Goblin Valley State Park

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Hidden deep in the San Rafael Desert, Goblin Valley State Park encircles peculiar geological formations where the past weathering and erosion of Entrada Sandstone has dictated much of its unique shapes and unusual rock patterns. As the name suggests, Goblin Valley State Park prominently futures thousands of reddish-brown Goblins spread across its 3,654 acres. Located in Southern Utah, 12 miles from Hanksville, the remote park is a welcoming place for RV campers to discover a different kind Utah outdoors experience.

Cool, fantastic, and breathtaking, no words can describe the Valley of Goblins. The beauty of these striking rock protrusions from the bare desert landscape is out of this world. From far away you can easily mistake them for fine works of artistic carvings. You need to experience them in person to comprehend how surreal the park appears. Goblin Valley State Park is quite underrated, perhaps due to overshadowing by Utah’s diverse attractions or because of its remoteness. Nonetheless, Goblin Valley State Park is worth every visit since it is the only one of such gems in the whole of Utah.

In fact, so coveted is its exceptional landscape and hoodoos, that its remote location does not seem to deter visitors from flocking the park. This pride of Utah is every RVers dream and offers activities ranging from hiking to mountain biking and picnicking. At an elevation of 5,200 meters you can get interesting views of the magical mushroom-shaped goblins-filled valley below from the elevated parking lot and overlook before taking a hike down to wander around the goblins.

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Transportation in Goblin Valley State Park


Located between Hanksville and Green River, Goblin Valley State Park can be accessed by driving on 1-70 until you arrive at Hanksville, approximately 12 miles away. As if to make up for its remoteness the journey to Goblin Valley State Park is fulfilling, with beautiful countryside along the way. The entire road leading to the park is paved and accessible by a car, as well as big trailers.

The roads within the park are all wide, level, accessible by foot, cars, and RVs all year round, with a designated cycling trail. Hiking is the best option to see the hoodoos. There are plenty of parking spaces in the parking lot bordering the San Rafael Swell and in individual campsites


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Goblin Valley State Park

Campsites in Goblin Valley State Park

Reservations camping

Goblin State Park Campground

Since Goblin State Park Campground is relatively small, yet so popular, the campsites fill up so quickly, up to four months in advance. Goblin State Park is a dry camping park featuring 25 campsites open for trailers, RVs, and tents. In addition, the campground has two lovely yurts and a group camping area. Reservations are open up to one year in advance and campers can stay up to 14 days consecutively. Amenities available include a dump station, grills, hot showers, portable water, and restrooms. Additionally each campsite is paved and has a pavilion, two parking pads, slots, a table, fire pit, and windshield. Generator use is allowed during the day. Since Goblin State Park is in the middle of nowhere, there are limited services available. Therefore, remember to pack your all your essentials and groceries in your camper and to fuel your trailer before coming here. There is poor cell reception and no Wi-Fi coverage in the park.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

There are no first-come, first-served campgrounds available at this state park.

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Seasonal activities in Goblin Valley State Park


Mountain Biking

No one is left out when it comes to exploring Goblin State Park. Once you get your mountain bike from the camper you can be sure of enjoying the Wild Horse Mountain Biking Trail System. The scenic seven miles of single track trail starts in the parking area and features five interconnected loops. Most of the sections range from flat to mildly elevate. Though this trail does not pass through the Goblins, it exposes a unique side of Goblin Valley State Park and surrounding countryside that cannot be seen by hiking.

Taking Photography

Are you an avid photographer? If yes, you should strongly consider Goblin Valley State Park as next in line for your RV escapades. From the time you drive your camper through the park’s entrance you can easily view the picturesque Goblins from a distance. Once you hike around the fascinating Goblin Valley, surrounded by hanging cliffs, you will discover there are innumerable angles you can take your photographs from. To capture more unique goblin formation you can hike to the Three Sisters Goblins and amazing chamber of Basilik.


The beauty of hiking in Globin Valley State Park is that this extreme desert landscape can be explored by free roaming. There is enough space in between the Goblins for visitors to wander to every corner of the park. Children will love climbing on the hoodoos, jumping, running around, and playing hide and seek around the Goblins. Most hiking trails originate from observation point with a staircase connecting to the Valley of Goblins. If you wish to explore deeper in the park and beyond the valley, there are five easy-to-follow designated trails.



There is no doubt that Utah is richly endowed with natural landscapes and is literally impossible to camp in all parks with a limited time frame. But that’s no excuse to pass Goblin State Park during your trip to Utah’s mighty five since you can always plan for a picnic at the Goblin State Park. Here you can enjoy your lunch in pavilions and then head to the shaded viewing platform to get a glimpse of the goblins. Picnic area houses tables, fire pits, benches, and barbeque grills.


Ever dreamt of spending a dark night under the stars on a clear sky free from the nuisance of light pollution? Then Goblin State Park offers this and much more. Thanks to it secluded and remote location, this state park is one of the nine reputable international certified Dark Sky Parks in Southern Utah. Campers can marvel at the beauty of the sky dotted with millions of stars.


In addition to Goblins, this state park is a home to a 70-foot beautiful cavern located in its eastern boundary. The trail leading to the Goblin’s Lair requires a permit payable at the visitors’ center and skills. The hike to the slot canyon follows the Carmel Canyon Loop from the observation point before branching off to a more technical nearly two-mile route. Be prepared to climb huge rocks on the way and pack plenty of water as there is no shade along the trail. While it is definitely a challenging experience it is manageable with determination, GPS, technical gears, and a reasonable degree of physical fitness.

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