Lost Lands

Lost Lands is a dynamic bass music festival with a prehistoric theme, a perfect getaway for RVers wishing to indulge in camping, music, and food fun.

Event information

The Lost Lands Music Festival is a wildly popular event organized in a picturesque and lush green setting. Guests wishing to make the most of their time at the festival opt for RV camping, which is a great way to witness the fun and enjoy the comforts of a mobile home at the same time. The RV camping experience also enriches your festival fun as you can attend the performances and get back to your home on wheels as often as you like for a quick break.

Lost Lands is organized in the Legend Valley which is located in the Village of Thornville, Ohio. The venue benefits from a beautiful open area with vast farmlands all around. Guests can expect the temperature to remain mild, but the occasional storm can bring fresh cool breeze with sunshine. The festival maintains dedicated parking lots for campers to make the most of their stay.

The event celebrates the spirit of music in a prehistoric setting that's truly unique. It's often considered one of the world's largest bass music festivals. A stroll in the festival grounds instantly brings you that Jurassic vibe amidst great music. Several well-known performers that have presented at the festival in the past include Zomboy, Ganja White Night, Snails, Ekali, Funtcase, and Wooli.

The festival focuses mainly on music and camping experiences. It's the perfect place to unwind and chill out with great bass music amidst dino friends in a serene prehistoric environment. However, Lost Lands can only be attained by an adult (18+) audience. Head straight to Lost Lands to be a part of the bass blast.


Tickets usually go live early in spring each year. Guests can expect the ticket prices to increase as the event dates draw closer and many spots and ticket types can quickly get sold out soon after sales begin. Guests are mailed their wristbands, which need to be brought at the time of check-in. A government-issued ID must also be carried as proof of age.

The GA festival admission pass ranges in pricing from $175 to $300 for three days. The VIP admission ticket is priced between $250 and $400. Camping passes are sold separately. Those arriving in a group need not purchase individual camping passes as these are issued per group. Guests who are staying off-site can purchase a weekend-long parking pass that is priced in the range of $30 to $100. Please visit the official event website to know the current ticket rates.

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Lost Lands Music Festival is held at the Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground right off I-70 in the Village of Thornville in Ohio. The festival site is about 25 miles east from Columbus, which means guests can arrive in minutes from many of the surrounding communities. It is nearly 25 miles away from New Lexington and about the same distance from Zanesville. When RV camping, make sure to check the route in advance as some local routes can be direct and preferable over GPS; however, the venue is recognized by most mapping systems.

Parking areas

There is a dedicated parking lot at the festival venue where guests staying off-site can park their vehicles; you will need the Weekend Long Overnight Parking Pass. The pass entitles leaving and re-entering once per day. Sleeping overnight in a car parked in the overnight parking lot is not allowed. For those camping inside, the festival does not permit vehicles to leave and re-enter. RV campers who wish to park next to their friends must arrive together and enter the same security lane. There are dedicated parking spots for RV campers.

Public Transportation

Lost Lands offers shuttle passes to guests who do not wish to drive to and from Columbus every day. The pass includes an unlimited number of roundtrips, and the shuttle is operational throughout the day. Long Haul Shuttle services are also available for guests coming in from various locations that may include New York, Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron, and the Columbus Airport.

Where to stay


Legend Valley offers RV camping facilities. Guests must ensure that they are in possession of a separate RV camping pass in addition to their festival entry pass. You can also bring in friends to divide the costs and spend fun times together, making the most of the camping experience.

RV campers who bring in an additional car need to purchase an overnight car parking pass as well. Guests must note that the festival does not provide hookups of any kind. Please have your tanks full when you arrive. Water tank refills and shower amenities are available for a small fee.


There might be instances in which you might like to avoid staying at the festival campground. Guests who seek a camping experience away from the crowds can find great RV camping sites near Thornville and the surrounding communities. A prominent event destination, the area has some good sites including the ones near the Buckeye Lake. There are also RV camping sites to be found in Lancaster and Newark. Many of these sites have arcades, swimming pools, boat amenities, and bathrooms.

Getting around

The distance you'll need to walk depends on how far you are staying away from the performance area. You can carry your gear and coolers and choose your favorite spot in the concert areas on a first-come, first-served basis. Movement around the venue is quite comfortable on foot overall. Guests with mobility needs are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs and personal transportation devices and may charge them at the Access Center if applicable.

What to pack


The festival is held in early fall at which time the weather can quickly change. Guests are advised to pack in clothes for all seasons since the days can be hot while the nights are typically cool at this time of the year. Lost Lands also creates shade structures throughout the venue to help guests stay cool. It is also a great idea to carry your sunglasses, hats, and scarves to keep the scorching sun away. Since you'll be walking around for the most part, wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy, too.


Lost Lands encourages guests to bring in basic camping gear and coolers. The festival also maintains 'Sound Camps' where emerging artists perform every night. Lost Lands also has a water station on site. There are vendors selling drinks and food close to the main stage. Guests arriving by any of the shuttles are advised to limit their camping gear considering the space constraints. There is also a general store at the festival venue where guests can purchase common camping goods, water, ice, and snacks in addition to a few first-aid items.

Health & Safety

Guests must remember to have a balanced meal and keep themselves hydrated as the mercury can rise high during the day. The festival general store supplies basic first-aid items. Guests who will be taking medication also need to consider the festival's policy on prescription drugs. Guests carrying any of the identified drugs on the festival website should limit their quantity to last for the duration of the festival. Non-listed drugs can be carried in any amount. It is also a great idea to bring your first-aid kit with basic medications and insect repellant.

Where to eat


Guests are reminded to bring their own cooking supplies as the festival does not permit leaving and re-entering the venue. RV campers should ensure that they have their vehicle appliances in working condition with all tanks full. The festival has no electrical or water hookups. Please keep flammable materials safely and away from electrical hazards.


The Village of Thornville has several restaurants and remains a prominent tourist and concert destination year round. There are several cuisine options to choose from here and near Buckeye Lake. The region has great American eateries, pizzerias, and pubs to enjoy a drink after a day of dynamic bass music and headbanging. You'll also find several lakeside restaurants which also offer spectacular views.


Lost Lands has several vendors selling drinks and food. The festival general store also offers light snacks. Vendors are located in the main concert venue. The festival encourages guests to only make purchases from registered vendors. Remember to carry enough cash in case your vendor does not accept cards.



Each vehicle or individual that enters the camping venue must pass the security check first. A dedicated security team operates throughout the festival period. The entrance to the camps is also monitored by trained medical staff who are authorized to check guests' prescriptions in coordination with the security personnel to help prevent substance abuse.


The temperature can rise through the day and fall rapidly into the night. A large portion of the festival area is open with some natural shade, so guests are advised to drink plenty of water and carry a water bottle with them at all times. Be ready to welcome unpredictable weather changes. Packing in some rain gear is also advisable in the fall.


The festival has a dedicated medical team. Lost Lands will also have an ADA-accessible camping and stage-viewing area available with a prior request. If you are taking any of the medications identified by the festival, carry only a limited amount to last the festival duration as per your prescription. In case of a medical emergency, contact the nearest volunteer or staff member.