Juniper Flats


Ready for your next RV adventure? Consider stopping by California's Juniper Flats? It's a beautiful spot for a camping holiday.

Juniper Flats is a Bureau of Land Management property in Barstow, California. This popular recreational area consists of a landscape of 101,000 acres with portions that are public, others that are private, and some that are state-owned. The landscape is both rugged and diverse and features such topographical points of interest as mountain ranges, canyons, and boulder quarries.

Juniper Flats sits between a rich area of forest and the Mojave Desert and is central to attractions found within Apple Valley. The Bureau of Land Management considers this property to be for limited use by off road vehicles. There are several routes which are mapped out for their use. Visitors are asked to please abide by all signs denoting permitted access roads and to not deviate from them.

Other popular recreational activities at Juniper Flats include camping, picnicking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and horseback riding. Camping is permitted on the grounds as well as in several area campgrounds which offer suitable accommodations for both RV and tent use.

San Bernardino Forest can be accessed from several of the trails housed on the grounds, providing an additional place for families to explore during their visit to Juniper Flats.

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The easiest route from which to reach Juniper Flats is via Bowen Ranch Road. This can be accessed by taking Ocotillo Road from Apple Valley.

Bowen Ranch Road is mostly comprised of dirt; however, it is graded, making it easier to navigate without fear of vehicle damage. Bowen Ranch Road leads to a juncture at Coxey Truck Trail. Follow this road, continuing up the hill. To the left of the road is the starting point for some of the Juniper Flats property. Between here and the border with the National Forest Service area, the vast areas on the left side are yours to explore.

There are several access roads leading off the main route from which travelers can access this park. Though all of them consist of dirt, they are kept in good condition. However, during bouts of heavy rain, the roads can be washed out in places, making travel extremely difficult. Four-wheel-drive vehicles with high clearances are recommended.  


Parking can be found along the side of the road or at Bowen Ranch. Bowen Ranch provides easy access to the area hot springs but does charge a fee for parking.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to Juniper Flats.

Campgrounds and parking in Juniper Flats

Campsites in Juniper Flats

Reservations camping

Juniper Flats

Juniper Flats Campground rests in a thick growth of juniper trees. Camping is permitted year-round at this facility for both RV and tent campers to enjoy.

Water is provided for bathing and cooking; however, campers must bring their own drinking water with them. Other amenities found at this campground include barbecues, picnic tables, and vault toilets.

Among the most popular activities found here are hiking and cycling. Off-road vehicles are permitted on designated trails only. Showers can be found at the nearby Serrano Campground which is located within 15 miles of this camping facility.

Reservations are recommended for this facility. Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must be leashed at all times.

Oak Springs Campground

Oak Springs Camgpround is situated near to Juniper Flats and offers RV and tent camping year-round for families to enjoy. Reservations are required.

This campground offers campsites which can be accessed by pull thru or by hiking. Drinking water is provided, and leashed pets are permitted on the grounds. Among the other amenities found at this popular campground are picnic tables, toilets, and water hookups.

Oak Springs Campground's most beloved activities include hiking, cycling, and the viewing of wildlife.

Crab Flats Family Campground

Crab Flats Family Campground offers 28 sites for RV and tent campers to enjoy. Reservations are required for 23 of the sites. The other five are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Large RVs and trailers are not permitted at this camping facility.

The on-site amenities include a fire pit, a picnic table, and drinking water. Vault toilets are housed on the grounds for public use. Pets are permitted at Crab Flats Family Campground but must be leashed.

On holiday weekends, guests must stay for a minimum of three nights. This campground is open from April through October each year.

Seasonal activities in Juniper Flats


Route 66 Mother Road Museum

Route 66 Mother Road Museum is found in Barstow California in a historic home known as Casa del Desierto, Harvey House. The property was first designated a museum on July 4th, 2000.

The museum houses many different photos and pieces of memorabilia relating to the famed highway known worldwide as Route 66. There are also many exhibits that detail the building of the highway as well as area businesses and local attractions.

Casa del Desierto's original purpose was as an important stopping point for passengers by rail who frequented the establishment for its excellent food and well-renowned hotel.

Western America Railroad Museum

Western America Railroad Museum is a popular attraction for those travelling through the region. The building is dedicated to the prerservation of the history of the railroad in the Pacific Southwest portion of California.

There are exhibits both inside and outside the building for families to enjoy. These include such pieces of memorabilia as timetables, uniforms, and popular tools of the day.

Several formerly used locomotives are also housed on the premises for the public to tour.
There is a gift shop on the property where families can purchase novelty items and souvenirs.

Desert Discovery Center

The Desert Discovery Center consists of 7,.000 square feet and rests on 12 acres of property. This important building is home to an immense meteorite that is considered to be the second biggest in the entire country. The meteorite has been named "Old Woman Meteorite" and weighed in at 6,070 pounds when first found, though portions have since been removed for study.. Its discovery was made in 1975.

Desert Discovery Center is also a prominent sanctuary for many different animals. Also found on the grounds are some hidden gardens and ponds where families can enjoy picnicking and visiting the tortoises which make this area their home.



Juniper Flats' immense property makes it the perfect locale for doing some hiking. With over 101,000 acres to choose from, families are sure to find a hiking trail that is suited to the tastes and activity levels of every member of the hiking team.

There are many beautiful topographical features to enjoy at this popular park including mountain ranges, deep canyons, and rugged terrain. Bring along lots of drinking water for this trek and be sure to wear hiking shoes that are up to the task and provide excellent traction.

Many trails are marked, but there are also lots of opportunities to experience backcountry hiking conditions for those who are looking for some added adventure.


With moderate weather conditions year-round, Juniper Flats is an excellent place for doing some picnicking. There are several picnic areas found on the grounds, some of which have provided picnic tables and grills for the public to use.

Prefer a more secluded locale that offers a view? Visitors can hike to their own private piece of property where they can spread out a picnic blanket on which to recline and enjoy their prepared feast from home.

Since there are no concession stands at Juniper Flats, be sure to bring lots of drinking water to ensure proper hydration levels.

Fido may join his family on their picnic adventure but must remain leashed.


With so many spectacular sights to behold at Juniper Flats, photography remains an extremely popular activity during a visit to this popular park. Many species of wildlife make this region their home. The topographical features found on the park's 101,000 acres are awe-inspiring to behold. Families can train their lens on a wide expanse of lush plant life or on mountain ranges, water falls, deep canyons, or the abundance of wildflower growth in season.

Hiking is recommended to get to the best spots from which to get some incredible shots. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes for the weather and terrain.