Miami University Tailgating

Miami University is based out of Oxford Ohio, and their sports teams are known as the Redhawks. The football team plays their home games at Yager Stadium, and the team’s mascot is Swoop the RedHawk. Learn more about Rving to Miami University.

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Not to be confused with the University of Miami in Florida, Miami University is an Ohio-based school whose athletic teams have been referred to as the “RedHawks,” since 1996. Their mascot is Swoop the RedHawk, and the school’s colors are red and white. Miami University has one of the oldest football programs in the country, which was started in 1888.

For many years, the RedHawks played their home games at Miami Field, a stadium that was originally built in 1985. Almost 100 years later, in 1985, Yager Stadium opened with a seating capacity of 25,000. The stadium seated 30,000 people at one point, but that number shrank to around 24,000 when the stadium was renovated in 2005. The stadium is named after Frank C. Yager, an alumnus whose money paid for much of the stadium’s construction.

Miami University competes in many varsity sports, but they are most known for their football. The RedHawks football team participates in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) which is part of the FBS subdivision of the NCAA’s Division 1. The team has heated rivalries with the Ohio University Bobcats and the Cincinnati Bearcats, the latter of which is the oldest college football rivalry west of the Allegheny Mountains. The RedHawks have been MAC conference champions 15 times since 1948, and they have gone to three bowl games since 2010.


There is no doubt that Miami University has one of the best football teams in the MAC conference, which is why you need to see a game in your town. When compared to ticket prices at other Division 1 FBS schools, RedHawks football tickets are affordable. Based on prices from previous seasons, single-game tickets can be found for as low as $20, but they average around $40. Home games for some of the other sports are free to attend.

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Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio, which is in the southwest corner of Ohio a few hours north of Cincinnati. If you are driving from Cincinnati, you will likely take U.S. Route 27 heading north. Columbus, the state’s capital, is a few hours to the east, with Indianapolis is to the west. I-70 often gets drivers most of the way to Oxford from much of the country.

Parking areas

There are a couple of RV parking options at Miami University. The main RV lot on campus has electricity hookups, but these spots are reserved and typically sell out before the football season starts. Instead, Miami University recommends that RVers park at their overflow RV lot, which is adjacent to the main lot; remember to have cash to pay the parking fee. When parking at the overflow lot, do make sure to fill up your water and gas tanks.

Public Transportation

Miami University does provide guests with shuttle transportation on gamedays, and there are several spots throughout campus where the shuttle picks up and drops off passengers. The shuttle runs before and after the game. To get around town, you can use the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) which operates throughout Oxford and nearby cities within the county. The BCRTA is an affordable way to travel, and its many routes are convenient, too.

Where to stay


Though the lots do allow RV parking for football game days, overnight parking is not allowed. It may be best to book a reservation ahead of time. With so many people coming to Oxford for game day, RV parks and campgrounds may have more guests than usual.


Luckily for RV campers and travelers, Oxford and the surrounding areas are home to many RV parks and campgrounds. The Dayton KOA Resorts is located about an hour north of Oxford, and it is one of the best campgrounds in the area. The campground offers electricity hookups, Wi-Fi, a pool, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Hueston Woods State Park welcomes RVers with rigs up to 55' near Acton Lake and rests about five miles from Yager Stadium. Ohio State Parks are plentiful and usually near hidden gems of history along the Ohio River to the south or in remote wooded areas that offer a welcome respite for travelers.

Getting around

The most convenient way to get around campus is typically by riding on the shuttles provided by the university. Parking lots are not too far from the stadium, so it’s possible to just walk there as well, but that may not be feasible for all. If you do walk, wear a comfortable pair of shoes, and consider using a stroller if you’re traveling with young children.

What to pack


Fans will want to pack red and white RedHawks-friendly clothing to support the team, of course. Apart from showing team spirit, you’ll want to consider the weather and dress appropriately. Weather is often between cool and mild for most of the year, including the start of the football season. Wear slightly warm clothing at the beginning of the football season such as long-sleeve tees and pants. When it starts to get cold, bundle up and dress in layers of warm clothing.


Tailgates are always a little bit different depending on who is hosting, but there are a few essentials needed for most tailgates. You’ll want to bring a grill to cook up some brats or burger patties, and you may also want to bring an ice chest to keep those beverages frosty and refreshing. To spruce up your tailgate a bit, bring a canopy tent, Bluetooth speaker, and a few chairs for your guests.

Health & Safety

While tailgating, keep an eye on the grill and make sure that others are not to close to the flames, especially children. As a host, you may want to prepare for a minor accident by carrying a first-aid kit, which you can make on your own or find in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Where to eat


The menu at your tailgate can be as simple or as fancy as you want, but at the end of the day, people just want to have a good time. Before firing up the grill and turning on the tunes, make a quick stop at the local supermarket and stock up on essentials. Take a look at the produce and different selections of meat to create a fun menu that your guests will love. Hamburgers and hotdogs are a great idea for these events, and a bowl of chili will make a great addition.


Oxford is a small college town with not many restaurants, but the few restaurants in town make up for it and the community itself is fairly laid back and easy going. Take a stroll through town on foot and within two miles of the stadium, or make your selection and enjoy your meal at a local park.


Inside the stadium, you can purchase Miami University apparel and memorabilia at one of the two university bookstore locations. Also, located inside the stadium are concession stands which you can find on the east and west sides of the stadium.



Yager Stadium is one of many stadiums in college football that prohibits backpacks and other large bags. Apart from bags, items such as laser pointers, noisemakers, tobacco, weapons, and umbrellas are also not allowed inside the stadium. The university may as guests who use vulgar, sexist, or racist language to leave campus.


Summer weather in Oxford is something to look forward to in Ohio. At the highest point of the warm season, the temperature barely goes above the low 70s. By December, the average low temperature hovers above freezing. The average snowfall is 17 inches, which is 10 inches below the national average.


The east and west concourses within the stadium each have one first-aid station. If you’re not feeling well, head there immediately for medical attention. For any serious emergency, dial 911 or head to the nearest hospital. The nearest hospital is approximately four minutes away from the stadium.