Elements Lakewood Festival

Planning an RV trip to Pennsylvania? Make the Elements Lakewood Festival, a unique music and cultural event, a part of your itinerary.

Event information

Elements Festival is a music, art, and culture event that takes place annually in Lakewood, Pennsylvania. It is held in a scenic retreat situated in the beautiful hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The yearly lineup features an eclectic mix of talented musicians and bands. Artists who have performed at Elements Lakewood Festival in the past include Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Claude VonStroke, Big Gigantic, Horse Meat Disco, Eli & Fur, and The Golden Pony.

Despite the fact that thousands of people attend the festival every year, the venue has an intimate, secluded feel. In keeping with the name and theme of the event, four primary stages are set up at different parts of the site—the Fire Stage, Air Stage, Earth Stage, and Water Stage.

While live music is the highlight of the event, Elements Festival is about so much more. Guests can immerse themselves in unique experiences like exploring hidden forests, dancing under the stars, and getting lost in immersive art.

The more adventurous festival-goers can try rock climbing, kayaking, zip-lining as well as several team sports. There will also be plenty of other activities to enjoy throughout the day, like wellness workshops, waterfront parties, and interactive performances.


Patrons can choose between General Admission and VIP tickets for the Elements Music & Arts Festival. A tiered pricing strategy is followed, so it’s a good idea to get your hands on early bird tickets if possible. Single-day passes may become available closer to the start day of the event.

Prices have often started around $210 (Early Bird General Admission Pass) and may go to about $530 (Final Tier VIP Pass). The event is only open to guests above the age of 18. Camping, parking, and shuttle passes can also be purchased.

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Elements Lakewood Festival is held in a remote location near Lakewood, Pennsylvania. Lakewood is about two hours away from Philadelphia and two and a half hours from New York City. You may lose cell service as you approach the venue.

Be sure to get familiar with the directions to 85 Stockport Road, Lake Como, Pennsylvania beforehand, or print them out, so you have a reference on hand.

Travel in the region means driving through forests and motorists can expect to encounter plenty of turns in the road and possibly wildlife.

Parking areas

Every vehicle will require a parking pass to park at the onsite lot. There are two parking options for cars: VIP onsite parking and offsite festival parking. Shuttles are available to bring guests from the offsite parking area to the venue. A limited number of larger spaces may be available if you’d like to park your RV at one of these lots.

Public Transportation

Public transportation can be hard to come by in the remote area surrounding the Elements Music & Arts Festival. The festival offers a paid shuttle service from various neighboring locations to the venue. This is the most cost-effective and convenient way to reach the grounds apart from driving there. Drop-offs are not allowed, in order to keep traffic moving in the limited entry space.

Where to stay


Elements Festival welcomes guests with onsite camping options. If you'd like to camp in your own rig, a very limited number of RV camping spaces may be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These tend to get booked up months ahead of the event, so it's a good idea to reserve your space as soon as possible. If RV sites are full, it may be possible to attend in a smaller camping vehicle in a non-RV car camping site, but these are also limited in number.


The nearest campground is less than ten miles away, and you’ll find a couple of other good options within a 20-mile radius. Many of the campgrounds and RV parks in the vicinity offer primitive RV camping, although you’d find a few with hookups and other facilities available.

Honesdale/Poconos KOA is about 17 miles away and offers spacious RV sites with hookups. Remember to note the route between your chosen campground and the venue and stay alert for road closures in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Getting around

Bicycles, scooters, Segways, ATVs, and other personal vehicles will not be permitted in the performance areas. Roller skates will be allowed in the roller skating rink. Campers are encouraged to bring wagons to transport their belongings. ADA accessible shuttles will be available upon request. To use this service, patrons will want to contact the organizers at least four weeks in advance.

What to pack


Anything goes at the Elements Festival. Guests are encouraged to express their creativity and individuality through costumes and colorful attire. Make sure your clothing is made from breathable fabrics like cotton so you can stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Covered flat shoes are recommended since there is a good amount of uneven terrain to navigate.


Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. A portable charger and a lightweight blanket can also come in handy. Make sure all your camping gear is waterproof and stash extra sheets and blankets in your RV. The last thing you want is to be cold or wet on a rainy night.

During the day, however, you may want swimwear for the lake. Guests also appreciate decorating campsites, so bring something that shows off your personality, and be ready to enjoy what others display at their sites.

Health & Safety

Two gallons of water can be brought in per person, and there will be water refill stations located throughout the grounds. Make sure you keep your festival wristband on at all times since it will become void if removed. Guests can bring a limited amount of beer or wine for personal use. Hard liquor or glass bottles are prohibited.

Where to eat


Elements offers a small convenience store on the festival grounds where basic supplies will be available. If you're staying at an offsite campground or RV park, you may be able to grab a few items here before heading back for the night. Campers may use small propane stoves, but fuel restrictions apply. Be prepared to dry camp if you are able to get an onsite camping spot.


The tiny community of Lakewood may be the closest spot to seek a restaurant meal near the festival. While the number of eateries may be limited, travelers may also appreciate the small-town feel of the area. While exploring the town, grab a coffee at one of the quaint local cafes, or share a pizza with your newest music-loving friends.


You’ll have a wide range of foods to choose from at the Elements Music & Arts Festival, including regional flavors, healthy snacks, and vegan and vegetarian options. Many of the food and drink vendors will be in Center City, an area situated in the middle of the venue, and equipped to feed you and your crew. Here you’ll also find seating zones where you can enjoy your meals.



Trained security personnel will be in charge of ensuring the safety of patrons and festival staff. Your belongings will be searched before entry into the main festival area. Random bag checks may be conducted as well. Check the festival website for the list of prohibited items and avoid bringing these into the grounds.


Light showers are not likely to affect the performances if the skies get wet, and there are plenty of covered spaces where you can seek shelter. Element organizers may postpone or cancel an event if the weather turns unexpectedly severe.

Weather and road alerts will be updated on the festival’s social media pages. Be sure to check these while planning your trip, but remember that cell service may be limited on site.


There will be a first aid station located close to the main concert area. Here you can get support and assistance from trained medical professionals. Porta-potties will be available in the camping areas. Any medications that you need to carry with you must be in their prescribed labeled bottles.