Detroit to Omaha Road Trip Guide


From the world of automobiles to the vibrant nightlife, there is nothing you ask of Detroit that it can’t give you. The city life, with its never-ending buzz and all-year-round great weather, gives Detroit an unforgettable vibe. So, on any day, and at any time, there’s always something to do. The city’s architecture and monuments make it always worth a visit, while the trees that line its streets add a touch of greenness to the ever-bustling community.

The city, famous for its automobile prominence and gaining attention for its thriving food scene, means you will never go hungry and always have your craving satisfied. And sports! Detroit is the sports capital of the Midwest. Therefore, sports enthusiasts are always welcome here.

However, there is more to experience outside of Detroit, so why stay in one place when you can embark on an RV road trip to Nebraska? With time on your hands, the road trip allows you to experience a variety of cultures and customs. Be prepared for the adventure that comes your way. Omaha goes all the way out to catch the fancy of visitors and is the focal point for all things outdoors.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

After driving about 45 miles out of Detroit, the gorgeous city of Ann Arbor comes to view and is a most wonderful destination as your trip begins. With more than enough time on your hands to spare and the promise of a splendid trip, the city’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Arboretum is an ideal place for a stop. It showcases a variety of unique and breathtaking gardens with plants and flowers that combine the feel of several ecological climates at once.

The gardens provide visitors with exotic plants that add an alluring twist to the premises while giving you a deep connection with nature. There are many plant species to see and discover and the grounds give an extensive opportunity for unique landscape photography. To get the best photography sites, make your way along the trails provided in the arboretum as they go along the not-to-be-missed parts of the garden.

A few miles drive west will bring you to Waterloo State Recreation Area where you can spend the night within campsites with electric hookups for RVs.

Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum

Move on ahead and brace yourself for what’s next. Not many things beat a combination of science and arts. You could use an hour or two of stunning awesomeness here at this museum in Portage, but you could be here all day and still not get enough of the museum. The Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum is a nod to the history of aviation and flight, telling the story of the aircraft used in the Second World War. Therefore, it is no surprise that some of the rarest aircraft and aviation machines are on display here.

Begin at the Innovation Centre where you get to see aesthetically-pleasing and history-defining aircraft. Send your imaginations flying while you take 3-D simulation rides. Be sure to try as many rides that will give you a wide variety of flight experiences, or just go about the old-fashioned sight-seeing with friends and see some very engaging exhibits.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Arrive at Indiana Dunes National Park, roughly 100 miles out of Portage, to a stunning and magnificent sand dune park that offers primitive, as well as modern camping opportunities.

The park offers endless miles of trails, including those that provide interested guests the opportunity to hike the dunes. When you return from your hike, you can easily take some time to cool off at the lakes. In addition, this park is a great place to enjoy some solitude with Mother Nature. Get in the mood to have some fun while you enjoy some barbecue with friends at the picnic area.

You can be sure you will enjoy your stay here at the park, so if you’re thinking of extending it, take advantage of the Dunewood Campgrounds which accommodate RVs of any size with full hook-up amenities.

Hollywood Casino & Hotel Joliet

Here lies the perfect stop for the next phase of your trip. Heading west along the coast provides some of the most spectacular views. And given that there’s so much to see as you drive through, you will never be bored for a second as you approach Joliet. Arrive at the Hollywood Casino & Hotel Joliet and be prepared to have as much fun as you can take. Park your RV in the massive parking lot that you could use for your overnight camping.

Take a quick meal from one of the restaurants, have some fun with buddies at the table, and bring your childhood dreams alive while you play as many games as you possibly can. Live music will keep you entertained, and some drinks could keep you going at the tables. When it is time for you to retire for the night, you could camp in your RV at a nearby campground.

John Deere Pavilion

Prepare for the journey ahead as it takes you through bustling cities and beautiful landscapes. About 140 miles away from Joliet is the John Deere Pavilion in Moline. You would want to be here early enough to beat the crowd and the heat.

It definitely is going to be fun to see some huge machine build-ups that are rare and timeless while you spend some time hanging around here with friends. Come in here and learn about huge equipment. You would not want to miss the Pavilion’s store where you can expect to get some really cool stuff.

After your tour, you may be hungry and there is no better place to have a meal than Jonny’s Italian Steakhouse where you can have a nice meal while enjoying the cozy environment. A number of private parks are available around the Pavilion where you can spend the night.

Des Moines Art Center

Arts enthusiasts are in for a swell time at Des Moines Art Center in Iowa. This museum is no doubt exceptional, combining together history and contemporary arts. Find space in the parking area of the art center while you prepare your mind for some mind-blowing experience. The art pieces exhibited are from internationally-recognized artists like Picasso. This is the ideal place to unwind from stress while you open your eyes and let the art speak to you.

The building itself is a stunning architectural piece, so you need to prepare your mind for what you’re going to see in there. The art exhibits are frequently changing so no two visits are the same experience. In an interesting twist, the art gallery also has a Rose Garden on the grounds that you would not want to miss.

Walnut Woods State Park is a good place to retire for the night before making your way to Omaha.


Your destination awaits you as the highway opens its way for the city to come in view. After so long a trip, Omaha is definitely a sight for your sore eyes. There is no lack of what can be done here in the city as the city is beautiful and welcoming, with each attraction with its story to tell.

While in Omaha, take a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium or try the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. There are plenty of campgrounds in the city ready to accommodate you all through your time in the city, and while you’re there, don’t hesitate to get a Reuben Sandwich.

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