Frances Slocum State Park​

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Frances Slocum State Park occupies 1,035 scenic acres in Pennsylvania’s northeastern region. The park is noted not only for its magnificent scenery but also for a captivating history. This Pennsylvania state park is named after a girl of the same name who was abducted by American Indians at the age of five and was held captive in what has now become Frances Slocum State Park. The RV park also draws significant attention for its horseshoe-shaped lake. The 165-acre iconic Frances Slocum Lake is also a popular destination for activities like boating and fishing. The park also houses a swimming pool which welcomes swimmers to splash in the water during summer. Other recreational options at the park include wildlife watching, hunting, picnicking, hiking, and mountain biking. Winter activities include skiing, sledding, and ice skating.

Originally built with an intention to control flooding in 1968, Frances Slocum has an abundance of nature and splendor. The park features spell-binding wetlands, lakeshores, marshes, lush green fields, and thickly wooded forests rich in pine, thicket, hemlock, and larch trees. Diverse species of wildlife wander along the park in their natural habitats.

The park’s 100-site modern campground and availability of excellent camping amenities make Frances Slocum every bit worthy of your next RV camping adventure. There are electric hookups, dumping station, flush toilets, hot showers, and a well-stocked camp store. Camping only lasts during the peak season from April to October. Organized group tenting is also facilitated in a separate region nearby the main campground. The park is open all year long from sunrise to sunset for non-camping visitors.

RV Rentals in Frances Slocum State Park​

Transportation in Frances Slocum State Park​


Frances Slocum State Park is located in Pennsylvania’s Luverne County. In your car or RV, it will take no more than half an hour to reach the park from nearby places like Wyoming, Dallas, Wilkes-Barre, and Kingston Township, under normal conditions. There is abundant availability of helpful material in the form of maps and clear driving instructions in print and online that you can benefit from. A park permit is required to enter the park. Once you arrive at the park, you will find ample parking options to choose from. There are parking lots at the entrance, in the campgrounds, and various other locations like the day-use area and lake to name a few. Towed parking is available.

There are a few driving and parking instructions drivers and bikers are required to follow. The speed limit inside the park is set at 15 miles per hour. RVs and cars are not allowed on hiking and biking trails. There are two parking areas inside the campground. Parking anywhere else inside the campground is prohibited. For further inquiries regarding parking and driving, you can refer to the park office located near the entrance. The road going towards the campground from the park office is quite narrow so be on a lookout for problems that may arrive due to large traffic. Otherwise, the park roads are well-paved, wide and offer helpful signs and road symbols. The roads usually do not become unavailable due to snow.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Frances Slocum State Park​

Campsites in Frances Slocum State Park​

Reservations camping

Frances Slocum State Park​ Campground

One of Frances Slocum State Park’s attractions is its modern 100-campsite campground, offering excellent RV camping amenities. 52 campsites offer modern 30-and 50-amp electric hookups. There are 22 non-electric RV sites as well. The rest of the campsites are tent-only.

Onsite amenities include a dumping station, water, and modern restrooms comprising flush toilets and hot showers. A playground for children can be found on a walking distance. Wi-Fi is unavailable. Generators creating excessive noise are prohibited to ensure a pleasant stay for other campers. A few sites are ADA accessible. Pets are allowed in the campground in designated sites accompanied by their owners at all times.

The campground only opens once a year from April to October. The maximum number of days a campground can be occupied is 14 days. Campers are advised to reserve campsites in advance. Unreserved sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made as early as 11 months in advance.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

Although campers are advised to reserve campsites in advance, unreserved sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Frances Slocum State Park​


Wildlife Watching

When it comes to wildlife, the park is abounding with a diverse range of species of flora and fauna throughout the year. RV campers frequently discover salamanders and wood frogs during spring. Painted turtles, great blue herons, various dragonfly species, yellow warblers, Baltimore orioles inhabit the park in abundance. Fragrant wildflowers like hellebore and Jack-in-the-pulpit will take your breath away. These wildlife exhibits are a grand treat for the RV campers coming over at the park.


If you love outdoor picnic parties, you can plan one during your RV stay in the park with friends or family. Many picnic spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The picnic areas offer facilities like drinking water, modern style restrooms, charcoal grills, charcoal disposal units, and recycling and trash bins. Apart from regular picnic tables, the park also offers three picnic pavilions for groups as large as up to 110 people. These ADA accessible pavilions are reservable, and reservations begin as early as 11 months in advance. Unreserved pavilions are given away on a first-come, first-served basis.

Water Recreation

Frances Slocum is abounding with aquatic activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. If you are a passionate swimmer, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit in the RV as you will love to take a dip in the park’s swimming pool. Also, the park’s horseshoe-shaped 165-acre lake has a few exciting offerings in the form of boating and fishing. A boat concession store rents a variety of boats, kayaks, and canoes. So, park your RV aside and paddle to your heart’s content. Anglers can try their luck in catching gamefish like crappie, perch, bluegill, catfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, trout, and many more in the park’s lake. Let’s see how many fish you can take back home in your RV.


Hiking and Mountain Biking

Frances Slocum State Park is luxurious in its availability of hiking trails spanning nearly 14 miles around the park’s most pleasant locations. A total of 10 hiking trails wander along the park’s fields, forests, lakeshores, and marshes. Five out of these 14 miles allow mountain bikers to ride their bikes along gorgeous locations. Both hiking and biking trails differ in lengths and difficulty levels making it convenient for novices and experts alike to enjoy their favorites activities. Don’t forget to check off these scenic trails off your bucket list during your visit.

Winter Recreation

The spectacular recreational opportunities in the winter will make your RV holiday extraordinary. The park makes arrangements for sledding, ice skating, and cross-country skiing every winter. A sledding slope can be found to the west of the park’s pool. Ice skating opportunities can be discovered near the lake. The park’s day-use area and campground roads become popular cross-country skiing destinations in the winter. Fishing opportunities are not limited to summer as ice fishing can be enjoyed at the lake as well.


Visitors coming to the park can treat themselves to various hunting opportunities. Hunting is allowed in 700 acres of the park. Archery hunting is permitted in 350 acres, and the rest of the hunting area sitting in the park’s west is open for hunting, trapping, and dog training. Dog training only exists during the off-season following Labor Day until the end of March. Wildlife and birds that can be hunted down include deer, waterfowl, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit.

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