KC Masterpiece 400

Do you like NASCAR? The KC Masterpiece 400 at Kansas City Speedway is a fun way to spend the day or the weekend in your RV at one of their campgrounds.

Event information

If you are into fast cars, great food, and camping camaraderie, the KC Masterpiece 400 at Kansas Speedway would be fun for you. Of course, BBQing and tailgating are fun too. And the beer. No matter what you come for, you will be glad you did because the excitement is palpable from the minute you get here until the day you leave. NASCAR and KC Masterpiece team up to make this racing experience like no other, so no matter how many races you have been to, you’ve never been to one like this.

Parking is free, tickets are cheap, and you can even bring in your own cooler with whatever food and drinks you want. You can’t beat that for a fun weekend unless you count the awesome campgrounds. Yes, there is more than one. In fact, there are nine of them with a total of over 2,400 campsites for RVs. And another 50 for tents. You aren't likely to have a problem finding a spot that fits you and your RV perfectly here.

Okay, if that is not enough, there are also more than 20 different food places here that serve anything you want from funnel cakes to fried tacos and burgers to beer. And there is plenty of fun for the kids, too. Oh yeah, and kids under 12 are usually free with a paying adult. This may just be the best RV vacation you ever had.


If you just come for the KC Masterpiece 400 race, you and one kid might get in for about $30. But there is so much more than that here. Fans have been known to get premium tickets with VIP packages, including free food, special seating, and your own restrooms for about $250 per person. And if you are camping, you might look for season camping for just under $400.

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Fans should have no trouble at all finding the Kansas Speedway in the northwest section of Kansas. In fact, it is right off I-435 and I-70. Only about 14 miles from Kansas City and less than an hour from Topeka, which is the state capital. If you want to do some fishing while you are in the area, the Wyandotte County Park is less than five miles away and has a huge lake teeming with hungry fish.

Parking areas

When you are driving an RV, camping is your best option here as they have more sites for RV camping than RV parking. They have 25 parking lots, so even if you are not staying overnight, you should be able to find a spot on one of the many free lots they have here. Parking attendants will direct you to where you need to go from the entrance at 110th Street.

The speedway also has VIP parking (historically about $35) that is closer to the speedway than other lots. Parking Lot 25 by the RV inspection station on Homestead-Miami Drive is for overnight RV guest parking, and you may want to inquire about details before arrival. All parking is first-come, first-served, so it pays to get there early.

Public Transportation

If you decide to pop into the city or if you camped elsewhere, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) of Wyandotte County offers a bus that will get you where you want to go. In fact, Route 101 of the KCATA can take you all the way into Missouri and back if that is where you want to go. Of course, you can also use a rideshare app or call a cab to attend the KC Masterpiece 400.

Where to stay


You are not going to have a hard time finding a campsite for your RV at Kansas Speedway. There are over 2,400 RV campsites to choose from in nine different campgrounds. A few of them you need a membership for, but the rest you can reserve online. The ones inside the track that are closest to the action are amazing if you want to be up close and personal with the racers.

The four Terrace campgrounds also have some close spots. Richmond is the largest campground with over 1,300 campsites. This is a fantastic way to enjoy a peaceful night further from the crowds if you want to, while still being able to see the track from atop your rig.


If, by some miracle, you cannot get a spot at Kansas Speedway, or for any other reason you do not want to stay there, you don’t have to worry. There are several excellent RV campgrounds within just a few minutes of the track. The largest has over 100 spots that can accommodate rigs up to 80 feet long and offers full hookups. And the smallest has 70 campsites with full utilities that can handle RVs and trailers up to 45 feet long. KC Masterpiece 400 fans will have many spots to choose from, no matter what you are looking for in Kansas.

Getting around

This is a big place, so wear your walking shoes. They do have a tram service, but it does not stop everywhere at the track. It typically just goes from the Transportation Plaza to most of the outer campgrounds, the Park-N-Ride Lot, the Bus Lot, and into the middle of the track where the inner campgrounds are. Although golf carts, scooters, and bikes are not allowed, wheelchairs and strollers are welcome at the KC Masterpiece 400.

What to pack


Kansas weather in May is typically spring-like, so go ahead and pack jeans, tees, and jackets along with your shorts and tank tops. In the Midwest, the temps can be all over the place, so you will want to be ready for whatever comes. You’ll definitely need some comfortable shoes for walking and a hat to keep the sun off your face.


Kansas Speedway offers a full list of what you can and cannot bring to the track online, but the best way to sum it up is as follows. You can bring a 14-inch soft-sided cooler, a small backpack, food, and drinks but no glass, cameras, blankets, and binoculars. Remember not to bring weapons of any kind, fireworks, drones, drugs, or pets. Sorry, your furbabies have to stay home for this one.

Health & Safety

You will be spending a lot of time outside, so be prepared for whatever comes. Pack your sunscreen and lip balm because the sun can be pretty fierce in May at the track with little to no shade. A hat will help with that, too. Insect repellent is important, especially at the campground after the sun goes down in Kansas. Those Midwest mosquitoes get hungry after dark. Some people suggest earplugs because it gets pretty loud. However, many of the race fans actually love the sound and never wear plugs.

Where to eat


Barbecue pits and camp stoves are welcome at the campsite for cooking or heating up food. A lot of RV campers make several meals ahead of time and freeze them, so they just have to reheat them when the time comes. Just north of the track, you can find several grocery and retail stores if you forgot anything.


Why not take a trip into town for a nice meal while you are at the races? Of course, the racetrack has dozens of food vendors and a plethora of options to choose from, but you may also want a meal out with the family. Within five miles of the track, you can find over 20 eateries including BBQ, Louisiana Cajun, pizza, fast food, Mexican cuisine, and Asian food. If you want a beer and game with your meal, there are a couple of sports bars in the area as well.


Kansas Speedway has more than 20 different food vendors to choose from all along the west side of the track by the bandstands. Guests may find three grill-type vendors that serve all kinds of burgers and hot dogs, a BBQ place that has tons of barbeque choices, a pizza place with a bunch of selections, and several places where you can get funnel cake and kettle corn. Fans can also get souvenirs, t-shirts, and other merchandise at the shop between Gates A and B.



The main security office is on the east side of the track, but there are security stations and checkpoints throughout Kansas Speedway. The staff is dedicated to its guests and wants to make sure everyone has fun while being safe. All guests are screened as they enter the stands and bags are checked as well. There is a list of what you can and cannot do at the track online, so make sure you read it before heading to the races.


You’ll need to be prepared for all kinds of weather in Kansas City no matter what time of year it is because it can change on a dime. During May, it is typically in the 70s for highs and 50s for lows. However, it has been known to reach the 90s at times and drop down into the 30s. And yes, it rains a lot here in May, but it has not been known to snow so you can pack an umbrella but leave the snow boots at home.


If you or someone near you is not feeling well or has been injured, there are three first-aid stations at the speedway. The first two are behind the grandstands by Gate A and Gate B, and there is another inside the track. The staff is trained and can help in most situations, or they will provide transportation to the nearest hospital, which is just 10 minutes away from the KC Masterpiece 400.