Evansville to drink up the sight of fall foliage are Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve and Burdette Park.

If you have a liking for all things paranormal, visit Indiana’s oldest library in Evansville, the Willard Library. This library has had many sightings of a lady in grey shoes and a grey veil walking amidst the isles since the 1930s. The locals consider her to be a friendly ghost and it makes for quite a tale.

End your road trip journey on a high, relaxing and admiring the comforts and beauty of Evansville.

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