Jacksonville Jaguars Tailgating

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of three Florida teams and the newest — the Jaguars joined the NFL in 1995. At home, they play at the venerated TIAA Bank Stadium, where they have played since they joined the league.

Event information

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of three Florida teams and the newest. The Jaguars joined the NFL in 1995 as an expansion team alongside the Carolina Panthers. At home, they play at the venerated TIAA Bank Stadium, where they have played since they joined the league. Led by Jaxson de Ville, the team’s mascot, the stadium can comfortably seat 67,000 fans, but that number can jump to 82,000 for major sporting events.

Life in Florida is almost always a vacation, especially when you’re close to the ocean in areas like Jacksonville. You won’t go hungry here, and there’s plenty to do and see for the whole family. Go for a guided fishing trip or take a kayak on the water if you like, or travel to other great Florida cities such as Tampa or Orlando, which are only a few hours away.

On game day, get to the stadium early and join the ongoing events, or take your RV to the Tailgaters Parking lot and cook up burgers and kabobs for your friends, new and old alike. Tickets, food, drinks, and activities, are all affordable in this part of the state, so why not take the whole family to the game and experience the Jacksonville Jaguars as they defend their honor at home.


NFL teams often charge an arm and a leg for tickets, but the Jaguars take it easy on the average joe that just wants to watch the game. The most affordable seats in the house start selling for around $30, and the price doesn’t increase by much. Premium seating, however, does sell for a more premium price, and fans can expect to pay $300 to $500.

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RV drivers traveling from the north or south will want to hop on I-95, while drivers coming from the east will want to take I-10. Traffic can be tight on game day, so it’s advised to leave for the stadium as early as possible. You’ll be happy to know that Florida’s 511 service offers live traffic updates through the phone or via an app called Florida 511.

Parking areas

Jacksonville Jaguar’s Stadium, TIAA Bank Stadium, offers parking for RV’s, but parking can be limited on gameday and tailgating is not permitted. Instead, those who want to tailgate with their RV might want to park at Tailgaters Parking, which is located east of the stadium. The First Down lot, managed by Tailgaters Parking, allows guests to stay overnight. The lot opens five hours before the event starts.

Public Transportation

If you want a more economical option than parking your RV near the stadium, consider taking the Jacksonville Transit Authority’s (JTA) Gameday Xpress shuttle, which runs two hours before kickoff and continues until one hour after the game is over. The shuttle makes several stops at parking lots along its route, which is where you can park your vehicle before riding to the stadium.

Where to stay


At the First Down lot in Tailgaters Parking, you can stay overnight and leave the morning after the game. Guests will need to be prepared to dry camp in an RV, but it is convenient, affordable, and loaded with other Jaguars fans. If you’re seeking a location with accommodations, it might be best to look for a nearby campground in Florida.


After a long day of walking around Jacksonville, flipping burgers on the grill, and watching the game under the sun, you might want a hot shower and a good rest. One location is only a few miles from the stadium with parking spots facing the ocean, which will make for a relaxing time. Amenities can vary from location to location, so it’s best to plan ahead and book your stay.

Getting around

For guests who need help getting to their seats, the stadium provides a wheelchair escort that takes guests all the way to their seats. Escorts return at the end of the game to take guests back outside. Escalators and elevators are located throughout the stadium. The Tailgaters Parking lot is only a five-minute walk from the stadium.

What to pack


Florida rarely freezes over, and winter temperatures, on average, don’t go below 45 degrees. Summer months are hot and humid, while spring and fall months tend to be mild. The NFL season falls within the fall and winter months, but you may not need to worry about bundling into a winter parka. Bring a jacket or raincoat in case the weather turns, but you may also be comfortable in warm clothing for much of the season.


Anglers can bring their fishing rods to enjoy the prime fishing locations in or around Jacksonville. For tailgating, a grill is a must. Don’t forget to bring trash bags to keep your space tidy and use paper plates and cups for easy clean-up. A tent or canopy might be a good idea, too. Toss in some black, gold, and teal to help show your Jaguars team spirit.

Health & Safety

Bring bug repellant because Jacksonville does get humid in the late summer and early fall months. TIAA Bank Stadium is exposed to the elements, which will cause a nasty sunburn if you don’t prepare. Apply sunscreen before, during, and after the game for the best protection. Last, make sure you have a first-aid kit in your RV for minor cuts and medical issues.

Where to eat


To stock up on grocery items and tailgate snacks, head to one of the local supermarkets. There is a supermarket to the west of the stadium that is only a six-minute drive away. Whether you’re at a tailgate party or your RV campground cooking dinner, keep an eye on the flames and cover your grill when stepping away.


Jacksonville has great seafood options if you’re looking to dine on the freshest catch, but there are many other culinary experiences as well. You could experience old and modern southern recipes, or snack on local favorites like Frito pie, burgers, or shrimp tacos. Jacksonville’s diversity when it comes to restaurants is worth the visit.


It’s understandable if you forget to pack your Jacksonville Jaguars jersey or if you discover that your kid has outgrown their favorite one the day before the game. There are six Jags Pro Shops around the stadium and they all have the newest Jaguars merchandise. There are even a couple of portable locations if you don’t fancy a walk. Most vendors accept major credit cards.



Per the NFL’s guidelines, TIAA Bank Stadium requires that guests only bring clear plastic bags that meet the size dimensions. There are lockers available near Gate 1, where guests can store their belongings. Leave any laser pointers, noisemakers, and umbrellas at home. Cameras are allowed, but only ones with non-removable lenses that are six inches or smaller.


Jacksonville summers are hot, wet, and humid. The fall and winter months can get a bit cool, but temperatures are mostly mild. The rainy season runs from the summer to the early fall months, which is when the NFL season starts, so roads may be wet along the coast. Stay alert for any severe weather warnings before traveling to Jacksonville.


If you need medical attention, there are three first-aid stations placed throughout the stadium. There are medical teams at every game should you need help. If all you need is a bandaid, head to the nearest guest service booth for help.

Nursing mothers who want a private space to feed or change their children may use the Baptist Health Mom Pod, which is located near the south end zone.