King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area


Located in the Bennett Mountain Hills of southwest Idaho, the King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Areaincludes more than 29,000 acres of public land that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The Wilderness Study Area is in the western part of the range and has a variety of ridges, hills, and peaks. At the southern part of the Wilderness Study Area at lower elevations, visitors can encounter Wyoming big sagebrush, Sandberg bluegrass, and cheatgrass, while the ridges offer sagebrush, grasses, and juniper. At the northern part of the Wilderness Study Area visitors can explore land offering sagebrush, Douglas fir, and aspen trees. King Hill Creek is a part of the Wilderness Study Area.

Visitors will not only experience a variety of flora, but they will also encounter plenty of things to do, both within the Wilderness Study Area and nearby. Hiking, backpacking, photography, fishing, and hunting are popular activities for visitors to engage in; regardless of how one chooses to spend their time, chances are great that they will enjoy solitude during their visit.

When seeking a place to spend time and engage in your favorite outdoor recreation opportunities, the King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area is an excellent choice and perfect for your next RV adventure.

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When looking to reach the King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area from the north, it is easiest to use Dempsey Meadows Road, and when traveling from the south, a BLM road near King Hill, Idaho is the best way access the Wilderness Study Area. Those looking to visit the Wilderness Study Area should keep in mind that the condition of both roads varies depending on the season and the roads may be muddy or washed out.
Sometimes, either road will be impassable, even for those with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It is important that those looking to explore the King Creek Wilderness Study Area are prepared for two-track roads that are remote and unmaintained.


Parking is available within King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is not available to the King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area.

Campgrounds and parking in King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area

Campsites in King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area

Reservations camping

Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bruneau Dunes State Park is not only an excellent place to explore but a great choice for camping. The Park is able to accommodate tents along with trailers and RVs that are up to 50 feet in length, with 81 RV and 17 tent-only sites. All sites have a picnic table, grill, and fire pit. There are electric hook-ups available at each of the RV sites, and the water hook-ups are typically turned on from March through October.

Restrooms with showers are available during the spring, summer and fall months, with pit toilets available for those camping in the winter. Camping at Bruneau Dunes State Park offers convenient access to not just the towering dunes, but the King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area.

Three Island Crossing State Park

Another state park in the area with the opportunity for camping is Three Island Crossing State Park. With 81 campsites (some of which are double sites that allow up to 16 people), the campground is able to accommodate RVs and trailers that are up to 60 feet in length. Water and electric hook-ups, as well as restrooms, are available at the campground and each campsite has a picnic table and a fire pit.

Not only can you easily access the King Hill Creek Wilderness Area from the campground, but you can also easily explore Three Island Crossing State Park.

First-come first-served

Cove Recreation Site on C.J. Strike Reservoir

C.J. Strike Reservoir is a popular location for boating and fishing. There are also 36 campsites located at the Reservoirs Cove Recreation Site, which is located within the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. Sites can accommodate RVs, trailers, and tents and each site has a picnic table and a fire ring. Potable water and pit toilets are available, and the campground includes fishing docks and a boat ramp.

Sites are first-come, first-served and a dump station is available. Camping at the Cove Recreation Site will offer easy access to King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area and other nearby opportunities for outdoor adventure!

Seasonal activities in King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area


Visit Three Island Crossing State Park

Located in Glenns Ferry, Idaho is Three Island Crossing State Park. The Park includes the location where Oregon Trail pioneers of the 19th century crossed the Snake River. Visitors can embark on a self-guided tour where they can view original wagon ruts left by the pioneers.

The Oregon Trail History and Education Center within the Park offers the opportunity to discover more about the area and its history. Fishing, hiking, biking, disc golf and picnicking are also popular activities at the Three Island Crossing State Park.

Go for a Hike

With over 29,000 acres of land, there is plenty to explore on foot in King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area, making it an excellent place to embark on a hike. A few variants of the Oregon Trail can be found just south of the Wilderness Area, and a portion of the Idaho Centennial Trail is located along Bennett Mountain Road on the Wilderness Study Area’s west side.

Hikers may encounter deer and elk and will be treated to views over the Snake River Canyon and Owyhee Desert.

Go Fishing

There are plenty of fishing opportunities in King Hill Creek, a tributary of the Snake River, which can be found in the King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area. Fly fishing, spinning, and baitcasting all offer excellent chances for reeling in a catch. Species of fish known to be found in the creek include Redbank trout, Salmon and Redside Shiner among others. Fishing in the area not only offers the opportunity to catch your next meal, but is a great way to relax and enjoy the location’s solitude.

Explore Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bruneau Dunes State Park features North America’s tallest single-structured sand dune; it rises 470 feet! The dunes can be explored by foot and you can rent a sand-board and sled on the dunes. There are lakes at the foot of the dune that are perfect for fishing.

Check out the Bruneau Dunes Observatory and enjoy a view of the stars at night using the available collection of telescopes. There is something for everyone at the Bruneau Dunes State Park!

Water Activities at C.J. Strike Reservoir

Located about 21 miles south of Mountain Home, Idaho is C.J. Strike Dam Recreation Area. The dam was built in the early 1950s to offer recreation opportunities for boating, hunting, and fishing. Open year-round, visitors can enjoy sailing, waterskiing, and boating. Fishing is also popular, with cold and warm water species to be found in the reservoir. Boat ramps are available so you will have no trouble getting your vessel

Explore Gooding's Little City of Rocks

Visiting Gooding’s Little City of Rocks is an excellent side trip from King Hill Creek Wilderness Study Area. Known for its hoodoos, which are unique rock formations, the Little City of Rocks offers a main trail as well as a number of side trails that are worth exploring.

Side trails can lead to hidden petroglyphs and gorgeous views. As you explore the many canyons, keep your eyes open for wildlife; grouse, raptors, deer, and elk make their home at the Little City of Rocks.

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