Fox Raceway National

Get the holeshot, and don’t miss a minute of the action! Fox Raceway National is about to begin, and this championship round is heating up in Pala, California.

Event information

Fox Raceway National is a race event that forms one round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. It’s held in Pala, California, at Fox Raceway and boasts an action-packed schedule with 125, 350, and 450cc motocross classes to get the crowds on their feet.

Those with a passion for motocross will jump at the chance to be a part of this standout event. It features some of the most talented riders in the nation and even allows RV-goers to make it a vacation destination.

You can pull up in your motorhome, enjoy on site primitive RV camping, stay the night, then explore the greater Pala, California area, which is sure to impress. Visitors to the region can go exploring at Marion Canyon, hiking at Wilderness Gardens Preserve, or even fishing on the outskirts at Palomar Mountain State Park.

But if your primary goal is to attend a standout motocross facility and make the most of your spring vacation, then you’re in the right place. Fox Raceway offers six beginner and pro-level motocross tracks, a covered patio, a stocked retail store to pick up some souvenirs of your trip, and a stunning backdrop of canyons and mountains for as far as the eye can see.

If it has been some time since you treated your moto-mad family to a road trip and adventure, then this may be the trip for you. Grab the holeshot, and don’t miss a minute of the action at Fox Raceway National.


Whether you’re a die-hard motocross fan or merely an enthusiast, you are bound to find a ticket option to suit for the Fox Raceway National. Enjoy the opportunity to purchase general and super pass tickets that allow you access to all parts of the facility.

You can also buy pit passes to meet and greet riders, while also being allowed to get a photo or autograph at each rider’s discretion. Ticket prices vary, and if you are camping overnight, payment is due on the day on a first-in, first-served basis.

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For those who would prefer to go on a spring vacation rather than do spring cleaning, then there’s no better place to travel to than Pala for Fox Raceway National. This quaint community in the Pala Indian Reservation has long been a traditional gathering place for Native Americans and is also known for its mineral resources, such as tourmaline and gold.

It’s within a short driving distance of San Bernardino National Forest, Cleveland National Forest, and the North Pacific Ocean for a spot of fishing. RV-goers will also take pleasure in the stunning mountain scenery, which is visible from most major and minor highways, such as CA-76 and I-15, that point you in the direction of Pala.

If you’re new to the area, then allow a traffic app such as California Road Report to guide the way. You’ll be at Fox Raceway, 12799, CA-76, in no time.

Parking areas

If you are not camping at Fox Raceway overnight and would prefer to park your big rig in the parking area, then you’re in luck. There is plenty of off-street parking at the motocross track for RVs and pilot vehicles alike. In the past, there has been a small cost for day parking, and you must remove your RV and other vehicles at night. You can also park at a campground and make use of public transportation to get you to and from Fox Raceway during the day.

Public Transportation

Even though Pala is a small community, it knows how to cater to visitors. If you don’t want to park your RV at Pala’s Fox Raceway motocross track, you can leave it at your accommodation. You can then jump aboard the bus that has a regular schedule and bus stop directly outside Fox Raceway. Make sure you check the timetable to see if times and days align with when the action is kicking off.

Where to stay


Even though Fox Raceway National is only a single-day event for spectators, you are more than welcome to camp on site until midmorning on the final day of Fox Raceway National. There is a preferred and fan camping area, and there is no need to reserve your spot. You can arrive on the day, even with your dog on a leash, and allow a member of Fox Raceway to guide you to the most appropriate location.

There are no service hookups such as electricity, sewer, and water, but you will get to experience primitive RV camping at its finest. You may use generators and create wood fires in portable fire pits unless a red flag warning is in play.


Even though RV camping options in Pala are limited, you will be able to secure the best RV campground nearby if you miss out on a place at Fox Raceway. There is an RV resort in the heart of Pala, but also primitive RV camping opportunities at San Bernardino National Forest.

If you prefer the finer things in life, then enjoy service hookups at RV resorts in neighboring towns and cities, such as Winterwarm. The longer you wait to book your RV accommodation near Pala, the further you may need to travel to see the racing.

Getting around

Fox Raceway National is an expansive venue with a myriad of different tracks, but it won’t be all that difficult to navigate on foot. Fox Raceway National is held on a particular part of the venue, which means you can stick within a select area that’s straightforward to wander around on foot. Some people may also like to get around the camping area on a pedaled bike, but there will be no need for pit bikes, scooters, or other motorized transport.

What to pack


Temperatures are mild and comfortable in May during Fox Raceway National, but that doesn’t mean you can haul out the summer gear just yet. Pack clothing you can layer up or down with the changing of the temperatures. There may also be a few days where rainfall is expected. Expect the unexpected and pack a full season of clothing to ensure you’re ready for anything in California.


Given that primitive camping is the only option for RV-goers who wish to camp at the race track, you will need to ensure you have plenty of camping and cooking supplies in your RV. Your waste tanks should be empty and your water ones full, and you may also see the value in camp chairs, small blankets, and binoculars, so you don’t miss those crazy jumps. Leave any glass, banners, and pets back in your camping area and bring plenty of cash for onsite vendor purchases.

Health & Safety

Being outside in the elements during a motocross event can take its toll. Don’t underestimate your need for sunscreen, bug spray, and lip balm, even during overcast days. Bring plenty of water to remain hydrated, and carry a first aid kit with you in your RV at all times, especially while exploring the rest of the region.

Where to eat


Fox Raceway organizers allow the use of above-ground fire pits as long as what you are burning is wood. Restrictions may be in place during adverse weather conditions or when red flags are out. If in doubt, ask the security officials. You can also collect plenty of grocery supplies in the local Pala supplies store mere minutes from the race track.


For those who want a break from camp cooking, you don’t have to travel all too far in your RV to experience some delicious cuisine. Pala may be a small community, but they go big when it comes to food choices. Enjoy tacos along Highway 76 or convenience food at the local deli. If you don’t mind traveling a little further for something more substantial, you can explore a myriad of options a mere eight miles away in Pala Mesa.


Vendor offerings can differ from one year to the next. But while the options may change, the quality doesn’t. There will be plenty of food and beverages for sale during the Fox Raceway National, as well as merchandise to support your favorite riders. Bring cash as ATM facilities may not be available on race day.



Security officials of Fox Raceway do all they can to keep everyone safe and secure. They urge spectators to stay away and off the race track and to remain aware of their surroundings while in pit areas. If you are away from your RV at any time, secure it, and store valuables out of sight. You can also receive assistance from onsite staff at the main entrance, Gate 1.


Spring conditions can be quite unpredictable in Pala, California, but most people will enjoy the mild temperatures that grace the area in May. Average temperatures are above 75 degrees-Fahrenheit, but nighttime temperatures can be as low as 55 degrees. Keep an eye on your traffic or weather app, especially if you plan on checking out the nearby national parks.


Both competitors of Fox Raceway National and spectators can access trackside medical care at Fox Raceway. The first aid area is located at the Ambulance Station on Amateur Side B of the facility. There is also a hospital within an 11-mile drive of Pala. Remember, motocross is a dangerous sport, and you must remain aware of your surroundings to avoid danger and hazards at all times.