Enterprise to Green Bay Road Trip Guide


Enterprise is a city in southern Alabama surrounded by vast agricultural land used to produce some of the best peanuts in North America. Enterprise is a moderately sized city and has the ideal weather for growing not only one of the world's favorite snacks and the main ingredient of the delectable spread, peanut butter, but palm trees too. While the city is many miles from the nearest beach, the tall palms lining the streets give Enterprise a tropical atmosphere that matches its year-round mild climate.

Take a stroll around the quiet streets of Enterprise and after you've taken your photo with the Boll Weevil Monument, browsed the exhibits at the US Army Aviation Museum and had your fill of fried chicken and biscuits at Bojangles, you could be struggling to find something else to do. Things do liven up once a year when the harvest is over and the neighboring city of Dothan holds the world's largest Peanut Festival in November as well as a fun Highland Games in September.

If you find yourself going a little nuts from boredom the rest of the year, pack up a rig or trailer and head out on a seven-day road trip from Enterprise to Green Bay in Wisconsin. Get rid of built-up tension at a paintball park, go mountain biking in a scenic state park and tour underground caverns. From lakes with beaches to a refuge for wolves to watching hot air balloons float across the Alabama countryside, whether you're traveling with family or friends, you'll find this road trip has something for everyone.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: any
audience: all

Point of Interest

Central Alabama Paintball Park

Motor out of Enterprise on the I 65 northbound and once you've gone one-hundred and fifty miles, pull off onto the US 31. A couple of miles along the US 31, just through Calera, you'll see a turn onto Rosebud Lane where the Central Alabama Paintball Park is located. You'll have no trouble finding somewhere to leave your rig while you go in for a game as the facility has a spacious parking lot.

It doesn't matter what age group you're taking your road trip from Enterprise to Green Bay with as the park caters for all from four years of age upwards. Get kitted out with your equipment then get ready for some fun action time on one of the many different courses.

Popping at your friends or family with a loaded paintball gun is a fantastic way to relieve any lingering stress or tension and will leave you cool, calm and relaxed to enjoy the rest of your journey. You'll also be able to argue about who demonstrated the most shooting skills, but there will be no contesting which was the winning team as all games are overseen by a safety host.

Oak Mountain State Park

The Oak Mountain State Park is a great place to camp for the first night of your road trip. The state park covers an area of over nine-thousand acres and has a first-class campground that can accommodate rigs or trailers up to sixty feet in length. Most of the campsites have full hook-ups and the on-site amenities include showers and a laundry. Walk-ups are not permitted, but you can reserve a campsite anytime up to one day before unless you're arriving on a holiday weekend when you'll need to book three months in advance.

The Oak Mountain State Park provides you and your road trip buddies with just about every type of outdoor recreation imaginable. One of the most popular activities at the park is mountain biking and there's a network of trails for all levels of riders as well as a BMX course. If you want to try your hand at cable skiing or wakeboarding, you can do that from the marina on Double Oak Lake or for the kids, there's a small floating waterpark. Take a tranquil hike through the surrounding forest and you'll come across the stunning Peavine Falls. This state park really wants for nothing so you may well find yourself staying there for longer than anticipated.

Rickwood Caverns

There's a lot to see in Alabama and not all the good stuff is above ground. Thirty miles north of the city of Birmingham are the Rickwood Caverns, a set of subterranean caves that are a must-see. The caves are inside the boundaries of the small, three-hundred and eighty-acre Rickwood Caverns State Park which has some other installations you may well want to make use of while you're there.

The caverns are literally an underground labyrinth formed in a layer of soft limestone. Inside, they are a fantasy world of stalagmites and stalactites that have been illuminated to make them even more impressive. There's a pool with blind fish, bats and lots of fossils. A tour of the caves takes around an hour and a half, covering a trail of a mile with lots of steps at the exit so it isn't suitable for babies in strollers or those who have mobility difficulty. Above ground, the park has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, hiking trails, and picnic areas.

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

There's nothing quite so majestic as watching numerous hot air balloons take to the sky at the same time. If you're taking your RV road trip from Enterprise to Green Bay on Memorial Day weekend, you'll be able to attend one of the biggest ballooning events in North America.

The Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic is held in Point Mallard Park in Decatur which is about eighty miles north of Birmingham. If you want to pitch camp a little away from the festival mayhem, check out the Clear Creek or Corinth Recreation Areas in the Bankhead National Forest to the south-west of Decatur.

During the days of the festival, ballooning starts in the early morning and finishes late at night. There are organized races for the ballooning participants that involve dropping bean bags on specific targets or requires them to float over a set distance within a set time limit. Probably the most spectacular ballooning events take place after the sun has set and the balloons glow in the dark. It's an unforgettable sight.

Belle Meade Plantation

Keep rolling northwards along the I 65 in your rig and you'll cross the Alabama state border with Tennessee. Stop off in the Nashville suburbs to take a step into history at the Belle Meade Plantation. The plantation is situated to the south-west of the city a couple of miles from the center on the edge of the Radnor Lake State Park.

The Belle Meade Plantation was a cotton-producing and horse breeding farm in the early 1800s right up until its economic demise one-hundred years later in 1906. In its hey-day, the plantation had a workforce of over one hundred and thirty slaves occupied with maintaining the two-thousand plus acres of land and the immense mansion at its center. To tour the house alone takes a full forty-five minutes so it's easy to imagine its size before even going inside. Explore the grounds and you'll see fully restored slave cabins filled with photographs and artifacts dating from before and after freedom was granted to all.

Skeletons Lair Scream Park

Maybe not for the fainthearted or if you're on the road trip from Enterprise to Green Bay with small children, but for any fan of horror movies, the Skeleton's Lair Scream Park is a definite must-do. Cross from Tennessee into the state of Kentucky and get ready to give your vocal cords some serious exercise as you scream your way around this award-winning theme park. The park is just outside of Scottsville along the coincidentally named Cemetery Road.

As soon as you enter the park, expect the goosebumps to start rising as you go through the terrifying Big Top complete with scary clowns. It won't get any less frightening when go into Grimley's Morgue or explore the haunted woods, take the spooky hayride or enter the doll factory. This place will totally wake up all your slumbering paranoias and a few phobias that you didn't even know you had. It is the stuff of nightmares and if you didn't suffer from them before, you will after visiting here.

Deam Lake State Recreation Area

As you continue your road trip from Enterprise to Green Bay, you'll probably want to spend at least a couple of days off the highway and somewhere you can totally chill out. The Deam Lake Recreation Area makes for an idyllic campground where there are plenty of activities to participate in when, and if, you feel inclined. The recreation area is north of Louisville, Kentucky, over the border with Indiana and a few miles west of the I65 in the direction of Carwood.

The site has two campgrounds for RVs, one is for RVers with horses and has interconnecting trails leading to the eighty miles of bridleways in the nearby Clark State Forest. Both campgrounds require you to reserve your campsite before arriving. You can do this by calling directly or booking online.

At the Deam Lake State Recreation Area, you can fish in the two-hundred-acre lake, go boating, swimming, hiking along four different treks, ride a mountain bike over the designated trails or just catch some rays on the beach. Hunting is permitted so long as you have the required permit and stick to the specified zones and during peak season there's a nature center open to the public too where you can participate in interactive programs for adults or families.

Wolf Park

Get in touch with the wilder side of North America by planning a visit to the Wolf Park in Indiana before you reach the end of your road trip from Enterprise. The animal refuge dedicated to these magnificent creatures is located north of Indianapolis just outside the rural community of Battle Ground, Indiana. To get there, leave the I 65 at junction 178 which is right by the Prophetstown State Park. The state park has a decent sized campground and a waterpark in the summer months, so it's a great place to pitch camp if you decide to stop over in the area.

All walks around the Wolf Park are guided by an expert on the animals so not only will you see them, you'll get to learn lots of interesting facts about their natures and behaviors. The wolves live in spacious enclosures that mimic their natural habitat and as they have a tendency to be more active during the hours of darkness, a nocturnal visit to one of the park's howl nights can be ultimately rewarding.


Roll into Green Bay after a week on the road in your rig and you'll be impressed with the city's stunning waterfront location on the shores of Lake Michigan. To appreciate the views to the full, take a stroll along the mile and a quarter long City Deck promenade. The boardwalk is lined with cafes and restaurants where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city before heading into the Downtown or Broadway districts to explore or visit some of Green Bays' many museums and art galleries.

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