DXC Technology 600

The flags are down, and wheel-to-wheel action is about to begin. Gear up your RV and head to Fort Worth, TX, for the three-day DXC Technology 600.

Event information

Every year in early June, tens of thousands of fans and spectators make their way to Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth, Texas, for the DXC Technology 600 IndyCar series. Held under the lights, it’s a wheel-to-wheel racing extravaganza with cars reaching speeds of over 220 miles per hour.

From 1997 until 2005, it was the first race after the Indianapolis 500, then resumed this spot in 2010 and 2011. During its debut in 1997, it was Texas’s first IndyCar race since the late 1970s. DXC Technology, which has sponsored the event, has also sponsored team races and are partners of the Australian Rugby Union team called the Brumbies.

Those who make their way to 3545 Lone Star Circle, Fort Worth, Texas for the DXC Technology 600 will be blown away by what’s on offer. Not only was the track redesigned in 2017 for ultimate viewer experiences, but the racing action is just the beginning of what awaits. There’s entertainment galore for families, RV camping opportunities, and a whole city of tourist attractions for exploration.

If you’re looking for a fun summer road trip and an excuse to take the dust cover off your RV, then the DXC Technology held over three days is it. Track down your supporter’s gear, choose your favorite road trip music and hit the road for Fort Worth, Texas.


Tickets for the DXC Technology 600 are in hot demand, so as soon as you begin preparations for your RV trip, book without delay. Tickets are available for purchase from the Texas Motor Speedway website and vary depending on where you’re seated in the stands and whether or not you are camping on site too. Tickets are also available for luxury suites, pit side, and exclusive clubs. In the past, admission has been as low as $50, and around $10 for children.

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The DXC Technology 600 is at Texas Motor Speedway in Texas. It’s 18 miles from Denton, 22 miles from the center of Fort Worth, and a mere 40 miles from the bustling metropolis of Dallas. Before you hit the road, download a traffic app such as TxDOT or DriveTexas, as you are going to want to have your wits about you on the way.

Whether you’re traveling on Interstate 35W or US-114, it’s imperative to allow extra time for travel. Not only is summer a busy time of year to be on the road, but many thousands of vehicles will be heading to the same venue as well. Upon arriving on the outskirts of Fort Worth, turn off US-114 onto Allison Avenue to finally arrive at Texas Motor Speedway.

Parking areas

Whether you’re in a big rig or a standard-sized RV, you’ll be pleased to know that parking is plentiful and, in the past, free of charge. Where you park for the day can depend on if you are camping on site or venturing out of the grounds once the racing is over. There is parking along the front stretch of the grandstands and unpaved parking on the west side. A paved dirt track is also open for parking near the backstretch of the grandstand.

Public Transportation

While there are no public bus services that run directly to the DXC Technology 600 race, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a ride elsewhere. Some accommodation providers offer shuttle services, and you can also order a taxi or private ride service provider. Those who choose to camp on site may see value in an alternative transportation method during their stay if a trip from the track is desired.

Where to stay


It’s not always easy to find somewhere to camp in an RV, but when you attend the DXC Technology 600, you’re spoiled for choice. You will find many different camping areas dotted around the facility, which you can reserve in advance. There are family camping options, unreserved spots, and VIP camping for those who want a little bit of luxury during their stay.

When you camp at DXC Technology 600, you get to enjoy service hookups, a pet-friendly environment, shower facilities, restrooms, and even an RV general store. Shuttles also run to and from the campground to the racing for your convenience.


Trackside camping doesn’t appeal to all, and that’s okay. Just want to check out the events on your way to other places in the area? If you would prefer a degree of separation between your vacation entertainment and your accommodation, then check out the RV parks and resorts within a 20-mile drive of Texas Motor Speedway. There are plenty of luxurious places to park your RV at night with convenient service hookups and other facilities.

Getting around

When you see Texas Motor Speedway for the first time, you may wonder how tired you’re going to get navigating all 1,500 acres on foot. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it all by foot. You may find a tram and shuttle service in operation throughout the three days of the DXC Technology 600. This service has been free in the past and has several pick-up points from parking entrances, camping lots, and various entrance gates into the venue. Personal golf carts and wheeled transport are not allowed.

What to pack


Aside from your racing supporter’s gear, you won’t need to be in a hurry to pack anything too heavy, bulky, or warm. Summer has well and truly begun for the DXC Technology 600, so you’ll be wearing shorts, singlets, t-shirts, and other light, breathable layers during your stay. Even at night, you’ll likely prefer summer sheets and light bedding as opposed to wool blankets and throws.


There is a lot to think about when you’re packing for the DXC Technology 600, and plenty you are not going to want to forget. Make sure you bring cash, binoculars, a small cooler, your event tickets, comfortable walking shoes, earplugs, and a hat. You can also rent a scanner or bring your own, then tune into the racing action with the frequency found on your event program. You can also bring food and beverages but leave anything glass back at your RV.

Health & Safety

Given the intense summer sun, you must think about your health and safety during your three-day stay at DCX Technology 600. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses, and pop a first aid kit in your RV storage area. Any toiletries and prescriptions you need on your holiday are helpful to bring too if you wish to avoid leaving the speedway to locate them.

If you’re a smoker, make your way to the concourse area to light up, as smoking is not permitted in the grandstands.

Where to eat


Your camping adventure is about to begin, so make sure you have everything you need to feed the troops. You’ll need cookware, cutlery, plates, and plenty of gas for your onboard kitchen appliances, too. Fire bans may be in effect, so talk to your host before you light any campfires or charcoal grills. Many convenience items and snacks can also be purchased from the RV general store. Otherwise, there is a convenience store within a one-and-a-half-mile journey from Texas Motor Speedway.


Not only is there a dedicated restaurant onsite to satisfy those hunger pangs, but plenty within Fort Worth and surrounding townships. From sweet treats such as cookies and brownies, through to soft pretzels, chicken sandwiches, smoothies, burgers, and more, Texas has it all. Many restaurants even line State Highway 114, which is a short distance from the race track.


There will almost be no need to venture into Fort Worth when you realize how well the onsite vendors can cater to your needs. Enjoy hamburgers, nachos, hot dogs, chicken baskets, and even quesadillas right by the racing action. Even those with gluten intolerances are catered for with options that fit their dietary requirements.

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are for sale and official Texas Motor Speedway souvenirs too. Bring both cash and a credit card, as purchase methods may differ at each stand.



You’re in safe hands when you make your way to Texas Motor Speedway for the DXC Technology 600. Strict screening protocols are in place at the entrance, and all bags, coolers, and people may be subjected to search upon arrival.

You can speed up this process by leaving your umbrellas, wheeled transport, glass, and large backpacks back at your RV. Any weapons or illegal items are not allowed on Speedway property for DXC Technology 600 or any other event you attend.


There’s only one thing to say about the weather in Fort Worth for the DSX Technology 600, and that’s hot. Most days in June average around 90 degrees, with only a 20-degree drop overnight. With this in mind, it’s paramount to carry enough water on board for both you and your RV and check that your AC is in excellent working condition before you hit the road or be prepared with fans.


Medical attention is available when you need it courtesy of mobile medical teams on speedway grounds. Identify a team member who can help, or make use of the text service with what you require and your location.

For anything that requires outside medical attention, the nearest medical center is ten miles away. There is also a pharmacy for medical supplies within 11 miles.