Made in America

Every year the City of Philadelphia comes alive with the Made in America Festival, a cultural celebration that features the biggest names in music. RV your way over for this patriotic music event in Pennsylvania in the late summer.

Event information

Made in America is an annual music festival that is held annually in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, typically over Labor Day Weekend. It is the brainchild of Music Mogul Jay-Z, and the inaugural event was held in 2012. Since then, it has quickly become an annual destination for music lovers from all over the world.

Every year, Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia becomes the venue for performances by the biggest names in music. The sprawling outdoor event features music from top R&B, hip hop, EDM, pop and rock artists.

Since its inception, some of the hottest musical talents have performed at the festival including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Coldplay, Drake, Rihanna, Pearl Jam, and Jay-Z himself. Every year the lineup is personally curated by Jay-Z who has a hand in many other aspects of the event. So you can expect a genuinely world-class cultural extravaganza that attracts fans from across the music spectrum.

The festival has also had a positive economic impact on the city. In addition to the music, visitors can enjoy many other interactive activities and amusement park rides. They can choose from a wide variety of food and drink options while soaking in the incredible energy of the city. It is a unique metropolitan festival experience that you will not want to miss.

Want to check out more of the area on your road trip to Pennsylvania? During the day, Neshaminy State Park offers a chance to explore the outdoors on foot, by boat, or with a fishing pole. Load up on history at Independence National Historical Park, the Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Battleship New Jersey, and dozens more within the region.


Tickets for the Made in America Festival sell out fast! It’s a good idea to get your hands on them as soon as they go on sale. There are typically VIP and general admission tickets available for both days of the festival. Passes are sold in the form of wristbands, and they range in price from $175 (general admission) to $750 (VIP) depending on the section that you prefer.

Passes may not be available in bulk, and there is an eight-ticket limit for presales. Once your wristband has been shipped to you, keep it in a safe place and do not put it on until the day of the event.

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The Made in America Festival is held every year in Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a major landmark in the city. There are a total of 5 stages located at different parts of the venue. The main stage is directly in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which serves as a majestic backdrop.

Public transportation is often the best way to get to the event since many of the surrounding roads are closed during the event. If you do decide to drive, make sure you sort out your parking options before arriving.

Parking areas

Many of the streets in the surrounding areas are closed off to traffic during the event. Fortunately, there are several garages and commercial off-street parking lots located close to the event. Keep in mind that some of these will have size restrictions that may allow only tow vehicles and smaller campervans, but many are within walking distance of the festival area. Decide where you will be parking in advance to enjoy a stress-free festival experience.

Public Transportation

On both the days, performances usually start in the early afternoon and go until about midnight. There are plenty of public transportation options at your disposal including buses, trolleys, and trains. For real-time service information before and after the event, you can check the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) website or follow @SEPTA on Twitter.

Where to stay


Festival attendees are not allowed to camp on the venue grounds. However, there are plenty of places to stay overnight in an RV near Philadelphia. This area is perfect for people who want to soak in some culture and history while in Philadelphia. More than a dozen state parks and RV campgrounds can be enjoyed within 60 miles in almost any direction.


Benjamin Franklin Parkway sits just minutes from the Delaware River making RV camping locations in New Jersey accessible. Wharton State Forest is about 45 minutes away and offers camping for vehicles up to 22'.

Philadelphia / West Chester KOA sits about an hour's drive from Benjamin Franklin Parkway and boasts amenities campers love in a setting designed for relaxing. Campgrounds and RV parks have been known to offer shuttle services to the nearby attractions.

Getting around

Philadelphia is a pedestrian-friendly city, and it’s also easy to get around using public transportation. SEPTA operates the local subway, trolley system, and regional rail. During the festival, service is usually amped-up on connecting subway lines, and there have often been special late-night schedules. These arrangements make getting around the city convenient and fuss-free during the event.

What to pack


It’s best to dress for summer weather and carry something warmer for the night time. Most people stick to shorts and t-shirts, but you can also expect to see a lot of plaid and camo. Keep things fun and maybe include some red, white, and blue to honor Made In America's theme, but remember that comfort is key. You could be standing in the sun and rain for several hours. Wear comfortable covered shoes and carry some rain gear to be prepared.


Since you’re going to be outdoors for several hours, shades, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, cash, and comfortable shoes are a must. Carry a refillable bottle to save money on hydration. You can top off your water bottle at one of the refilling stations around the venue. Keep in mind that open bottles or flavored drinks are not allowed, so carry an empty bottle or a sealed one. Pack all your gear in a small backpack, and you’re good to go!

Health & Safety

You’re going to be spending a whole lot of time under the sun, so sunscreen and a hat are an absolute necessity. Drink plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated. Stations providing free drinking water can be found throughout the grounds. Attendees cannot re-enter the venue after their initial entry, so make sure you carry everything you need with you.

Where to eat


Personal camp stoves are permitted on most of the campgrounds nearby, but the amount of fuel you can carry differs from location to location. Some RV locations are near the water, so with some luck, you might be able to go fishing and cook up your catch of the day. Many campgrounds have picnic tables, but open flame fires are discouraged. Keep fuel and water tanks ready for use, and consider stocking up on meal supplies before setting up camp for simplicity.


Philadelphia has a bustling food scene, and you’ll find some of the country’s best restaurants in this historic city. Whether you’re in the mood for global cuisine or a classic Philly cheesesteak, you can look forward to hitting a few local restaurants and sampling the food on your trip to Made in America. A handful of eclectic eateries line the streets of Downtown Philadelphia, and many of them are within walking distance from historic landmarks and parks like Rittenhouse Square.


Guests can expect to find a variety of delicious food choices in and around the festival venue. Whether you want to indulge in traditional festival fair or sample some gourmet snacks, you’ll be able to find it at the festival. There are free filtered water stations as well as bars and beer gardens around the venue where attendees can order drinks.



Because thousands of people tend to gather at the festival venue, there will be rigorous security measures in place. Security searches will be conducted upon each entry to the festival. Federal officers and local police will be working together to ensure public safety. Ride-sharing pick-up locations will be set up to avoid congestion.


The weather is generally pleasant during August and September. If unexpected weather events like thunder, lightning or strong winds occur, there are measures in place to evacuate the crowds. Festival officials will instruct guests accordingly. Fans can expect warm afternoons and cool evenings in the late summer in Philadelphia.


EMS First Aid stations and information booths are situated around the festival venue. ADA compliant portable restrooms are provided. Attendees who have accessibility issues can enter the venue at the VIP check-in point. Any medications will need to be cleared with the festival authorities. EMS personnel will be on duty throughout the day patrolling the area. In the event of a medical emergency, they will be available to jump in immediately.