Los Angeles to Phoenix Road Trip Guide


It’s nearly impossible to get bored in Los Angeles, CA because the city lives up to its title of being the entertainment capital of the world. Looking at Los Angeles now, it’s hard to believe that once upon a time, it was just known for being a large valley, and lacked many natural points of interest.

Today, the same city boasts over 100 museums and offers a plethora of activities to urban explorers, history nerds, movie geeks, and even quiet solitude-seekers.

Despite being the second most populated city in the USA, those looking for peace and quiet can easily find a few uninterrupted and tranquil nooks in Los Angeles’s urban and rural districts.

If a weekend trip is what you have in mind than a road trip to Phoenix, AZ, from Los Angeles in an RV, motor home or trailer might just fit the bill. Enjoy nature and several unique attractions along the way that is guaranteed to make for an interesting and memorable weekend getaway!.

Where Los Angeles feels like a place of comfort and luxury, Phoenix is a place that keeps you on your toes and moving. If you are a baseball fan, you might see your favorite team training hard in the many stadiums within the city or you can just visit South Mountain Park; one of the biggest city parks in this neck of the woods. The massive park is also a great place to visit, for people who prefer solitude over a crowd.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: van
audience: single

Point of Interest

Skyline Regional Park

Skyline Regional Park lies in Buckeye, AZ, and is 8700 acres of mountain wilderness nestled amidst the White Tank Mountains. The regional park also has seven campsites and five ramadas if you wish to make a quick stop before continuing to the end of your trip to Phoenix.

Most of the time, it is the mountain bikers, hikers and horseback riders that visit this remote park. Dogs are also allowed to accompany their owners at this regional park.

The regional park boasts 17 trails of varying lengths. Some are multi-purpose while others are specifically designated. The elevation points at different trails vary and so does their difficulty level.

With so many options to choose from, solitude seekers can pick any trail that suits there skill level which will inevitably take them deeper into regions less explored.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

To reach Kofa National Wildlife Refuge one would have to veer off-route for a bit, but every second of the detour will be worth it. This wildlife refuge is an unspoiled and untouched wilderness haven spreading a massive 600,000 acres.

This vast wilderness region lies in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, where one can find fascinating attractions such as the Castle Dome Mine Museum, Kofa Mountains, Castle Dome Peak, and the Castle Dome Mountains.

The Castle Dome Mine Museum is actually a recreation of the mining town circa-1878. As long as it is not near a waterhole, you can camp anywhere in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. You’ll also be able to catch sight of some of the rarest flora and fauna along with the not-so-rare palm trees dotting the landscape.

During your short camping stay here, you might even come face to face with desert bighorn sheep and plenty of other wildlife.

Salton Sea State Park

An hour's drive from Palm Springs and you will arrive at Salton Sea State Park. The Salton Sea is actually an inland lake, right in the midst of California's southeastern desert plains. This place is definitely worth stopping over and spending the night in.

Salton Sea State Park boasts numerous campsites especially for RV campers so they can spend the night and sleep peacefully to the lulling sound of crashing waves. The park features a splendid beach area where you’ll find plenty of shelves and fish bones.

The reason it is called the Salton Sea is that the waters here are high in salinity, and for this reason, supports an unusual ecosystem.

Day-visitors and campers alike also have access to 14 miles of trails and shorelines at this state park.

One can also enjoy the diverse wildlife of this unique ecosystem that consists of over 400 species of birds. Angling is also popular with the lake waters teeming with unique fish species such as sargo, golf croaker, and tilapia.

Tahquitz Canyon

After a two-hours drive from Los Angeles, you’ll reach Palm Springs, CA, an entire city made up of hot water spas. One of the most beautiful attractions of this majestic city is the Tahquitz Canyon. The canyon is also culturally significant.

What makes it really spectacular is the waterfall that it boasts that lies right in the middle of the desert. This 60-foot waterfall in the canyon creates a neat little oasis that any person seeking solitude would come to love.

It also boasts rock art, native wildlife, and plant life as well as an ancient irrigation system. The Canyon can be reached after a two-mile hike. The Tahquitz Canyon is situated in the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians reservation.

Since this area is historically and culturally important, you’d be required to pay a fee, and are also expected to leave the place as you found it. Unlike other canyons of L.A., this one is free of graffiti.


Phoenix, AZ, welcomes you with warmth even if your weekend road takes place during the winter. This city of Phoenix is happening and lively with a vivacious energy that will seep into your soul and make you feel alive.

Phoenix has an abundance of resorts, hotels, arts and cultural attractions, historic neighborhoods, and places with endless outdoor recreational opportunities.

You could be spending one day, being pampered in a spa, and the next day, find yourself hiking near the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Despite being in a desert, Phoenix checks all the boxes of being a sophisticated big-city.

Head over to Desert Botanical Garden to look at flora and buy books and souvenirs, climb the iconic peak of Camelback Mountain, enjoy hiking in Papago Park exploring its zoo and scenic views, or simply lose yourself in the enormous South Mountain Park and Preserve.

You can also spend your days indoors in Phoenix and expand your knowledge of Native American culture by heading over to the Heard Museum. You can appreciate artistic’ talent at the Phoenix Art Museum or admire beautiful musical craftsmanship at the Musical Instrument Museum.

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