Dodge NHRA Nationals

You won’t want to dodge this four-day event. Get your RV ready, for the Dodge NHRA Nationals are about to kick off in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Event information

The Dodge NHRA Nationals is an annual event at the end of October and beginning of November. It forms part of the NHRA Drag Racing series and is one of the last events on the calendar before the season ends.

Those who have a need for speed and a passion for automotive entertainment will not want to miss this popular drag racing event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada at 7000 North Las Vegas Boulevard, it’s in the perfect area for an RV holiday.

The Dodge NHRA Nationals venue is exceptional, with a 1,200-acre complex of motorsport racing tracks and proximity to the Las Vegas Strip. The speedway facility can cater for 80,000 people, including RV campers, and boasts some of the best drag racing talents in the world.

If you love nothing more than waking up to the sound of drag racing engines roaring to life, then the Dodge NHRA Nationals is undoubtedly the event for you. After four days of all the petrol power you can get, your family can then explore the many fun things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can go exploring at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, hiking at Ice Box Canyon, or even wildlife watching at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. Both natural and humanmade attractions in Las Vegas are plentiful, so no one is going to find themselves at a loose end.

End your year on a high note by booking your tickets to the Dodge NHRA Nationals, booking the best place for RV camping, then hitting the road.


If you’ve decided that the Dodge NHRA Nationals is an event you can’t miss, then don’t delay in securing your tickets. You can purchase both single-day and weekend passes, which include general admission, reserved seating, and even the option to upgrade to a platinum weekend package. Both children and military have been able to enjoy discounts in the past. The best way to secure tickets is online.

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Las Vegas is the largest city in the Mojave Desert and anchors the Las Vegas Valley. It’s an expansive, densely populated city within Clark County and also borders onto rocky, arid mountain ranges with desert wildlife and vegetation.

While such landscapes can be breath-taking on your RV trip to the Dodge NHRA Nationals, they can also require you to stay on your toes. You will need to have your wits about you as you navigate the steep slopes, varying elevations, and, of course, peak-hour traffic.

Before you tie yourself up in knots about sticking to a schedule, why not download a traffic app? Waze, for example, will alert you to any congestion, weather adversities, or delays you can expect. You can then make your way to 7000 North Las Vegas Boulevard, where the flags are about to drop for some of the best drag racing in the country.

Parking areas

Where and how you park can depend on what you had prearranged when you booked your tickets. If you are not camping at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, then oversized rig parking is available along Loop Road in the Blue Lot. In the past, parking spots in this area have been free, but you must remove your RV at night.

If you are camping overnight, then access to the camping areas is via Las Vegas Boulevard North. Refer to your ticket for which entrance to use, based on the lot you had reserved. Those who are making use of public transport to get to and from the Dodge NHRA Nationals will be able to meet their ride provider on Hollywood Boulevard through Lot 5.

Public Transportation

The way you get to and from the Dodge NHRA Nationals can depend on your preferences. You can use your RV, which is well catered for at this venue, or you can arrange public transportation. There are specific pick up and drop off points for taxis, rideshare service providers, and even chartered buses and a helipad for those who want to arrive in style.

Even more convenient are the shuttle buses which pick you up from various points around Las Vegas, bring you to the venue, then take you back again. Pricing can differ for this service, and seats are limited. Consider what is likely to be more convenient for you before you arrive at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Where to stay


Not only do you get to attend one of the best drag racing events in the country, but you also get to stay overnight on the premises as well. Las Vegas Motor Speedway boasts a myriad of different RV camping lots surrounding the drag strip and speedway oval. Some are paved, while others are grass.

While there are no service hookups, there are shower facilities onsite, and organizers allow you to use enclosed cooking pits and bring your pets, as long as they are on a leash at all times. You may also bring your bicycles, but no motorized forms of transport for navigating the campgrounds.


Those who want to enjoy the wider Las Vegas area as well as drag racing action at the Dodge NHRA Nationals, camping elsewhere may appeal more than trackside. Fortunately, you won’t have any problems trying to find somewhere to stay with an RV, as long as you book your preferred choice weeks in advance.

