Enterprise to El Paso Road Trip Guide


If you're looking for a road trip that begins in the Deep South and stretches out towards the west, then a trip from Enterprise, Alabama to El Paso, Texas might be a good choice. The city of Enterprise is located in southern Alabama. And it serves as a good starting point for a road trip that will take you through four states including Texas. Plus, you’ll be going through the Lone Star State, which is the largest state in the lower 48.

From southern Alabama to the Texas panhandle, you are bound to find a few interesting places on a road trip that spans seven days in an RV. By the time this trip is over, you'll probably have taken plenty of pictures and made lasting memories among everything else. Along the way, there will be plenty of RV parks to stop at, no matter what size rig you've got. Whether they are just off the road or a bit out of the way, we know a few places where you can crash. Let’s drive through the south and go west!

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Boll Weevil Monument

What better way to start off this road trip with a visit to the Boll Weevil Monument? Before you ask, why is there a monument in honor of an insect? There’s a story behind it all. Boll weevils are known for invading much of the southern United States and destroying cotton crops along the way. Instead of seeing boll weevils as a negative, farmers believed it was a sign that while they were dependant on cotton, they wanted to diversify their crops. And that’s exactly what they did. Most grew peanuts and others grew various crops like tobacco. The Boll Weevil represented a sign that no matter how bad things can get, people will always find new ways to prosper and stay a step ahead of disaster.

After you’ve visited the Boll Weevil Monument, you can take off towards El Paso. If you want to spend another day in Enterprise, then you might want to check out some of the nearby campgrounds and RV Parks. One good place to check out is the Ozark, Alabama KOA (Kampground of America) which is located northeast of the city. It might be a bit out of the way, but you won’t be far from the roads you’ll need to hop on.

USS Alabama

If you are a bit of a history buff, you can check out the USS Alabama Memorial Museum. The Alabama was a warship that is one of four South Dakota class ships that fought naval battles during World War II. The ship has since been decommissioned as of 1947. But today, it serves as a museum and a memorial to those who died during the war. It is one of a few ships that has not only performed missions in the Atlantic theater but also in the Pacific theater.

While you are in Mobile, you can stay at one of the handfuls of RV parks in this city on the water. If you got yourself a big rig, the Shady Acres Campground has the space for you. With other amenities like free WiFi and easy access to numerous roadways that you’ll be taking throughout the rest of your road trip, you’re pretty much in the center of it all.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

As you journey on through, you’ll be seeing plenty of Gulf Coast. As you venture from Alabama into Mississippi, you’ll come across the Gulf Islands National Seashore. This federally owned land is located east of Biloxi. The Gulf Islands Seashore is 160 miles long and stretches from Mississippi through the Florida Panhandle. You can check out the sea life, coastal wildlife, and take a dip in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are looking for an RV Park, you can check out the Davis Bayou Campground located in nearby Ocean Springs. You get plenty of space and hookups that you’ll need for your rig. Plus, you will be within a reasonable distance from plenty of Ocean Springs’ restaurants where you can enjoy everything from burgers to seafood.

Gulf Islands Waterpark

If you are looking for fun for the entire family, there’s the Gulf Islands Waterpark just outside of Gulfport, Mississippi. This island-themed park has plenty of pools, waterslides, cabanas and everything in between. If you are traveling through here in the summertime, you’d be hard-pressed to come across a place like this anywhere else on your way to El Paso.

In fact, you can just park your RV at the nearby Bay Berry RV Park and head on over to the waterpark yourself. That way, you can be able to spend the day at this exciting place and get enjoy all the fun.

Old Louisiana State Capital

Another state, another place to stop. This time, you’ll be in the state capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. While there, you can check out the Old Louisiana State Capital building. This castle-like structure, built in the 19th century, once housed the Louisiana State Legislature. Today, it serves as a museum where you can learn about the history of Louisiana politics. And rumor has it, the building might be haunted.

While there are so many RV parks and campgrounds scattered throughout Baton Rouge, there’s a KOA Holiday that is located east of the city. Yes, you may be going back the way you came from a bit. But at least you’ll be right back on I-10 west the next day as you head towards Texas.

Space Center Houston

Houston, we have a stop. After driving through much of Louisiana, you’ve finally made it to Texas. But there is plenty of ground to cover up to this point. While you are in Houston, there is no better place to go than the Space Center Houston. This is where NASA’s mission control works while communicating with space crews that are working beyond our horizons and exploring space. The Science and Space Exploration Learning Center is the perfect place where you and your family can learn everything there is to know about space. Don’t forget the interactive and hands-on activities you can do while you are there.

Houston has plenty of RV parks and campsites that you can choose from with most of them just outside of the city. Depending on your rig size, you might want to plan accordingly. A handful of them have plenty of amenities and are within walking distance of some great places to eat.

The Alamo

Hopefully, you didn’t forget about The Alamo. Because you’ll be near San Antonio as you continue your drive through Interstate 10. Is it a bit out of the way? Not really. But it will give you a chance to not just explore this famous landmark where the battle for Texas took place. Many gave their lives here including the legendary Davy Crockett. Meanwhile, you can also explore San Antonio and the famous Riverwalk while you are still in the city.

Of course, you’ll be in a place where there are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds that are located both in and out of the city. But you can never go wrong with a KOA campground. You’ll find one just off of Interstate 10 located not far from Splashtown San Antonio.

Marfa Lights

Let’s get off Interstate 10 and hop on US route 90 for the rest of this trip. The reason why is there is a can’t miss attraction that you need to check out. The only thing about it is, you’ll need to see this at night.

The Marfa Lights have long been a sight to see for so many years. People say it might be aliens, spirits, an atmospheric reflection of car headlights, or who knows what else. But regardless of what you hear, get ready for a fascinating light show like no other.

Once you have explored the lights and gotten a few pictures, you can stay at the nearby Marfa Yacht Club Airstream RV Park. It can handle RVs of any size. Plus, you’ll get to wake up to some pretty awesome views of the Texas landscape. It’s cool to see, even when the sun rises.


You have finally made it to the Texas panhandle. And that’s where El Paso is. Now that you have arrived, you might want to rest up and explore this city that sits right on the US-Mexico border. If you are looking for a place for the family, you might want to check out the Sunland Park Dinosaur Tracks. It’s been said that millions of years ago, many dinosaurs of various species have roamed this part of America. Don’t be surprised if you come across a real dinosaur fossil as well.

Of course, you’ll never run out of RV parks to choose from. But the only issue would be to choose one that will fit your rig. However, the El Paso Roadrunner RV Park will definitely be the go-to place if you are looking to stay a night or two in El Paso. Plenty of amenities are available and you’ll be near a few excellent places to eat.

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