Florida National Motocross

What better place to host a dirt bike race than in sunny Florida at the end of June? Pack up your RV and head to the races for the weekend.

Event information

With a unique mix of Florida clay and the sand already on the ranch, WW Motocross Park is a special kind of racetrack. Owned by Junior Scarborough, who always dreamed of having a racetrack on his property, he is present for every single race. In fact, because it is on the family farm, he and his family spend much of their time at the track, and they love the sport as well as the people.

The atmosphere is perfect as soon as you walk through the gates with the food court to the northeast of the track and the Sponsor Village to the west. The track is compact but has some fantastic jumps and runs like the Lucas Oil Launch, FMF Power Shot, and the Red Bull Blast. Premium RV parking here is fantastic. You are just feet from the track. VIP camping is right next to that and has its own section of the park.

You’ll love the sound of the crowd cheering and the motors revving as the riders race for the gold. This is one of the newest racetracks with some great spectator spots to choose from, even if you don’t buy a VIP pass. Unique to this track is the VVIP Party Shack that has roof-top seating with AC, free food and drinks, a pit pass, and more. It can accommodate 10 to 50 people and has indoor seating, charging stations, a 50” TV, liquor cabinet, and Wi-Fi. This is the ultimate way to watch a race in style.


Ticket prices in the past have varied depending on the ticket you choose. With an RV or camper, it is best to get a camping ticket, which has ranged from $75 to $600 in the past with varying amenities. You can choose a primitive spot or one with water and 30-amp or 50-amp hookups. If you are camping elsewhere, the tickets range from $20 to $500, depending on what features you want to get.

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Just 20 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, WW Motocross Park is easy to find and no trouble getting to since it was built with big rigs in mind. You can get to the track from I-10 or I-295 coming from the east or west. If you are coming from anywhere north or south, you can use FL-23 or US-301.

Parking areas

You can park for free any day except on Saturday when there is a small fee. However, if you are camping, your fee is included in your ticket already. There are plenty of parking spots, and there is no length limit, so you should not have any trouble finding a spot, but it is best to get there early when driving an RV.

Public Transportation

In a city of over a million, there is plenty of public transportation available. Jacksonville Transportation Authority may offer some options to the east but will not always come as far as WW Motocross Park. In addition, you can call for a taxi or rideshare service to make your way between the venue and Jacksonville.

Where to stay


At WW Ranch Raceway, you have several choices of campsites including premier RV parking with extras including food and utilities, RV parking with 30- 50-amp hookups and water, and RV parking without hookups. Bring extra water and a camp stove just in case. No open fires are allowed, and neither are glass bottles, but pets are welcome as long as they are restrained and supervised at all times.


Jacksonville has a lot of campgrounds to choose from within a 20-mile radius. A few are primitive, but some have utility hookups, showers, and RV dump sites. You can even find some with playgrounds, pools, and walking trails. Almost all of them have a picnic table and a campfire ring at each site, and all are pet-friendly.

Getting around

Visitors are not allowed to bring scooters, pit bikes, quads, golf carts, ATVs, or any other wheeled transportation devices. Since this is a small park, getting around should be easy, but wear comfortable shoes and be smart about what you bring with you. A lot of fans bring wheeled coolers to store their drinks and food as well as small backpacks to carry other items.

What to pack


June can be a scorcher in Florida, so pack light clothes that breathe, such as cotton. T-shirts and shorts are a must as are comfortable walking shoes. The temperatures can go above 100 degrees here, and the sun is brutal, so wear a hat and sunglasses as well. A scarf or light long-sleeved shirt can help keep the sun off you, too.


Grab one of those wheeled coolers to bring your drinks, food, and ice in, and you can also use it as a seat. There are no bleachers or seating in most viewing areas, so you will be thankful to have the cooler to sit on, even if you don’t need the drinks or food. A camera, binoculars, and your phone can also be carried in a backpack or fanny pack.

Health & Safety

It is hot and sunny in Jacksonville in June, so you will need sun protection. Besides a hat and sunglasses, bring sunscreen and make sure you use it. Chapstick is a good idea to keep your lips from burning. Take a water bottle so you can refill it from water stations or restrooms while you are there, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Where to eat


Although some of the campsites have electric and water, it is not guaranteed. Bring along a bunch of extra water and a camp stove with propane for cooking. Campers are not allowed to have an open fire, so a camp stove is necessary if you do not have utilities. You may also want to fill up your water tank beforehand just in case you cannot get access to the water hookups. Grocery stores are not far if you need to grab something you forgot to bring.


While you are in Jacksonville, make sure you stop by one or more of the seafood restaurants in town. If you don’t like seafood, you have plenty of other choices to pick from such as fried chicken, a plethora of fast food places, Asian cuisine, several Mexican restaurants, or pizza joints.


Whether you are looking for hotdogs, burgers, popcorn, or beer, you can find pretty much anything here on race weekend. Some of the favorites mentioned in the past include corndogs, hoagies, BBQ ribs, and pizza. Food Court is located just to the northeast of the track next to MotoTees and the First Class Zone. Sponsors show off their newest products in Sponsor Village southwest of the track by MotoTees and the Paddock.



Security may not be visible, but they are there, nonetheless. Off-duty Jacksonville police officers and volunteer security guards have been helpful in keeping the peace in the past. The security team is there to assist you if you need it and to enforce the rules so everyone can have a fun but safe weekend. You are responsible for any injury to you or your loved ones or damage to personal property at the raceway.


Let’s face it, Florida is hot, especially in the summer. The average temperatures in Jacksonville are 97 to 100 degrees for the high and 72 to 75 for the low. Rain can happen (and usually does) anytime in Florida, especially in the afternoon and early evening hours. Bring an umbrella, which can help with the rain as well as giving you some shade.


If you or a loved one needs medical attention, the closest hospital is Ed Fraser Memorial on US-90, which is 16 miles to the west of the track in Macclenny. If your medical needs are minor, you are welcome to stop by the first aid tent in the park, which is typically by the front entrance. Pharmacy services are also available in Macclenny if your crew needs a few smaller items.