Various RV campgrounds are accessible with a large RV within 30 miles of the speedway venue, including Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town. Most of these boast service hookups such as water, sewer, and electricity, but others are all about primitive RV camping. Don’t delay in making your choice, for these spots book up fast.

Getting around

Transportation options are plentiful on your visit to the Dodge NHRA Nationals. While your feet will get you from your campsite to the grandstands and vendors comfortably, you can also make use of the tram services. Various trams run regular routes of Las Vegas Motor Speedway to help spectators change up their vantage points. Hop on and jump off at your leisure. You will not be able to use your own golf cart, bicycle, or motorized vehicle.

What to pack


Las Vegas, Nevada, is known for its subtropical hot desert climate, which means you can be quite flexible with your clothing choices. Pack summery attire with confidence as well as your driver supporting gear, but consider adding a few warmer layers to your suitcase for after sunset. Even in October and November, it may be easier than you think to achieve that sun-kissed look.


Given the size of the venue and expected crowds, security advises that a ‘less is best’ approach is preferred for those entering the grandstands. The less you bring, the lower the chance of having to take items back to your RV that are not permitted.

Bring cash, payment cards, earplugs, and binoculars. You may also bring in one 20-ounce plastic or metal bottle of non-alcoholic liquid, as well as one food item per guest, such as a sandwich. Pop your glass, chairs, coolers, backpacks, noisemakers, or other distracting items in your RV for use upon the drag racing’s completion.

Health & Safety

Given the hot Las Vegas climate, it’s paramount to put your health and safety first while you’re at the Dodge NHRA Nationals and while you’re exploring Las Vegas. Pack sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, water, and toiletries, as well as a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat. You may bring one plastic bottle of water in with you to the grandstands, but you may buy more while you’re there.

Make sure you also pack a first aid kit and any prescription medication in your RV, dependent on how long you intend on being on vacation.

Where to eat


Given that Las Vegas Motor Speedway officials allow the use of above-ground fire pits, you may have no qualms about enjoying a primitive-style RV camping experience. Load up on s’mores, hot dogs, loaded potatoes, and even damper for the most authentic camping experience possible. Those who prefer creature comforts of home can also make use of their RV kitchen appliances.

Forgot a few essential ingredients? Near fear, there is a convenience store directly across the road from Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


You are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining options in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only does Las Vegas Motor Speedway have a café, but it’s close to many established eateries in Las Vegas.

Navigate your RV down US-93 or I-15 to find yourself face to face with fast food outlets, convenience stores, authentic Mexican cuisine, Italian, bar and grill establishments, and more. Treat yourself to something new or refreshing on your vacation, but make sure you allow extra time during peak dining hours.


If you would prefer the convenience of staying at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, then you’ll be impressed by the vendor offerings to satisfy your hunger. There is a dedicated race café, as well as independent vendors selling nachos, hot dogs, pizza, barbeque, hamburgers, and more. Quench your thirst with coffee, beer, water, and soda.

If you want to show your support for the drag racers who put on a show, then purchase souvenirs from the gift shop or selected tents. Make sure you bring both cash and payment cards to avoid missing out.



There is a heavy security presence throughout Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Dodge NHRA Nationals. You can find friendly faces at every entry and exit for assistance and safe access to the venue.

Make sure you bring as few possessions with you into the grandstands to save time through the screening process and have your tickets ready for them to check. Security officials may ask to search you, your belongings, and motorhome at any time.


Even though it’s fall and most states in the country are experiencing cold temperatures, Las Vegas bucks the trend. This city averages temperatures in the 80s throughout October, and rarely drops below 50 degrees with minimal rain. However, given the arid conditions, it’s helpful to be prepared for anything and everything. Make sure your heating and cooling system aboard your RV works, and that you have enough water for yourself and your RV during your travels.


An emergency can strike at any time, but fortunately, Las Vegas Motor Speedway is prepared. They have mobile medical patrol teams at various intervals around the grounds. Contact the nearest one for assistance, or make use of the Fan Assistance Line.

If it’s an emergency, flag down an official and dial 911. The nearest medical facility is around ten miles from the race track, and a pharmacy is within eight miles.